Zheng Yuanjie’s sterling silver socks

  On the list of the 2009 Chinese writers’ rich list that was announced not long ago, Zheng Yuanjie topped the list with a royalty of 20 million yuan per year. He has created fairy tales for 31 years and sold 150 million copies of his works. This sales means an amazing asset.

  However, Zheng Yuanjie in real life is not like a rich man at all: he does not smoke, rarely drinks alcohol, does not use a mobile phone, and drives a car that he bought many years ago. He never eats Western food. The standard for spending his own money is no more than 50 yuan / People, go to bed at 9 o’clock every night… In the words of his son Zheng Yaqi, his expenses are less than 1% of his income.
  Before the Spring Festival of 2010, the special correspondent of this journal interviewed Zheng Yuanjie and listened to his life about the “rich” music…  

  conversation began with the people, Zheng Yuanjie said that his point of view is: the most sad, is a good day; the easiest It’s a hard time.
  After the publication of “The King of Fairy Tales”, he lived a hard life, half of the time spent writing, and the other half spent his time hurting his son. At that time, the conditions were very difficult. There was no quiet big study room and ergonomic desk and chair. The wife bought a large sponge and used scissors to make the fragments of the size of the fingernail. Fill it in with two face pockets. It is fixed on the chair and it is as comfortable as a sponge sofa. At the time of writing, the family’s footsteps were deliberately light like cats. The wife who bought the most is the fish head. He said that he used too many brains. This must be supplemented…
  With the sales of “The Fairy Tale King” soaring, the hard times will come to an end and the good days will be good. Zheng Yuanjie soon became a diligent and wealthy person. He became China’s first digital mobile phone user. He had a study room larger than the average housing area of ​​the ordinary people. In front of the house, there was a grass behind the garden house. He said that he was rich and poor. At the time, when the vanity was extremely inflated, what was pondered all day was how to make people feel vaguely worthy of his unique economic strength, revealing a subtle superiority.
  Zheng Yuanjie said that after a good day, he became one-third of the time to write, one-third of the time to hurt his son, and one-third of the time to ponder how to spend money. There is taste and connotation.
  Within a year, he changed guns from inside to outside: the socks are more than 500 yuan, because the soles are made of pure silver, which is said to effectively prevent bacteria from breeding and removing odors; the underwear is German, which is known as the BMW in the underwear; The pen used for creation was also replaced by Montblanc; the desk made a set of mahogany…
  But these things bought home, the same is more difficult to use: sterling silver socks do not absorb sweat, first-class sweat will be knotted, become as good as shoes; underwear once saw a water shrinks as small as a mask, ask The salesman was told that he could only dry clean; the tens of thousands of famous pens were pinched, the ink was like a spring, but the inspiration was delayed; the palatial mahogany desk touched like an ice sculpture in the cold, and treated coldly. Master…
  So, Zheng Yuanjie, who moved to a new home, returned to the bedside all day and half, padded a “Xinhua Dictionary” on his leg, and grabbed a three-dollar ballpoint pen to write on paper. His feeling is: not willing to spend money to live well, the quality of life and the size of the cost, often not proportional.
  So when buying a car, Zheng Yuanjie bought a car that everyone thought was lost — Xiali. He said that what he wants most is Rolls Royce, but he can’t afford it. Rolls-Royce is his dream, and any car other than that is just a means of transportation. Since it is essentially a means of transportation, why spend more than a hundred thousand or even hundreds of thousands to buy a car that can’t give yourself a dream? Can’t afford what you want most, then simply buy the cheapest.
  This 80,000-dollar Xiali, Zheng Yuanjie opened for six years and ran 200,000 kilometers. He felt that there was no big difference from Mercedes-Benz BMW except for loud noise, slow speed, and low speed. The reason for the last change was because Zheng Yuanjie injured his left leg and could not step on the clutch. This reluctantly bid farewell to Xiali and changed to an automatic Audi.
  After changing the car, he missed Xiali more and more, and he did less than 200 routine maintenance in the roadside shop. What parts to change, go to the auto parts city, and tens of dollars can be returned. He always felt that he was not changing the car. He invited the master to come back. The car was good. The roadside shop would not dare to repair it. The 4S shop went once, and there was no four-digit number to leave. In the past, Xiali changed the battery to less than 100 pieces. When the Audi car battery had a problem, the 4S shop even took the battery generator and unloaded it. When the material cost was processed, a list was opened and 5,000 yuan went up. The total repair cost of the upper Xiali was over.
  Zheng Yuanjie finally understands the relationship between wealth and mood. It is proportional: the less money you spend, the less trouble you have; the more money you spend, the more trouble you have!
  Zheng Yuanjie decided not to worry about it anymore. So when computer writing was just beginning to pop, he kept calm and rational. Some writers and friends proudly said that they have changed to computer writing. Zheng Yuanjie is awe-inspiring. When people reach middle age, they can master new technologies and talents so quickly!
  You can go to visit with a heart of worship, can not help but laugh: computer is there, the keyboard is also there, but an extra set of expensive tablet system, first boot, regenerate the location to open WPS documents, then open the handwriting system, Grab the electronic pen to write a word on the tablet, the computer recognizes it for a while, and then displays the word on the display. The word must be written horizontally and vertically. Once there is a continuous pen, the computer will display the other. The word comes, then you have to delete the rewrite. Just write a word, wait a minute, write another word, wait a minute, write a sentence, enough to drink a cup of hot tea.
  The other side wrote with a sweat and rain, and suggested that Zheng Yuanjie also come to this set. Zheng Yuanjie asked him how many words he could write in one hour. The other person thought about it and said that he could write more than 100 words at the earliest. Zheng Yuanjie calculates that he must write at least 3,000 words a day, according to the fastest speed of 100 words per hour, it will take 30 hours, even if you don’t eat, drink, or sleep, where to borrow more than 6 hours? A job that can be easily done with a pen of paper can be more troublesome if it costs a lot of money.
  The garden lawn of the home that had spent a lot of money before was also changed by his flag. When I first moved in, I always felt that I should be a high-grade person when I entered the high-end community. The garden invited people to plant Dutch tulips. It is the top turf of the international football field. I don’t want these famous plants to be unacceptable, and the tulip heads are like the sun-dried dog’s tail grass. The turf has a hair loss, and it looks like a long scorpion, which makes people feel sick.
  After all uprooted, Zheng Yuanjie sprinkled a bag of red gerbera seeds in front of the house, costing 5 yuan. In the spring, a piece of fire, the house is surrounded by fire clouds, a dog is raised in the yard, a few chickens are thrown, and when the brain is swelled, the chair is seen on the balcony and the chicken is flying down the stairs. It is fun. .
  I don’t like to go out to eat those high-end restaurants. The higher the grade, the more weird the taste and the more degrading the food source. Zheng Yuanjie has his own heartfelt comments on several top-class cuisines: fish chops, goose hyperplasia, pig arches, and cats.
  Fish steak refers to caviar, which is discharged from the cloaca of the fish; goose hyperplasia refers to foie gras, which is the fat liver of an unhealthy goose; pig arch refers to the pine mushroom, this thing grows on the ground, find out I can only smell it by pigs. The pig smells it. When the fate is arched, the collector must grab the pine mushroom that is arched out from the pig’s mouth. The cat pulls the civet coffee. After the citron swallows the coffee fruit, The flesh is digested, the coffee beans are excreted, the coffee beans are in the intestines of the civet cats, and the special bacteria provide a unique fermentation environment, so it is known as the most fragrant coffee.
  When it comes to roots, these so-called top Food, in fact, is commonly known as the leftover food in the country. Zheng Yuanjie also eats food, but also loves to eat, but eats home-grown scraps, the price will be different… The
  return to Zheng Yuanjie is to eat, have their own experience — will eat pigs into the water, will not eat Eat chicken thighs. He has a good appetite for cheap and visceral internal organs.
  The owner of the meat stall near Zheng Yuanjie will give him a fat intestine and a pair of pig lungs every week. Two things are brought home, wearing a mask to wash clean, fat sausage into the halogen pot, pig lungs into the purple sand. The good fat sausage is very delicious whether it is eaten with a steamed bread or a hazelnut. Pig lung soup clears the lungs to the fire, used to cook dumplings or drink a bowl of lungs before going to bed, convenient and versatile.
  In addition to pigs, chicken, duck blood, goose intestines… are regulars on Zheng Yuanjie’s table. Eat it at home, and hospitality is also the same. He did not care much about other people’s food standards. He felt that if it was not reform and opening up, these things would all be the dishes that were only available in the New Year. If you feel that you are eating a shame, it is the number of people who forget their ancestors and want to criticize them. 
  More and more wealth, Zheng Yuanjie has become more and more embarrassed. He stopped the mobile phone first. First, he felt that the mobile phone was like a bell on the neck of a dog. He felt that he was not at home. Secondly, he felt that he was mostly at home. Sometimes he could leave a message when he was away from home. He couldn’t be chased. Life call, the phone belongs to the resource idle.
  As the son Zheng Yaqi also opened the company, Zheng Yuanjie did not even buy clothes. The father and son were as tall and strong as the sons and sons. The new clothes that were eliminated by the sons, Zheng Yuanjie took home one by one, and they could wear them. Wear it directly, change it and wear it.
  Zheng Yaqi has a very good down jacket, and the advertisement claims to be able to withstand the extreme low temperatures of Antarctica. I bought it back abroad, and when I put it on, I sweated and threw it. It was a pity that I couldn’t wear it when I wore it. Zheng Yuanjie asked his son to take this down jacket and took it to the tailor shop. He made two coats of down jacket, poured out the expensive down, and divided it into two coats. The amount of cashmere is reduced by half, and it is just right to wear it when you wear it. It is one with your son.
  Underwear and socks have long returned to diligence and family style. Carrefour buys pure cotton quality, mostly in the tens of dollars. Zheng Yuanjie prefers to wear Hengyuanxiang and warmth in winter; most of the time he wears in the hot weather is Pepsi’s boat socks, which looks young.
  Zheng Yuanjie said that his entertainment expenses are definitely less than that of today’s white-collar workers. He does not soak, saying that it is the entertainment place where his son went; not K songs, he said that he wrote better than singing; never go so-called In the clubhouse, people are touched and give money to others… When they are free, he loves to do two things: watching comics and watching cartoons.
  What Zheng Yuanjie likes most is a work that stands out in a world-class comic contest. The proposition of the contest is called “The Last Minute of the World”. The last one is a picture painted by a housewife with a pencil on a piece of wrapping paper. Comic: Her husband and children are stacking wood on the carpet, and she is carrying a pot of coffee after dinner to Mr.

  Zheng Yuanjie specifically called her daughter Zheng Yafei and recommended this cartoon to her: When the end of the world is over, all the wealth and wealth will be turned into a bubble. The only thing that can be kept together is the family…

  Zheng Yuanjie sees comics and doesn’t pick books. Apart from those children’s cartoons that are especially mentally handicapped, as long as they are a bit creative, he will come. From the earliest look at the Taiwanese scorpion Cai Zhu Deyong, and then to some of the new famous cartoonists. He feels that the functionality of the comics is very clear, there is no preaching, and it is not expected to change the ideology, mainly to make people relax and happy. A reading book that makes people feel relaxed and happy is a good thing.
  Zheng Yuanjie admits: It should be from the beginning of the 21st century, he has always lived a high-income and low-cost life, and he did not make any investment, nor did he know how to manage money, and more money, all thrown into the bank. It’s really the day when I am old, maybe I will leave a part of it to my daughter, because my son only needs to be 18 years old, and her daughter should be 80 years old. The rest, perhaps a thousand dollars scattered, perhaps set up a foundation. He agrees with Buffett’s words: It is shameful that a person dies with a huge amount of property.
  After we learned that Zheng Yuanjie did not mention his biggest expense in the past years – charity. He was the most donated Chinese writer after the Wenchuan earthquake. He was awarded the China Charity Model Award, the Hope Project Special Contribution Award, and the China Red Cross Foundation’s Love Contribution Award…
  Zheng Yuanjie repeatedly said that he should not be described as a person who is indifferent to fame and fortune because He has always believed that those who advertise their indifferent fame and fortune are themselves fame, and it is absolutely not the truth to defend those who defend the truth.
  Regarding wealth, Zheng Yuanjie summed it up in one sentence: the wealthy is another kind of poverty, and one poverty is another kind of wealth. The dead fish are more than the starving fish, and the dying flower is more than the dry flower…