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Zhejiang Jingxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a listed pharmaceutical company, integrating R & D, manufacturing and marketing, ranks top 100 of the chemical pharmaceutical enterprises in China. At the moment,our company’s registered capital is 320 million CNY and total asset is 2.9 billion CNY. The company occupies more than 80 ha’s lands owns more than 2300 stuff and headquarters in both Xinchang and Hangzhou. Five manufacturing base are now under function, namely, formulations in Xinchang, API & intermediate in Shangyu and Guangfeng, Traditional Chinese medicine in Inner Mongolia and medical apparatus and instruments in Shenzhen. Moreover, a R&D center is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tec Park for advanced drug and API development.
Jingxin attaches great importance to R&D,besides having our own world-class infrastructure for R&D, we also work closely with reputed institutes and universities to reinforce the commitment to innovative products. Now we have 8 national key new products and assuming 9 National Torch Plans. With our efforts and dedications, we made the achievement and we keep doing more for better results
Our products contain drug and medical devices. The drug products covered from API to Finished Product, We are one of the biggest manufacturing base for the APIs of quinolones and occupied a relatively large market share for the product named Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride and the Levofloxacin Hydrochloride. The formulations are focused on cardiovascular, digestive and neurological, among which, Simvastatin Tablet is the first finished products exported to UK, and gave the first step for the Chinese formulation exporting to the high-end market, Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets owns the largest market share in the similar products of domestic products.Besides chemical drugs , we also produce TCM and bio-medicine.the TCM “Kangfuxin Solution” won the Gold Prize of “Illness Bane” by Ministry of Health and praised as “ Miraculous Drug” by patients, digestive products Bacillus licheniformis capsules is the bio-medicine of the company. Regarding the medical devices, it is concentrated on the medical display instruments currently, providing full series medical imaging display solution, covers almost all medical imaging application areas, including clinical review, diagnostic, consultation center, digitized surgical room and ultrasound, CT, MRI, DR, DSA, DSI, endoscope etc.
On the one side, the company is developing through independent research and development, on the other side, Jingxin is growing via M&A to accelerate the developing pace. In Domestic market, Jingxin acquired a TCM factory in Inner Mongolia in 2007, a bio-medicine company in Beijing in 2011, a comprehensive pharmaceutical company in Guangdong Province in 2013 and an advanced medical devices company in 2015; in overseas market , Jingxin set up a joint venture in UK in 2014, invested a medical device company in Israel in 2015, Got the corporate control of a US pharmaceutical company in 2015.
Taking the quality concept of “make our products, by our heart”, Jingxin is in the first group of passing the SFDA GMP of new version. Previously, Jingxin had been certified by the EU GMP in 2006 and successfully passed the 3-years term’s re-inspection ever since. The last inspection was conducted in May, 2015, the new constructed workshop with much larger capacity was certified. Afterwards, the company began the preparation of the US FDA inspection to broaden the market in the near future.

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