Will you ask a question?

  On November 16, 2009, the Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Museum, the first US President Barack Obama and a young student from Shanghai conducted an exchange. When the question and answer questions of Obama and Shanghai college students were recorded live on the Internet, people made a mistake: such a rare opportunity, what happened to the students who asked the question?

  Obama is known as the president of the speech. The president who has been through the battlefield has a weight and weight in his heart. If the question is wonderful or not, can he provoke his excitement, and he can see one or two from the words in his answer.

  Among the seven questions raised by college students, “The World Expo will be held in Shanghai next year. Are you ready to participate in the World Expo?” is a comity for the first meeting. The following questions continue to be gentle: “What is your first impression of China? What have you brought to China? What do you want to take from China?” “What measures will your government take to promote this? The world is moving towards cultural pluralism. What measures will be in your foreign policy to respect the different historical cultures of different countries? What cooperation will we have between China and the United States in this regard?” In the face of these questions, President Obama is either Say “good”, or do not make any evaluation of the quality of the problem, directly answer – apparently some of the intentions.

  These questions really can’t make any mistakes. The reason why public opinion screams “wasting opportunities” is because they are correct, but there is no excitement. How polite you are, foreigners don’t eat the same set of “more people don’t blame”. You should know that the speeches of the president have been seen in what scenes, embarrassing, embarrassing, and extreme… but they are not prepared for the lack of words. Maybe Obama’s heart is also guilty: Is it true that Chinese college students are too gentle to me, or are they planning to give me something behind the smile?

  Have an attitude, but also have depth

  Too gentle, not the temperament that our young people should have, it is not the consistent style of Chinese college students. In fact, we have repeatedly “difficult” to pass the US president.

  As early as 1998, in 2007, Clinton and George W. Bush visited China respectively and exchanged ideas with students from Peking University and Tsinghua University. The same is the head of the United States, who is also a Chinese student. The question and answer record at the time reflected both the attitude of Chinese students and the depth of understanding of various problems among college students. In the question, the film, entertainment, and social news hotspots that the Chinese people paid attention to at the time were used as the head. Whether it was at that time or at the moment or even in the future, it was worthwhile to come back and enjoy it.

  Twelve years ago, when Clinton stepped into the lecture hall of Peking University in a warm applause, he may not realize that he will face a strong challenge. In the speech session, Clinton smiled and read the speeches written by professional writers in beautiful words, which seemed very relaxed. However, the next question of college students was more difficult than a sharp, frank and straightforward attitude.

  ”Since the reform and opening up, we have had a better understanding of the culture and history of the United States. We also recently watched the American film “Titanic”, but the American people have little understanding of China. How do you plan to strengthen us? What is the true understanding of the people of the two countries?” “The United States has been selling advanced weapons to Taiwan, revising the US-Japan defense treaty with Japan, and including China’s Taiwan Province within its military operations. If China is stationed in Hawaii, if China and China If other countries sign a security treaty to deal with the United States, will the American people agree?” “Do you have an attempt to contain China?” “Does the United States have some problems in human rights and democracy?” The tide of applause from the students of the Song Dynasty. The question that is most advancing with the times is the question of the seventh student: “If there is a group of students from Peking University who will protest to you, how would you feel?” Obviously, he alluded to the previous year’s visit to the United States by President Jiang Zemin. Harvard University encountered a demonstration during the speech. Clinton was unable to parry and had to use Tai Chi to say: “I told President Jiang that I was not alone because I was often witnessed in the United States.”

  Finally, Clinton added a paragraph in the end of the question and answer: “The questions you asked are far more important than my speeches – I didn’t learn anything when I spoke, but only learned something while listening.” Privately he He also said to the then president of Peking University, Chen Jiaxuan: “Your students are very good. I have traveled to so many countries in the world. No student in any school can ask such a problem today!”

  No matter which country’s college students, they should have the same temperament: sharp, wise, and dare to challenge authority. Therefore, when they face a guest who is more successful, wise, and stronger than their own, it is far from enough to dare to show their attitude. Good problems are often accompanied by depth.

  In 2002, after Bush’s speech at Tsinghua University, Chinese university students asked the Taiwan issue that the Chinese people care about: “Yesterday, you had a conversation with President Jiang and opened a joint conference. You did not clearly answer a question at this meeting. — Will the theater missile defense system include Taiwan? In addition, I would also like to ask: When you talk about the Taiwan issue, you said that the peace settlement, then what do you think of peaceful reunification?”

  Bush smiled with appreciation and used “very good.” to set a sexuality for this issue. Then he replied: “Peace and dialogue are the attitude of the United States.” However, the Tsinghua students who asked the questions are obviously not satisfied with this. The next question The classmates continued this question very tacitly: “Unfortunately, you still did not answer clearly. You always said that the peace was resolved without saying peaceful reunification. You visited Japan three days ago and said in a speech to the parliament. ‘The United States will bear in mind the commitment to Taiwan’. I want to ask the President Mr. such a question: Does the United States still bear in mind its commitment to the 1.3 billion Chinese people? That is to abide by the three ‘Joint Communiqués’ and ‘Three Noes’ between China and the United States. policy.”

  After repeated questions twice, the depth of Chinese college students’ thinking about the Taiwan issue made Bush struggle with each other and had to deal with it for a long time. One question and one answer is originally a process of exploring opinions and digging depth. Everyone is equal in the level of ideological communication. If you blindly give up the abandonment, avoiding the question of true connotation and value, but the answerer Great disrespect.

  In contrast, one of the questions raised by Obama during his visit to China is worth remembering: “Mr. President, hello. We are very honored to be here. I have found an online question, this question comes from Taiwan. He said: ‘I am from Taiwan, and now I am doing business in the mainland. Cross-strait relations have been continuously improved in recent years. My business in the mainland is doing very well. When someone in the United States said that the United States wants to sell arms to Taiwan, We are very worried because this will undermine cross-strait relations. ‘Mr. President, I want to know if you support improving cross-strait relations?”

  Taiwan issue, good field; borrowing the position of ordinary Taiwan compatriots, good angle; borrowing personal experience to sell weapons to Taiwan, so good to cut into the point – but unfortunately, just opened the head but quickly smashed, the last question to avoid heavy weight It lies in “Do you support improving cross-strait relations?” When this question is asked, the answer becomes less and more exciting. Because of this question, ask Obama, and ask the US governor or even an unknown American grocery store owner, the answers are probably the same. Such a blunt, stupid question makes us can’t help but ask ourselves: Why don’t we ask questions?

  Three problems are exported into injuries

  In recent years, students have been asked questions in lectures, exchanges, and forums. It is not difficult to find that there are fewer and fewer good problems. Three kinds of problems that make the guests depressed are everywhere:

  Extremely utilitarian Li Kaifu, who often went to colleges and universities, once said: “Chinese college students can’t move, let me give him a plan for the future, give him advice on going abroad, I know almost nothing about him, how to suggest? “A lot of college students always hope that through an answer from the guests, they will solve all their problems in school, love, career planning and so on. Such extreme utilitarian questions include: The business executive came up and asked, “Can you recruit me?” The successful person came to ask “Can you design a life plan for me?” The academic expert came to ask “Can you guide my paper?” “… In the face of this kind of problem, I can only say that it is a terrible thing to look down on the toes and it is a terrible thing to look down on the toes.

  A lecture on a flattering, a college student asked Liang Wendao: “The younger generation is from a certain university. I have an idea to tell you. I have been paying attention to the program of Mr. Zhong Liang from Phoenix Satellite TV since childhood, such as “Clinton by Hillary”, inspiring me. I started reading the English version of My Life, so I really want to say that today you are sitting here and sacrificing your weekend’s leisure time. I think you really have a fermenting effect on the thinking of our young people. You are very tired, and I can feel the care and strength…” This gentleman has painted his own admiration for two minutes. What do you want to ask? “Very very honored” Very very grateful.” One opening first descended from the third level, kneeling on the ground and asking questions. If you are unintentional, you will be pitiful. If you are interested, please take a break and take a photo of the guests.

  Nothing in the spring of 2009, at the scene of the Southern Newspaper Group’s presentation, a student asked the head of human resources: “What is the development strategy of the Southern Newspaper Group in the next decade?” The HR director is helpless: “I’m sorry, as a The middle-level manager, I can’t answer this question.” The same flaws also appeared in the question and answer of Obama and college students. The student asked: “What kind of university education has you got the Nobel Peace Prize? How can you get on the road to success?” Obama replied: “I don’t know what courses I can get after I get the Nobel Peace Prize.” Asking the world in a day, asking about global peace, historical progress, and the way to success, apart from God, who has the ability to answer you?