Women’s high heels stuck in the drain and brought home with the whole iron cover

   20-year-old Tia Lei accidentally stuck the heel of her high-heeled shoes into the drain after walking out of the taxi drunk when she was out at night. After pulling out several times to no avail, she had to take the two shoes with the whole iron cover back home. Subsequently, Tia shared on Twitter a photo of her shoes and metal cover, accompanied by the text: “I really never drink again!”
  University Library really someone Paper
   Harvard University Library date confirmed The cover of a nineteenth-century book in the library of the school is made of human skin. This is the only personal leather book that the library has confirmed so far. Scientists have confirmed through a series of tests that the cover material of a book written by French writer Arthur Usay in the 19th century can be 99.9% sure to be human skin. The school library stated that the book was called “Meditation of the Soul and Life After Death”. In the middle of 1880, the author gave this book to a doctor friend of his who likes books. The library stated that after receiving the book, Dr. Ludovic bound the cover of the book with human skin, which allegedly came from the “corpse of an unclaimed female mental patient who died of a stroke.”
  Siberian town heaven black snow
   has been reported in the town俄罗斯克麦Kemerovo state, far as the eye the whole earth was dark snow-covered, like end of the world. The vehicles parked on the roadside were piled with thick layers of black material, and the streets and buildings were also black. Seeing this pathological scene, people have expressed their attitudes on social media. One of the worried locals commented: “Is this the snow of hell?” The reason is that the local coal power plant became the culprit. In addition, the illegal emissions of coal boilers, automobile exhaust and factories are also to blame.
  Women wrapped in 8 sweaters in summer will catch a cold
   Ms. Liu, who lives in Dazhou, is 45 years old this year. For 16 years, she has become more and more afraid of the cold and thicker and thicker. Even in the hot summer, she has to wear seven or eight sweaters. Once she takes it off, she will catch a cold. . Ms. Liu said that around the summer of 2002, she took medicine because of a cold and then found out she was pregnant. She was worried about the impact on her child and had to choose to abort. After the operation, I blew the fan and infused the fluid, but I didn’t feel much at that time. But what Ms. Liu did not expect was that afterwards, she became more and more afraid of the cold, and she wore more every year, even in summer, she also needed to wrap thick quilted jackets, sweaters, and wool pants. The clothes made her look strange in the crowd, and she was also tortured physically and mentally.
  British couple held a “Zombie Wedding” friends play zombie
   British couple held thriller “zombie Wedding,” in addition to the bride and groom going as man-eating zombie look, but also friends and family to attend the wedding of his own face, painted on Red-shaped “blood stains” play the role of scary zombies. According to reports, the bride’s name is Jennifer Jones, 27 years old, and the groom is 31-year-old Rob Blackmore. The two are from Stockbridge and Liverpool. They like watching movies about zombies very much. This wedding was the first zombie-themed wedding held in the UK.
  A gas station in Sydney Australia Lowest
   According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that, in southwest Sydney, Australia, there is a gas station, the price of a liter of gasoline was less than 1 Australian dollar (about 4.9 yuan). It is reported that the operator of this gas station is named Giganesh Patel. Such a favorable price makes Patel the lowest gas station operator in Australia. Mr. Patel was fed up with high prices, and he applied to the Gas Station Headquarters to obtain the right to sell gasoline at a low price. Patel said that although he makes almost no money, it is a great feeling to see the reactions of customers.
  Cambridge University Opens for Postgraduates of “PhD in Chocolate”
   As the saying goes, “learning is endless and hard work”, but now, learning can also be “sweet.” According to foreign media reports, the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom is openly recruiting “chocolate doctorate” graduate students to study how to make chocolate not melt in hot weather, so that chocolate-loving students can get a doctorate while satisfying their taste. Graduate students of this major should specialize in how to prevent premature melting of chocolate close to human body temperature under warm conditions, while ensuring that the taste and quality of chocolate are not affected, so that chocolate can be stored and sold in hot weather. This research project is of “experimental nature”, and prospective applicants must have a good mathematical background.
  Stores want to buy something hanging on the cliffs of nearly two kilometers was climbing
   on a cliff in Colorado Irla much of the canyon, someone opened a “pop-up” stores a vacant place at about 1829 meters from the ground. This store is considered “the most extreme pop-up store in the world”. Of course, most people don’t climb to the cliff to buy bags, milk and clothes. This shop caters to climbers climbing the walls of the Bastille. This store has only been open for 24 hours. Although this is just an extreme marketing gimmick, it does solve the problem for many climbers.