Who is young on Moshang

One of my favorite scenes in Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “Listen to the Ear” is: Seiji is riding a bicycle with Awen to watch the sunrise. When going uphill, Seiji is riding very hard, but he still insists. Awen said: “I decided to drive you over the mountains and mountains like this.” Then Awen jumped down and said: “I don’t want to become your burden. I have already thought about it a long time ago and I want to support you behind my back. .”

After reading it, my girl’s heart flew up.

At the age of seventeen, I have short hair as neat as Awen, and I want to write a story book; at the age of seventeen, I ride a bicycle to and from school. The morning wind blows up my school uniform, and my hair is blown into my mouth. Listening to music with headphones, I rushed into the tall iron gate of the school; at the age of seventeen, I also want to meet someone who is like a saint.

The teenager I liked at the age of seventeen was ordinary looking, not handsome, and not tall, but after adding the “like” layer of beauty filter, he could be as young and romantic as anyone on Moshang. He rides a bicycle that pulls the wind, and the wheels of the bicycle will glow, as if his whole person will glow. This teenager is my classmate and the leader of our study group, so let’s call him Xiaoshuai here.

Xiaoshuai is a quiet and good student on weekdays, but after riding a bicycle, he is very cool and dynamic, completely different from the gentle manner in the classroom.

Xiaoshuai said that his bicycle is his favorite BMW, and he will feel at ease on the bicycle.

I often see him riding a bicycle, driving in the wind, his school uniform flying in the wind, his bicycle rushing out of the traffic lightly and galloping in the wind.

A teenager riding a bicycle hunting and hunting, this is probably the heart of his youth.

Our two homes are in different directions. After leaving the school gate, one goes to the left and the other goes to the right. Therefore, every morning I will make good time, just meet him at the school gate, cheer up and smile to him and say, “Group leader, good morning.”

I have tried this kind of encounter, and I am having fun.

In order to get into the back seat of Xiaoshuai’s bicycle, I thought about puncturing his bicycle tires or puncturing my own tires, but I didn’t do it in the end because these two things were too idiot and idol drama. Up.

Fortunately, God takes care of me.

Before the final exam of the last semester of senior high school, because the temperature was too low, after the evening self-study, the classroom had to be emptied to arrange the examination room. I had to carry a thick stack of books home. When I was out of school, I was hesitating to let my dad pick me up. Xiaoshuai happened to pass by me on a bicycle, and the two wheels were still shining. He rode in front of me, stood on one foot, braked the car, and said to me: “Come on, I will see you.”

After that, Xiaoshuai parked his bicycle and directly came over to take my book and said: “Classmates, help each other.”

I got on Xiaoshuai’s bicycle. The first time I was so close to him in the back seat, I could feel his breathing.

I hid behind him with the book in my arms. Although he was shielding me from the wind, I still felt cold.

When the car stopped downstairs to my house, I handed him the book, rubbing my hands with the cold, and my head was a little confused.

“Do you have a fever?” Xiaoshuai took out his hand after speaking and put the back of his hand on my forehead. He was too anxious when he pulled his hand, and the whole book fell on his foot.

He was busy squatting down to pick up books. I stuck there, his face was a little burnt, and his brain was full of—his hands were so warm.

“Move it up by yourself.” Seeing my strenuous hands holding a stack of books, Xiaoshuai smiled and turned around to leave.

Under the street lamp, he was covered with a layer of mist, but he was shining brightly.

I called him, he turned his head, I grinned, and said, “Good night.”

Xiaoshuai waved his hand and drove out abruptly for a long distance.

This kind of wanting to talk is really the best moment in the youth.

It stands to reason that Xiaoshuai and I should have further development. but no. Xiaoshuai is still just my classmate and my team leader.

In this way, we have reached the tail of youth.

The day before the college entrance examination, my friend and I went to the test site to explore the way. I happened to meet Xiaoshuai. After saying hello, he rode away.

I watched his white shirt drifting far away, about the seventeen-year-old me, about the bicycle, about the teenager, all came to an end.