You drank someone else’s urine molecule

  I faintly feel that civilization is hierarchical, and invisible civilization seems to be more real and noble than the visible civilization. For example, if the night is too thin, you have to cross a small road. Although the red light is on, you will pass through. No one has seen it. If there is more people waiting for the green light to cross the road in the middle of the night, no one will see it, and it belongs to one person’s drill. Mr. Bo Yang said: To judge whether a country is civilized or barbaric, just look at the extent to which people there respect the zebra crossing and the traffic lights. Although this is a bit too hot, it is not unreasonable.

  For another example, you are invited by a friend to his senior villa to be a guest. Friends ask you to eat sugar. You probably won’t throw the candy paper on the teak floor with geothermal heat. But if you take the country bus to the wilderness, you also eat a sugar, maybe throw it away, the sugar paper will drift to the wind and I don’t know where to go. No one sees it.

  Mr. Hewitt is the chief producer of the famous American TV show “60 Minutes”. He was invited by his more predecessor, Johnson, to go to his own farm. Suddenly, Johnson braked and yelled at Hayward: Can you pick up the sugar paper bag? Hewitt can only get off the bus and smash the sugar paper bag he throws away into his pocket. Because his manner was just seen by the old president from the mirror.

  No wonder some people say: What is civilization? Civilization is a kind of performance in front of a woman who is dressed neatly!
  Just as Mr. Hai Huate was about to get on the bus, the old president suddenly started the car and ran away. Hewitt can only chase after the car, chasing it for a while before getting on the bus. This is a punishment for Haihuate’s uncivilized behavior! So, is this old president’s behavior civilized?

  Civilization enters the unconscious level and is the cultivation. A true civilization must have a sense of cleanliness in the mind.
  A famous Chinese oil painter stayed at the Dutch artist Hans for a few days. One day, the oil painter wanted to dry the quilt on the grass in the yard. Hans disagreed and said: it is unsightly. The oil painter said: Who can see it in his home? Hans said: I can see it on the plane. Hans used humor to give uncivilized ideas. In fact, where can the pilot see the quilt on the Hans family’s grass?

  No, I can’t see it, maybe it’s really visible. In Durban, the port city of South Africa, there are many villas on the hills, and most of the villas have swimming pools. The helicopter flies over the next day above the hills. As long as the owner of the villa has no time to take care of the swimming pool, the leaves are floating on the water, paper scraps or whatever, the helicopter will call to warn: Please clean your swimming pool. If the owner does not pay attention, the fine notice will be sent to the villa!

  According to our thinking, what is the swimming pool in our house? Speaking of the swimming pool, I think of a statistic from a Northeastern writer who said that 50% of people who went to the public swimming pool to swim in the pool had ever urinated in the pool! They are all liquids, and they can’t be seen while swimming.

  I guess that it is not a newcomer to learn to urinate in the pool, because they have to drink water when they learn to play with water. When are they not drinking their own urine molecules?

  So, will swimmers pee when they take a bath in their own bathtub? I can conclude: no! So, will they “double flow” when they are taking a shower at home? Nor will it be the shower room of their home. At this time, “telling civilization” is especially important, although no one can see it.
  However, recently Brazil’s environmental organizations have widely advertised on television, calling on the nationals to take a shower and “small hands” to save water in the toilet. I can’t think of basketball superstar Jordan publicly agreeing with this move. I don’t think that one person used to flush 4,380 liters of water a year. I don’t think it is a civilized behavior when I shower. interesting.