Wonderful world

British police officer gets a plot tattoo on his body for obsessing with a TV show

  According to the British “Mirror” report, the 29-year-old British policeman Sam Hol was very fond of a sitcom, so he spent 700 pounds (about 6,300 yuan) and spent 40 hours stabbing one on his right side. A huge tattoo about the show. It is reported that Sam thinks that every segment in the play is classic, so he tattooed the actors, famous trademarks, and the protagonist’s house.
Parrot lost 4 years home English changed to Spanish

  According to the British “Daily Express” report, four years after an African grey parrot disappeared, it was finally reunited with its owner in California. But its English language ability is completely gone, now it only speaks Spanish. The owner Darren Cheek was very happy that Nigel the parrot returned to him. But before it was lost, it spoke British English because Cheek was from England. Now it refuses to speak English and instead says “goodbye” and “good morning” in Spanish.
Spanish artist: “planting” roses on the palm

  An artist in Spain turned his palm into a mobile flower pot: He planted a rose on his palm, with complete branches and leaves, and roots on the back of his hand. The artist compared with the skin of his palm. Like a blister, he cut a piece of skin a few centimeters square in the center of his palm to make a small bag, filled it with soil, and put a rose seed in it. Go in. In order to make the moving flowerpot more realistic, he also glued roots on the back of his hand. In this way, it seems that a rose really “broken” the hand. Before that, the artist had created other works of art in his palm. He threaded the thread with a paperclip and embroidered portraits of family, friends and teachers on his palms.
New tire material: ice!

  The young British inventor Colin Farts is full of all kinds of crazy ideas, which can be seen from his past inventions. For example, a scooter that runs like a car, a bicycle that is loaded with a booster rocket and a fire dragon roars by, or a baby stroller that is loaded with an engine that can’t stop. And his latest invention is a bicycle that uses ice tires. It is reported that Colin mixed the mesh cloth, cold water and ice cubes, put them in the refrigerator for 24 hours, made two bicycle tires as wide as car tires, and installed them on the bicycles in a decent manner. Shelf. What’s amazing is that with such big tires, Colin’s bicycle can still be ridden. He rode all the way from the park to the skating rink and from the skating rink to the snow-capped hillside without any malfunction.
U.S. government launches humorous slogans to advise drivers to slow down

  According to the Associated Press, a small town in northern California recently launched a new measure to exhort drivers to slow down: hanging humorous slogans to attract drivers’ attention. This move has an effect that can not be underestimated in reducing the frequency of traffic accidents. . It is reported that these slogans began to be hung on a downhill road with a steep slope in January 2015. This section is a section with frequent traffic accidents. The staff meticulously designed humorous slogans such as “please raise your head to cross the road, and then lower your head to download the application software” and “use your eyes, brain and brakes on downhill roads”. The staff of the local government said that the government wants to use these slogans to remind drivers to be extra careful when driving downhill to avoid traffic accidents.
Yogurt elected as the official snack of New York State

  No kidding, New York State now has official snacks. New York State officially designated yogurt as an official snack, and Andrew Cuomo, the official who signed the bill, called New York the “yogurt capital” of the United States. In fact, the competition for official snacks is very fierce. The proposal was finally approved after 45 minutes of discussion. According to the CBS report, until the last minute, the two senators were still suggesting carrot pie as an official snack. Of course, the final yogurt Win. In addition to yogurt, South Carolina’s salted peanuts, Texas’ Mexican tacos and salsa, Illinois’ popcorn, and Utah’s Jelly .
Strange Valentine’s Day event: named Changlang after his ex

  According to reports, during Valentine’s Day, an interesting activity was launched in the United States: to name Zhanglang after his ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. This “name the zhanglang” activity was initiated in 2011 at the Bronx Zoo in New York, USA. Thousands of people participated in this activity with great interest. To prepare for the event, the organizer posted a picture of a beetle covered with rose petals on the website to attract more people to participate. Each participant will receive an exclusive naming certificate and donate to the local wildlife protection association. The organizer stated that Zhanglang was chosen as the naming object because of their extraordinary tolerance.
“Desert Kingdom” buys sand from Germany

  The UAE, located in the Arabian Peninsula, is known as the “Desert Kingdom”, but it is such a country with yellow sand that has imported 1,500 cubic meters of sand from faraway Germany. Such a move made the Germans very puzzled, and initially thought they were joking. According to the “Times of Israel” report, it turned out that the sand imported by the UAE was used to pave Dubai’s world-class racecourse. Although the most indispensable local is sand, the particles are too large and rough, and it is easy to hurt thoroughbred racehorses worth millions. For this reason, people in Dubai had to search for sand all over the world, and finally chose this German building materials company.