Win respect with strength

After graduating from university, I drifted away for several years. When I came home during the Spring Festival, my parents arranged a blind date for me. The boy’s name is Longlong. He is from a good family. After graduating from college, he works in a company. Both of us were urged to marry by our parents. After we met, we felt that we did not hate each other, so we unanimously approved the parents’ arrangement.

Soon, Long Long’s parents held a marriage ceremony for us. According to local customs, I have to stay at my husband’s house after I am married, and Long Long can justly ask to be with me. But that night, Long Long left me alone in his room and said to me politely: “The sheets and quilts are all new by my mother. I am used to sleeping alone, I went to the guest room.”

The next morning, I didn’t see Longlong after I got up. My mother-in-law said, “I went to work early in the morning, saying that the company is busy. I haven’t seen him so diligent before. It is different to have a wife.”

I smiled, with a trace of sadness in my heart, knowing that I was left out of the cold-Long Long was obviously resistant to me, he didn’t want to be with me, and went out early to avoid me.

After breakfast, I wanted to go home, but my mother-in-law didn’t let me go. She joked with me: “This will be your home in the future, where do you want to go?”

I can see that my mother-in-law likes me very much.

My mother-in-law was very straightforward and told me: “Long Long talked about a girlfriend when he was in college. When he graduated, he was clamoring to go to work with a girl. We stopped him. We are his only son. How can he get in the door? In the past few years, we introduced many girls to him, but he didn’t agree. Last year, his female classmate got married, so he died.”

The mother-in-law took my hand and said, “Daughter, you are a person who has seen the world. You and Longlong are so old, and who doesn’t have a predecessor yet, don’t dislike him because of this. I tell you this to make you feel By the way, this man is carrying another woman in his heart, and you will feel that she is separated from him, but sooner or later he will forget that woman.”

I am very fortunate to meet such a wise and reasonable mother-in-law, and smiled: “I know what to do.”

I stayed at Longlong’s house with peace of mind. Longlong still leaves early and returns late, not cold to me. I do not mind. To him, I am generous like an old friend, not entangled or questioned. After he had dinner and hid in his room, I took the initiative to chat and play games with him. A few days later, Long Long gradually adapted to my existence.

One day, I wanted to use Longlong’s computer, and he said: “Chat shopping and playing games, the phone will be done.” I said I want to make a plan. He seemed to be very interested: “What plan?” I said that I quit my previous job, but it doesn’t mean that I have to rely on others to feed me in the future. I have my career plan. Long Long was taken aback for a moment, and then asked me, “What are your plans, can you tell me?” I said, “In the past few years, I have been working outside. I don’t make much money and I don’t have free time. I want to be my own boss and project. I’ve done the inspection. I want to calculate the cost and see what I can afford to rent a store.”

After that, I found that Longlong’s eyes had changed when they looked at me, they were no longer so cold, and a little more tender than before. One day at breakfast, he learned that I was going to see the store, and he asked me, “Should I be with you?” I nodded, “Okay!”

In fact, I have inspected the store in advance. The two-story building along the street has a good location and an affordable price. Long Long was also very satisfied after seeing it. I told him: “The first floor is for you, I use the second floor. I know you don’t like your current job, so it’s better to quit and do it yourself!” He promised to think about it. In order to dispel his worries, I said: “You don’t have to worry about the funds. The gift money your family gave me, my parents didn’t move a cent, and they are all with me. I plan to use this money as start-up capital.” Looking at me, the look in my eyes is obviously different from before. There is both joy and appreciation, and even more warmth.

After signing the rental agreement, Long Long invited me to dinner and said he wanted to congratulate me. After the meal, he took the initiative to hold my hand for the first time and said to me: “You made me admire me.” I deliberately asked: “Did you ever think I was bad?” He did not answer directly, but said, “I didn’t I think you are so good!”

Nowadays, our wedding is under intense preparations, and of course the most active one is of course.

Comment: Faced with the neglect of her fiance, she did not shrink back, chose to persist, and finally won the respect of her fiance with her self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement personality charm. This is the best gesture to face the cold violence of lovers!