When the Zhiding is canceled, I will begin to seriously forget him

A few days ago peep Li Tiezhu phone when he found his Zhiding was gone.

I feel there is a big news I see iron pillar no color, also dare not ask, Sure indeed today, iron column in our group that he became the old bachelor, let us later bark called him a The

I opened my head and wanted to comfort him a few words, and after I made my face, I realized that he might be waiting for him to comfort him – he was too much.

I really is not a big man Lai Lai chirped look, comfort a few words on the withdrawal, but the iron column has a word that I am a little tears, he said:

“She said,” I did not feel how hard it was to break up, but it was not uncomfortable to cancel the stupid. ”

She said when breaking up I think it is not really break up,
She turned when I think it is not really break up,
But to her Zhiding canceled, her remarks back to the original look,
Clean up and her friends circle, and finally delete her when,
Ah, is really breaking up ah.

I think it all is the Internet is wrong, after all, there is no Internet era, two people break up as long as the old age is not enough to contact, and now, men and women to be together before the things to do too much.

▪ Add each other as a friend
▪ Set chatting
▪ Change a sweet nickname
▪ Set the chat background
▪ Set a friend circle cover
▪ Set up anniversary reminders
▪ Collect photo self-timer confession scene
▪ Send a chance to send a circle of friends

To do too many things, love a few days ago, every day in the mobile phone to spend, as if love this thing anyone can not know, but the phone is sure to know, it is best to Inside to brush all pink, love the evidence all in the phone.

Terrible, you have to know, the most intelligent criminals never leave any evidence, because the evidence can be eliminated more difficult than the crime, when he was the top of the time did not think how, one day to cancel the top of the time, Uncomfortable into this dog.

Love talked about the last to become self-inflicted.

There is a friend and I said:

“I love never let the world know, never boyfriend Zhiding, friends circle are rarely made, not like they said I did not love this person in love.

But I always think, if one day he left me, delete these things when I will be very sad. ”

Because of fear of losing so choose not to do, it sounds a little counseling.
But who do not joke who, after all, people at the beginning, the nature of counseling.

“I’m going to start forgetting him carefully when the top is canceled.”

A few days ago saw a microblogging, said before talking about the love of your church what you have, commented:

“Never say to me who do not love you.”

Is chanting, never do not love a person you say “I wait for you”, like the airport does not come a boat, you can not wait for him.

But as far as I can see, there are a lot of people after breaking up, the people obsessed for a long time, chatting the top of the person, how could not bear to cancel.

Before a small sister and boyfriend broke up, then he Zhiding a long time, every time I see her cell phone when I feel shocking, it is not a top chat, but a moment out of the heart of the knife.

“I waited for the little red dot to re-light up, but I saw the last sentence he had always said to ‘take care of myself’, I waited for a month, two months, three months and ten months, Did not wait for his message, his circle of friends also shield me, he is probably really forget me.

This time I really want to put down, and seriously forget him. ”

Do not know how many times I heard her and I vowed to forget him, she finally put the top of the abolition of the cancellation before she decided to and then he said the last sentence, the results sent to find that he did not shield her He deleted her.

She looked at me with a smile: “It ‘s a shame.

Yes, the top of this thing, really embarrassing.

I always feel solid to express love to the people of this matter, it is easy to be regarded as a weakness, and some people love as a game, love the deeper person is destined to lose, so reason also prevail When we kept telling ourselves:

“To hold back, can not lose, let him first love, let him first kiss me.”

But ah love with the brain are playing rogue, really want to stretch the talk about those who still control those, one by one open arms shaking his shoulders shouting to each other:

“I love you, I love you.”

It is a bit embarrassing, but there is no good way, love is like this, talk about love to everyone is a bad kind.

To admit that love is constantly foolish and face,
I love you today
I want to set you up to my top and then hold the phone circle.

Tomorrow you do not want me,
I want to cry to stop Zhiding, curse you this bastard,
I have put you Zhiding, and even did not die to love me,
No conscience of things, I hope you break up after doing nothing is not good.