Why are you defeated by amateurs?

Today, I will share the logic of combining content production and industry from a more macro perspective from the two identities of industry practitioners and investors.

What do you want? What can I do? What can I do?

What do you want to do?

What you want to do is what kind of user value your enterprise can provide and who uses your products. Great changes have taken place in the world today – user values can be redefined.

Take the education industry related to the content industry as an example:

The education industry itself is also content – based, and its educational resources are content barriers. For example, business schools and traditional business schools provide three parts of user value:

Part One: You can get a diploma.

Part II: You really have a series of support, which may be market value management, property management, human resources management, organizational structure management, etc.

The third part: you get the human pulse.

However, the user value provided by business schools today has the opportunity to be redefined. If there is no such value, there will be no business schools like Lakeside University.

These new business schools said: ” I’m sorry, we don’t issue diplomas recognized by the Ministry of Education, nor do we teach market value management. We teach Ali the whole system, the underlying thinking logic, the new thinking model … Would you like to listen?”

You will find that the participants have also changed, that is, the users themselves have changed, such as professional staff, doctors, teachers, etc. They will not go to traditional business schools.

You will also find that when the user value is likely to be redefined, when a new enterprise is born and overtakes on a curve, when the network, knowledge and user value of this piece become the mainstream of society, the user value will be essentially re – shuffled.

What can I do?

Originally, to run a business school, one must have a qualification certificate, be recognized by the Ministry of Education, and be affiliated to a university. When registering, one must have a non-virtual address below the line. This address cannot be virtual. These are all conditions for industry access.

However, due to the redefinition of user value today, your delivery method has also undergone tremendous changes, so cross-border robberies have occurred. You can do this without the above qualifications, but the premise for its creation is that the user is redefined.

As for cross-border robberies, one example I often cite is the fight for more. If you want to analyze its industry in detail, you can divide it into social e – commerce, which belongs to the retail industry. The original entry condition for the retail industry is that you must understand the channels in particular. However, Duoduo was hatched in a game company. The game company is best at observing human nature and is also good at using more technologies to calculate the order of the supply chain and then calculate what your users need. This is provided by the technology industry.

This means that the whole technology is mature and the user value is redefined, making cross-border robberies easier.

What can I do?

In the past, the resource endowments of business schools meant that you had to be a full professor to start an MBA course. Today, the biggest change in resource endowment is that I don’t need to own it. I just need to connect.

As in today’s especially important connection occasions, when a group is built on site, the connection cost becomes very low, which is a particularly fundamental change taking place in this world.

When we invest, we will see if the user value has been redefined. If not, the original tycoon in your industry will have an absolute advantage and all you do is hard work.

Such as cost advantage, resource endowment advantage, industry access advantage, etc., in short, all the advantages are in the hands of those giants.

In addition, the possibility of cross-border robberies and the possibility of cross-border robberies must be found in the technical conditions that make online logistics delivery and online payment very easy. Background big data calculation can already support personalized recommendation and other technical conditions.

This is the underlying logic for our investment today.

User Value of Content World

1. Changes in the Content World

According to this logic, what changes have taken place in the content world?

Everyone must have a deep understanding of the connection between industry access and resource endowment, but the core lies in the first of the three changes, that is, whether or not the user value has changed.

We will consider the value of users. As far as content makers are concerned, I have always believed that the user value of content is in fact unchanged in three aspects: interesting, useful and meaningful.

As long as you meet one of them, it will be valuable, and the valuable part will not change much.

Before being a user’s value, one must first say who the user is, because who the user you find almost determines who our group of content creators are serving, what value they are meeting, and how to improve their back-end services.

Therefore, it becomes very important who the user you find is.

In front of me, I gave an example of a business school. A business school course sells hundreds of thousands of dollars per person. Business schools tell you one case after another.

Is it possible today that I will only sell you a single business case for more than 10,000 yuan?

The answer is yes, it does exist in reality, and it can be operated repeatedly.

Before, there was a learning platform that often sent Alibaba in groups to visit and learn about the latest retail development. It was 12,800 yuan. If you can raise my cost by crowdfunding, you can take part in it. Usually you can raise it by crowdfunding.

Because in today’s era, back to this group of users who have been very detailed and precise, this group of users want to go to Alibaba to have a look, just as some people want to spend millions of dollars on a meal with Buffett.

The existence of a company is actually because the cost of doing these things inside the company is cheaper than outside, so a company is set up, otherwise it would be better to work outside.

The cost of organizing Alibaba’s visit is lower than that of a single person. It’s as simple as that. Do you need the knowledge system of a complete business school to pay for it?

Not necessarily, today’s single business case can continue to sell for more than 10,000 dollars.

However, this is not the same as the user value provided by the business school, because the business school gives you a complete knowledge system. However, a single business case is actually a fragmented piece of knowledge that is selling anxiety.

In an era of rapid external changes, I’m afraid you need to build the logic and architecture at the bottom of the knowledge. In the classical knowledge field where knowledge is completely precipitated, the architecture and logic are built by others. You just need to learn the architecture well and add fragments to it.

However, I feel that no one can help us establish the basic logic for the development framework of the entire content industry in 2019 except yourself. Your method of judging the world is yourself, and the basic framework and logic are built by yourself.

Fragmented knowledge is used to build your building out of this frame. Without this frame, the pile of bricks you bring can only be a pile of bricks that are more messy. If you build up the bricks, this frame may be your building.

Only when there is change can we have the chance.

When we discuss what knowledge service is, we all say that the uncertainty in the future is very strong. Is there any definite change that will come? Those who invest or start a business must break through the fog to find the BRICS, because in an era of rapid change, determining the variables that will come is our greatest opportunity.

Assuming that the world is the same, then there is nothing for us entrepreneurs, because others have finished the previous work, so there must be changes before we can have a chance.

( 1 ) aging

This is a very definite variable. In less than 10 years’ time, our aging population will exceed 700 million and our life expectancy will continue to increase.

At present, there are two kinds of aging content services, one is chronic disease management and the other is square dancing.

However, their mobile payment was educated. My mother connected all kinds of her credit cards in the process of giving out red packets and spending a lot. She was willing to pay. She often spends 68 yuan on a course to learn how to draw peony flowers.

I am often looking for people who are paying close attention to this increasingly wealthy and time-consuming population, that is, good content producers who provide aging knowledge services. Because money and time are simply not the same in this world, but China will soon have 700 million large people, of which at least 200 million are middle-class rich people.

( 2 ) economic cycle

There is no denying that the economic cycle facing us in the future must be relatively long – term. If we want to get out of the cycle of long-term passage, there will be challenges immediately, such as the challenge of creating new jobs.

Assuming that the number of new jobs is decreasing and the urbanization process is still going on, there are 8 million graduates every year, and the postgraduate entrance examination rate is also rising. However, not all of them are willing to go to graduate school, but they cannot find jobs.

Who can empower these people to find new jobs?

Do you think only those who have just moved to the city and the college students who have just graduated need to work?

No, those who have been in the enterprise for ten years with poor ability and high salary are the first to start as bosses. Who can give them the ability to find jobs?

Two days ago, my secretary asked me, ” Sister Quan Ling, do you think I want to have better development in my career, and I should go to a graduate school?”

I said never go to on-the-job postgraduate, what you need to do is how to make a PPT. In a cycle, whoever is empowered in job-hunting skills will actually have huge room for improvement every time the economy goes down.

( 3 ) education reform

This is a definite variable. The general direction of education reform must be quality education. You must not think that quality education is painting and singing. The essence of quality education is how to use your comprehensive ability to solve problems instead of solving them. This is the basic definition of quality education returning to real life itself.

I’ve been looking at the future college entrance examination topics that the national education curriculum reform research group has given a dozen high schools to try out for the past two days.

In the future, the biology examination for the college entrance examination questions is as follows: when an apricot leaves the wall, which biological essential factors do you think cause the apricot to be willing to leave the wall?

The reform of the general idea of education must precede the reform of examination, which will take place at a definite time. Examination reform is a curriculum reform that precedes school education. At present, the curriculum reform in school education is only the most advanced school. Other schools only take the new education curriculum reform plan as their weekly activities for a week or two, and it does not involve all subjects.

The educational reform of the school curriculum precedes the reform of family education. Even the future college entrance examination and senior high school entrance examination will be conducted in this way. However, parents have not realized that my children need such abilities in the future.

There is a huge need for education. That’s why I got the position of chairman of the board of directors at this point in time, because I saw this huge need and provided very few people.

Therefore, be sure to find your chance in certain variables.

Apart from content, how can services be provided?

Besides giving content, how can services be given?

First of all, the first step in the content industry is to be seen, and to be seen is to be king. No matter how well you do it, it is useless to write a diary. In order to be seen, you have to be a content platform. Therefore, the first wave of enterprises related to content is a platform industry.

Secondly, if one can read on, the ratio is very sad. Only 3% of the industry scale of the entire publishing industry, which is more than 100 billion a year, has actually been opened. This is the ratio of a paper book in our traditional classic era.

Even online, the average opening rate of WeChat public numbers that can be seen today is almost 3%, which is the survival rate of content production.

How to raise this 3%? There are several things: one is a content creator with special characteristics. Even if there is no traffic today, each article will reach 10w+, which is a rare talent. For projects like this, we are willing to cast an angel wheel, but not if it is expensive, because the characteristics of this part need something else to enlarge and see what is worth casting to graft with you.

There is also a part of product power, and products with product power are also possible. Originally published a book, give it to the distributor and then goodbye, which will not affect your user behavior, but today’s products can pull users back and forth, I can have all kinds of operation means to urge you to read on, to increase the proportion of 3%.

What if you look at it, can you understand it, can you use it in the future after you understand it? The service of content is heavy, and those who can receive money are at the back end.

I have lost 12 kg in the past four months, I lost it in the first two months, and it has been maintained for the last two months. It is especially simple. I adopt a new diet method, which does not require exercise. This diet method belongs to the food substitute diet method recommended repeatedly by the World Health Organization. A complete use method of the food substitute diet method can be found by Baidu casually.

Does this content need to be created repeatedly?

At most, some people will write it more clearly. It is absolutely impossible for Baidu to lose weight successfully, because you can’t stick to it.

You will have all kinds of questions in your mind. You may not be able to distinguish the Qing Dynasty food diet method from the usual life diet method. You may not be able to drink bulletproof coffee at the same time when substituting the food diet method. These questions are difficult to obtain with Baidu.

Understanding this part requires additional, one-to-one services, and whether it can be reduced is the core.

I joined a group and encouraged each other in this group. When I finished, I returned some money. How much would you like to pay for this? For 28 days, everyone would like to pay 1999.

How to receive the money, is the previous content written?

No, where was the content earlier, because someone explained it clearly to you?

Neither, but because someone can really let you cut down the meat, and the real thing is in the back service system.

Since the establishment of Ziniu, we have really voted for the people who can make me question mark, so we have voted for the content related to the industry.

The reason why I became the chairman of the board when I was a teenager is that I am trying to find a way to let the children build up learning ability and improve attention through our content and our training system.

From seeing to seeing useful, there is a huge amount of content to work on. The creation of content to let the other party receive it, and then to let the other party receive it. The more useful it is, the more valuable it is. This is also what we want to do.

How does the product fulfill its value?

In this era, the standard of being a human being is very similar to the standard of making content products. In essence, if you can keep your learning desire and stimulate others’ learning desire, your products will have completed a part of their value.

If you can build up your bottom-level capabilities and help your users build up their bottom-level capabilities to cope with the changing times, you have your value.

The bottom capability is not only the construction of knowledge, but also the user value of the content industry can never be separated from interesting, useful and meaningful.

If you only want the flow, you can stay away from this sentence, but if the flow is to settle down, you must leave this sentence and do something of merit.

In fact, many of the products specially animated have no public morality, because animated products attract children’s eyes, but their attention is destroyed.