Why can’t find love in the Chinese subway?

  It took more than a decade for the Chinese to “private car era” and the honeymoon period began. There are many benefits to a car. The biggest benefit is that it is expensive, because it can be a symbol of the degree of success. Today’s first-grade elementary school students know that instead of letting their mother drive a Xiali car to pick up themselves, it is better to go home. Driving a luxury car is driving, otherwise it is better not to open. The monthly maintenance fee and insurance premium of a luxury car are more expensive than those in Europe and the United States. This shows that the Chinese and Europeans are richer than others. With this kind of pride, it was blocked on the road, turning the ring road into a circular parking lot, turning the car into a single confinement room, and it was also comfortable. Just every day, once a week, the “successful people” are gradually unable to hold back.

  Once upon a time, Beijing was the enviable city of bicycles around the world. From Gaobeidian to the Summer Palace, you can always ride on the wide and shaded bicycle lanes. There is no city street in the world that is so generous to bicycles. Cities such as Amsterdam are now building a bicycle lane on the street, 70 cm wide, which is really poor. It’s no wonder that Katie Melua has a touching love song: “There are nine million bicycles in Beijing. It’s a fact, just like I love you.”

  However, the romance of the bicycle city has been helpless: the contemporary city is too big, not enough physical strength to ride so far. The new romance is by subway: an online survey recently released by the UK found that more than half of the respondents met their lover in the subway. This is in addition to avoiding the seizure of a traffic jam, saving the bad smell of the slow-moving car, etc., taking the subway to the top of the good.

  But why didn’t we find love in the Beijing-Shanghai subway? The reason is extremely simple: there are not enough subway lines, and there are not enough people on the subway. Moreover, the people who take the subway are not romantic enough: only if there is not enough money to drive a private car, there is no official seat to sit in the public car. People, this is the subway, of course, too lazy to take care of the same lonely travel companions, even if it is a beautiful heterosexual travel companion.

  London Underground is different: London has 12 lines, densely interwoven into the net, lost in any place (London’s street is very chaotic, not getting lost is a strange thing), as long as you see the subway mark, you will be able to transfer to you Where to go. It’s no wonder that there are 3 million people in London who take the subway every day. It is the first choice for every person who goes out. In addition to being afraid of people recognizing the number one big celebrities who make troubles – singers such as Madonna, supermodels like Campbell, politicians such as Dangdang Prime Minister – all but everyone Subway. Once the Prime Minister stepped down, he had to take the subway. Former Prime Minister Blair took the subway to the airport, and the ticket inspector found that he did not buy a ticket. He was only a short time after he stepped down and had to sigh the world. In short, taking the subway is not only the privilege of wage earners, but also a kind of metro egalitarianism in Europe. This is a kind of doctrine that China urgently needs to introduce.

  Therefore, no matter how successful you are, you can always meet the lover of the door in the subway.

  The strange question is: Why do you find love in the subway, more than a bar or marriage agency? Because love is such a thing, it is very mysterious, a bit like the inspiration of poetry: sit down and spread out the white paper and put a pen on the pen to intentionally write poetry. The result is mostly waste paper and time, and it is dejected. A mind and other inspirations can’t wait. The poetry always comes when it is not inadvertently writing poetry. Of course, the difference between a poet and a non-poet is that the poet holds the beer glass and stares straight at the waiting, seeing the poem God can catch her.

  Love is the same: to a party that specializes in love, on the website, most of them can’t be found, and it is not romantic, and it can’t be done without romance. The subway is really not a place to find love: the subway is sometimes very hot, sometimes crowded, and often has a long road when there is no seat. The subway is a bit worse than a bar or party: it’s hard to drink two glasses of alcohol to make you feel ashamed. According to the survey, 36% of male women who had a love for someone but could not continue to do so were “not enough to get drunk”.

  The most romantic part of the subway is that it is not a romantic place to design, it is a place we have to share with strangers. Xi Yunyun: Love is like a war, and the unroxant subway is where the love god ambushes unexpectedly. To the bar party is interested in finding love, just like the challenge to the enemy’s camp, and most of them lose. Unexpectedly, when you die, you will be romantic. Moreover, in the subway, there is no steering wheel in your hand, your eyes don’t need to be nervous, so what are the people taking the subway? Some surveys show that more than 90% of the respondents, that is, the vast majority of people who take the subway, admit that they often justifiably look at the same car people, secretly thinking about the good things: indeed, the subway has enough time to look at each other, can provide There is enough reason to stare at and even chat, and there is enough atmosphere to make the courage to have a phone number – this is the secret of “Metro Love.”

  Therefore, I have a practical suggestion: to develop the subway, to vigorously promote the people’s public transport business, and let the two businesses that are now prosperous, but will go downhill sooner or later, will decline on their own: one is the private car industry, and the other is the marriage introduction industry.