You forget this, I will go away


My girlfriend has not yet married, but by the quasi-mother’s troubled.

Her boyfriend’s mother, do not like her, can even say hate her.

Girlfriend specifically wronged and said: “My boyfriend can not even in front of his mother to mention my name, mention his mother was angry.

I turned around and looked really for a moment my girlfriend, looks very beautiful, laughing when the eyes bend, is a lovely little fairy, character is also very good, work is also good.

Hangzhou is not a native of this one from the outstanding candidates instantly hit hell.

I finally asked my girlfriend, will stay in Hangzhou later?

Friends shook his head, his face at a loss, said: I do not know.

Will he be with him later?

Friends shook his head, big eyes inside tears, it is uncertain about the future.

What is the most reliable man? Is the time to take you to see his parents.

Friends of the little boyfriend, usually on the friends are all kinds of care.

Friend aunt pain, her boyfriend has long prepared a good brown sugar water.

Friend work is not smooth, her boyfriend down to help you solve problems

Weekdays in all kinds of festivals, lipstick bag roses one does not fall.

But what about it?

Mother adults a word let you go blind date, you even refused to say no words.

So the next second, you and another girl face to face, talk about the future.

Love met the family, you still surrender after all.

Step by step retreat, and finally failed.

We love each other, but you can not match your mother and son.



I have a buddy, a few years ago to pay a girlfriend, Inner Mongolia.

They are very good feelings, but also to the point of marriage.

But my friend with his girlfriend to go back the first day, aunt in front of the girl also smile on the girl Yingying, turned around and friends on the order: “regardless of, do not recognize my mother, Zhejiang Province, so many girls do not So easy to find, why have to find an inner Mongolia ah.

Aunt is a teacher, say this, when the fiercely, but rather the city that the bitch.

My friend did not speak, and no intention, while the mother said to break up, and his girlfriend said my mother liked you.

What is the airtight wall under the wall?

Parents meet each other that day, aunt cold with a face, all sorts of critical, not satisfied.

In the end, the girl ‘s mother sighed, but also helpless: “My daughter holding the palm for so many years, I was not willing to say her one, to you in front, was actually not as good as people.

The two families are gone.

They also later parted ways.

I met some time ago this girl, she married people, stay in Hangzhou.

I tentatively talked to her in the past.

“I now my husband, her mother did not like me at the beginning, I was in Inner Mongolia, too far from Hangzhou here, the family is also generally, there is no way to give him the cause of the above help, about her mother do not like me, But he loves me very much.

The girl said that “he loves me” when the tone is full of categorical means, soft ripples, it is full of love eyes.

“I also later learned that he was to persuade his mother, all day that I am good, there is good, smart, long beautiful, to the later, his mother, that is, my mother beat him, so we two, on That’s it. ”

“You know, I was scared of the feelings of the previous paragraph, for fear that some people despise me, look down on me, and his contacts when they are not sure to be able to come to the end, can always be someone, you can not, so with the world The enemy, for you overcoming all obstacles, just want to hold you in the palm of the hand.

I’m very lucky.

When the girl and I said this, the eyes bent.

I looked at her husband’s picture, not the first handsome guy, but I noticed a little detail, he always unconsciously holding the girl’s hand, that is, when the camera, the eyes of the light, but also could not help but The girl in front of sight.

That is love.

Love is a war, I and you close combat, my family and your family, is the battlefield fight, or shake hands and words, in you, but also me.

No one mother-in-law would like her daughter-in-law, as if no father would like his son-in-law.

You are a natural enemy, because you took my past lover.

You are the day after tomorrow’s loved ones, because you take care of my past love.

Is a lover, or a lover, just depends on me and you.

I and my father say you are very good, I argue, let him accept you.

I also hope that you and your mother say that I am very good, you argue, let her accept me.

To know that this world love, and ultimately can not escape the insistence, but also eventually lost to the concessions.

I will lose my future to you, hope you are the same.



“Did you know that my mother was angry when the two parents met that day, and I persuaded my parents for a long time, so I decided to give him a chance, but what did you know, and that day I asked him what you were going to do. Decision, a do not know all the way to do everything, so, that moment, we broke up. “Inner Mongolia girl and I tune laughed, she said this time, has been relieved.

I remembered my buddies look like the past few years, unexamined, blind date met with one another, no matter how beautiful girl, he can pick the wrong.

One day I drank with him, his whole person stumbled, but it was shouted: “I regret ah.” That moment, dignified seven feet man, but tears emerged.

After all, I understand that you are heavier than the mountains and rivers, but found that time gone forever.

Love, can not tolerate weakness, can not tolerate ah.

Just, in the end too late.

Miss is forever.


I really hope that I really said very seriously, I understand your mother and son deep, but you and a lifetime of people, is me, not your mother.

You forget this, I will go away.

Gone, even to chase, but also too late ah.