You keep the way in your group

– 01 –
Two days ago, the university squad leader asked me to ask the company to a big brother alumni to do a career planning to share.

The academic master is a very introverted person, let him speak in a group of 500 people, just like to his life the same.

To this end, he hid me for a week.

Finally, in my soft under the hard foam or agree.

Originally planned to share an hour, half an hour Q & A.

The results because we are enthusiastic, senior and extraordinarily to force, the more I say more, Q & A session more than an hour.

Seeing at 11 o’clock, I am busy with the squad leader to control the time.

He reluctantly roar in the group, we began to thank the arrival of the brothers, ready to end.

At this time, suddenly someone threw a red envelope, wrote four words: “Thank you brothers.”

Obviously, this red envelope is not in the hands of the brothers.

Play a micro-group of people have a habit, see red envelopes to grab.

Not for money, is a habit of action.

So, grabbed the red envelopes quickly re-issued a red envelope to go back.

Can often get the money or get the money … …

So tossing for more than half an hour, a small money through the seven or eight people, no one has the patience to find it in the end where to go.

Of course, the brothers at this time it is estimated that already wash and sleep.

Looked at the drifting of the red bag, think of the brothers dry mouth and said fast for three hours, nothing fell, my heart is actually quite a taste, so decided to invite him the next day meal.

When we eat, we chatted about the day before the sharing, not so I asked him how to feel like, he laughed and told me to thank:

I did not expect to be able to make money. I can open a second career later. Later free to talk to you.

The original, to share the day the squad gave the brothers plug a thousand pieces of red envelopes.

My heart silently praise, no wonder people say that the squad leader this person is particularly determined, always able to do things well.

Some things can be high-profile to promote, some things really only suitable for quietly do.

If it is for the active atmosphere, in the WeChat issued red envelopes so that everyone happy very good, but if only to express gratitude, why not silently to do a good thing.

Why should this mind know so many people?

A group of people in the way of holding his literacy.

Water after the end of the sea, the mountains do not compete for high peaks. You are what kind of person, people will understand from the heart.

You always afraid of others do not know what you do, it is inevitable that there will be suspected of show.

The essence of the show is a use, and the feelings between people can not afford the most is the word.

– 02 –
Do not know you have such a friend around, always live only where others have.

Every day in the group @ you kind of chat, privately but never say a word.

She often let me help recommend this recommendation that, from the English class to the gym, small to the cosmetics, big to buy a car to buy a house, once she asked me in the group, my house prices, I really collapsed.

Countless people came to ask me: the original you buy a house friends

At first, I always respond to her in the group, I thought she might just want to ask and worry about nobody back too embarrassing.

But later, a friend reminded me that she just wanted to tell you that she had money to buy a house.

Even if not deliberately show off, such a person is to make your heart feel that should be diaphragm.

Everyone on the privacy requirements are not the same, if not clear which topics for private chat, it is best not to name the group chatting.

Micro-credit group, often a topic chatting chatting into two people’s dialogue.

Some people will say “we private chat”, and then quietly left.

And some people will continue to brush in the sky, leaving other people are quietly onlookers.

Every time I look at me feel a bit strange.

If it is not worth discussing things, do not take up space

There is also a group like to chat, but also very scary.

There is a special like to buy buy a friend to engage in a “grass group”, every day is a variety of sharing, from the make-up skills to the sea Amoy purchasing, are acquaintances can enter, we usually nothing more than talk about which cosmetics, Brand to be black.

But also some people do fashion special public name, often to ask the girl’s user experience, simply, is a group of rich and assertive girl holding hands burning all over the world invincible hand, how harmonious.

However, since the group of young children after the emergence of primary school students, the style of mutation.

One thing she basically did in the group every day was at the end of the day, a “dear”, and then began to recall childhood, by the way inadvertently added a group of hundreds of WeChat, under the banner of Zi Zi to welfare, and then And in the group all complain about their own things to buy is not worthwhile.

Finally, once and she and a girl to do in the group to open the tear in the group.

The reason is that she felt that she bought a fake sea blue mystery, get the hand after the smell that is wrong.

In fact, this group of things often occur, the news is complicated, the channel is mess, coupled with their limited ability to screen, it is inevitable to buy side of the frightened.

However, no one will say this matter in the group, we are privately resolved, if the quasi-prospective encounter liar, Haruka will be issued in the group announcement.

Later, do Shopping this girl with Haruko cry, his sales by a small impact.

She was a friend for many years, and then immigrated to the country, sold in the group for many years, never said she was not good.

Nowadays, overwhelming news of the fake and a question that is not familiar with people, many people in the group lost their trust in her.

People are awesome words, wounding is not light.

Friends get along in your comfortable, sometimes think too little excuse.

But the community is a social group, and a person says there is a fundamental difference from talking to a group of people.

Who will not know their own “casually talk” will give others what kind of impact, not to mention your remarks but by feeling.

– 03 –
Tell true, even if the other side is wrong.

In the group “exposed short” is also very inappropriate.

Of course, ordinary friends generally do not do this, usually so dry is the boss.

I do not know if you have encountered a particularly like in the micro-credit group to guide the work of the boss.

I have seen one, is the girlfriend of the girlfriend.

Once, we had dinner together, she kept holding a cell phone to see, usually she never did this.

I asked her how it was.

She waved the phone and told me, “the boss began to dissatisfied.”

It turned out that her boss often in the group drying out a person to do the PPT, began to comment.

She showed me the side of a wry smile, said that since the change to the company, she was back to the student exam time when the tension.

I remember in TED saw a called “team leader to eat the last” speech, which referred to the staff to establish a solid “love circle” in order to stimulate the professionalism of the staff.

Looking around, most people go to work the state or panic, not to mention also often be pulled out of the big pull dry.

Tell the truth, even the schools are not allowed to open rankings, the workplace but also some public comment.

I like the boss has always been quietly to give you advice, but every person is full of praise for you.

And such people work together to feel their own people.

In fact, group chat can often see a lot of problems, from what kind of topic can talk, how to talk, can see a person’s quality and accomplishment.

At least in my opinion, involving other people’s privacy, their own things are not sure, there are criticism of others, are not suitable for group chat.