△If we fight for another thousand or even 10,000 years, it is impossible to have more money than the current richest man in the world, but we can completely make our body healthier than him, feel more happy than him, and appreciate literature, art and music. More calm and more level, this is not the spirit of Ah Q, this is a wise way of living.

  △ There is a saying that, in the hearts of mortals, there are three devils whose names are “lazy”, “impulsive” and “selfish”, which are either crouching, fleaing, or broken out, making mistakes. And even sin. If you use the diligence to cure “lazyness”, calmly root the “impulse”, and generously cure “selfishness”, then what? Can you turn the three devils into three angels?

  △ In fact, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, laziness should be casual, impulsive should be attributed, selfishness should be true, the key is “degree”, grasp well, the three devils may not be awkward; grasp the difference? The three angels may not be cute. To the extreme, workaholics and ice beauty are respectable, and selfless philanthropists are welcome, but unfortunately they are not easy to encounter in the real world.

  △ If mental workers can take an hour to do physical labor every day, it will be of great benefit for manual workers to take an hour to do mental work every day. “The spirit of civilization, the barbarism of its body” is indeed an ideal situation.

  △A life that is not in violation of the heart is the right way, but it is too difficult to do.

  △ Hu Shi believes that to learn to have the rabbit’s Wizards and the turtle’s calm. In fact, it is not the case for a major event. Life is too short, slow and slow, dragging, it will be yellow, it will be over. Years are too hasty, quiet and quiet, set a certain, in order to grasp the opportunity, seize the essentials.

  △ If writers use literature to smother fake ugliness, it will be at the expense of weakening beauty, and goodness and truth will become painful. But sometimes it is conscience. When the writer “faces the bleak life and faces the blood of the dripping”, he has to avoid it.

  △ People must not be metaphysical, the most metaphysical things are rooted in the metaphysical. The Zen master said: “Smell the smell of cockroaches, close to the truth!” This statement is intriguing.

  △ France’s 19th century positivist philosopher Conde defined the world between men and women, very interesting: “Men are animals of behavior, women are animals of emotions.” True, men do not act (can not produce results), women are too cold ( If you can’t get enthusiasm, you will completely reverse your role requirements. If you want to be popular in society, I am afraid it is unlikely. “As long as there is no external obstacle, men can be bored when they conquer. Women will be troubled if they don’t love or are not loved,” said French writer Moroa. Today’s society may not be the case, because men and women are becoming more and more neutral.

  △ In the eyes of the lover, Xi Shi, but in the eyes of the servant, there is no hero, the former is created by passion, and the latter is restored by familiarity. Unreasonable, unreasonable, and the world is so staggered, showing strange colors and different colors.

  △ “Everyone is an island”, this is heart-rending, but if we learn to swim and learn to sail, the island is not alone. Human beings have a philosophy of loneliness, and they suffer because of the incompatibility of communication and communication.

  △ years of speeding, some people are chilling, some are happy, only the final result is equal, the process is impossible to be equal.

  △ Everyone is the “radish stamp” that was lost in the hands of the years. This is a pessimistic thought. Everyone is a master of art of carving time, this is an optimistic idea. The realm of the two is really a cloud!

  △ Others do not want to be friends with you, it is awkward; others do not bother to be your enemy, it is sad.

  △The philosopher is like the sea, and the smashing is in vain. Any filth is not detrimental to the cleansing of the sea; the philosopher is like a mountain, and the praise is also in vain. No honor is added to the mountains.

  △ “Do not forget that this is not only necessary to remember,” this statement is not empty, but also the corresponding action, when repaying each benefactor, if you can give the other party a little “interest”, then it is really good!

  △ We are passing passengers in time and space, have come, experienced, and finally left. Time has no beginning and no end, and our journey will never be so short. In another time and space, we will make a comeback. Humans believe in eternity. In the arms of time, we will never melt like summer ice cream.

  △ After the wine is put into the wine cellar, there is no need for the owner to worry more. In addition, good things are not suitable for disposal. If they do not care, their quality will degrade. French writer Moroa said in “Five Problems in Life, Marriage”: “There is nothing in the world that can survive for a long time. When the house is abandoned, it will collapse. When the cloth is abandoned, it will decay. When the friendship is abandoned, it will be It is weak, happiness will be dissipated when it is abandoned, and love will dissolve when it is abandoned.” Most of the world has a spirit of being new and tired, but unfortunately in the process, it is often miscalculated. Lighter than the abandoned, and finally empty hands.