Winter sun childhood camel team

  The camel team came and stopped at the door of my house.

  They are arranged in a long string, standing silently, waiting for people’s arrangements. The weather was dry and cold. The camel took off his felt hat, and the bald-headed child was hot, a white smoke that blended into the dry and cold atmosphere.
  Dad is telling him the price. On the humps of the two peaks, each one is carrying two sacks of coal. I am thinking, inside the sack is “Nanshan high end”? Or “Wujin Moyu”? I often see the white walls of the coal stack on the Shuncheng Street, with such big black letters. But the camel said that they came from the door ditch, they and the camel came step by step.

  Another camel came to greet the camels to eat the fodder. They slammed their forefoot and licked their ass.
  Dad has already told them the price. The man is unloading coal and the camel is grazing.
  I stood in front of the camels and watched them eat the weeds, the ugly face, the long teeth, the quiet attitude. When they chewed, the upper and lower teeth were alternately worn away, and the hot air was in the big nostrils, and the white foam was covered on the beard. I saw it, my teeth moved.
  The teacher taught me to learn camels and animals that were so suffocating. Look at it, don’t worry, walk slowly, chew slowly, always go, always eat. Maybe it is natural to be slow, accidentally avoiding the car to run two steps, the posture is very difficult to see.
  When the camel team comes over, you will know that the one that started the head always has a bell under the long neck and walks up to “when, when, when”.
  ”Why do you want a bell?” I have to ask if I don’t understand.
  Dad told me that camels are very afraid of wolves, because wolves will bite them, so humans bring bells to them, and wolves hear the sound of bells, knowing that there are human beings protecting them, they dare not invade.
  My childish mind is full of different thoughts from adults. I said to my father,
  ”No, Dad! Their soft feet are walking in the soft desert, there is no sound, you are not saying, they go on. I didn’t drink a sip of water for three days and three nights, just chewing on the food that came out of my stomach. It must have been a camel man, and I couldn’t stand the long, lonely journey, so I brought it to the camel. Bells, add some fun to the road.”
  Dad thought about it and smiled and said:
  ”Maybe, your thoughts are more beautiful.” The
  winter is over, the spring is coming, the sun is particularly smashing, and the warmth makes people want to take off the cotton jacket. Isn’t it? The camel also took off its velvet robe! Its large piece of fur fell from the body and fell under the belly. I really want to use scissors to cut them for a cut, because it is too neat. The same is true of the camel’s people. The anti-wearing of the sheepskin on their body has also been taken off, and they are placed on the small peak of the camel’s back. The sacks were empty, and the “Ujin Moyu” was sold. The bell rang louder in a relaxed pace.
  Summer is coming, no longer seeing the shadow of a camel. I asked my mother again:
  ”Where are they going in the summer?”
  ”Camel!” The
  mother couldn’t answer, she said:
  ”Always ask, always ask, Your child!”
  Summer passed, the autumn passed, the winter came again, the camel team came again, but the childhood was gone. Under the winter sun, I will not do anything to learn the stupid things that camel chewing.
  However, I miss the scenery and people who lived in the south of Beijing in childhood! I said to myself, write them down, let the actual childhood pass, and the childhood of the soul last forever.
  In this way, I wrote a book “Old Things in the South of the City.”
  I silently thought, write slowly. I saw the camel team under the winter sun coming over and heard the slow and pleasant ringing bells. My childhood came back to my heart.