When everyone is crying, people should be allowed not to cry

  In recent years, the state has come up with funds to promote Chinese literature overseas. It seems that several specialized teams have been set up and a number of published books have been selected. It was finally chosen by others to become a choice of oneself. Any choice is biased. Mr. Lu Xun once said: “The choice of this book is often not the author’s characteristic, but the choice of the person’s vision.” A person’s choice will be influenced by his aesthetic preferences, and a team’s choice will also be subject to certain values. Left and right, so one more team has more vision, more than one kind of vision will find more, more discoveries may allow overseas readers to more fully understand the face of Chinese literature. I have seen some reports that I am a Chinese contemporary writer who has been translated into foreign languages ​​and is one of the most famous Chinese contemporary writers overseas. I think this fact has complicated reasons. This is probably a historic mistake. I know that there are many writers who are better than me in contemporary China. I have recommended no fewer than 20 writers to Western translators. I hope that their works will be translated more quickly and will be old guys like me. Cover as soon as possible.

  The literary works are translated into foreign languages ​​and published overseas, which is actually the real beginning of communication. The book was read, was sentimental, was read, misunderstood, was praised by some readers, and was rejected by some readers. In some countries, Luoyang was expensive, and in some countries nobody cares, for a writer, imagine This kind of situation is both gratifying and happy, and feels helpless. As the saying goes: “The child is too big to be rude.” When the book is translated, it begins its own adventure. Just like a person has his own destiny, a book also has its own destiny. In the 1930s, some people ridiculed Lu Xun and said that he took his “Scream” to the terrace to go to the stool. Lu Xun said that the paper of “Scream” is too hard, I am afraid that there will be a wounded gentleman’s buttocks. I will recommend the bookstore, and use soft paper for the next reprint.

  A writer like me does not have the elegance of Lu Xun. I heard that others used my novels as toilet paper, and I dare not say it in my mouth, but my heart is still not happy. When I heard someone praised my novel, I was embarrassed to say that my heart was still very comfortable. Although I as an author can’t interfere with the interpretation of my novels by Western readers, there is always a glimmer of hope that readers can interpret their works from the perspective of pure literature and art. Milan Kundera published his new book “Meeting” in Taiwan, and wrote a letter to Taiwan readers. He said: “All the stories of my novels happen in Europe, that is, in a Taiwanese, I can’t understand too much. In the political and social situation. But I am even more fortunate to be published in your language, because the deepest intention of a novelist is not in the description of a historical situation. For him, no one is looking for a pair in his novel. The criticism of a political system is even worse. It is the human being that attracts the novelist, the mystery of man, and his behavior in an unpredictable state until the existence of the unknown face emerges. This is why the novelist is always far away. The place of the country set in his novel is best understood.”

  I dare not say that I said something similar before Milan Kundera, even though I did say something similar. I dare not say that Milan Kundera said what I said, I can only say that I agree with Milan Kundera. I have said many times that literature cannot be separated from politics, but good literature should be greater than politics. The most important reason why good literature can be greater than politics is because good literature is written by human beings, human emotions, human destiny, goodness and beauty in human souls, ugliness and evil. Only such things can trigger readers. Resonance. Political issues can inspire the author’s creative inspiration, but the author is ultimately concerned with people in this particular environment. I know that some foreign readers hope to read the political, economic and other realities of Chinese society from the novels of Chinese writers. This is their freedom, and we have no right to interfere. But I also believe that there will be many readers who read our works from the perspective of literature. If our works are well written, these overseas readers will forget the environment in our novels, they will learn from our novels. On the character, read his own emotions and thoughts.

  Referral is the choice, translation is the choice, reading is also the choice. Although I have my own hopes for the reader as an author, it is just a hope. Respecting the choices of others is a manifestation of social progress.

  I want to tell a little story about choice. When I was in the New Year, I went back to my hometown to see my father. My father told me that one of my elementary school students was drowned because he jumped into the glaciers to save a pig. The death of this classmate made me feel very sad because I had hurt him. It was in the spring of 1964, when the school organized us to go to the commune to visit the class education exhibition hall, and once entered the exhibition hall, a classmate took the lead and cried, and all the students followed the sorrow. Some students cried on their feet and some of them screamed at the chest. I cried out tears, reluctant to wipe it off, I hope the teachers can see. In the process, I turned around and saw my classmate, staring at the big eyes, not crying, watching us with a cold eyes. At that time, I was very angry: everyone burst into tears and cried, why didn’t he cry without saying anything? After the visit, I reported the performance of this classmate to the teacher. The teacher called the class meeting and criticized the classmate. Why don’t you cry? Where did your class feelings go? If you are born in a landlord rich peasant family, you can understand without crying, but you are born in a poor peasant family! Let us ask questions, this classmate has never said a word. After a while, the classmate dropped out. I have been embarrassed by my own whistle-blowing behavior and expressed this embarrassment to the teacher. The teacher said that at least 20 students were to reflect this. Therefore, this behavior cannot be regarded as a confession, but an awareness. The teacher also said that in fact, there are many students who can’t cry, and they secretly smear their faces on their faces to pretend to tears.

  I want to say that this person who does not cry is the prototype of the writer’s character. Just like the single-faced blue face described in my novel Life and Fatigue, when all people join the people’s commune, only he insists on doing it alone, and any intimidation, lure, physical blow, and mental torture can’t change him. These two characters, those who are not crying and those who are single, are surrounded by politics, but they have defeated politics and defeated those who scolded him, beat him, and spit on his face.

  Literature can tell a lot of people. I want to tell readers through my literature that when everyone is crying, some people should be allowed not to cry.

  ”The deepest intention of a novelist is not in the description of a historical situation. For him, there is nothing worse than the reader’s search for criticism of a political system in his novels. People who attract novelists are people. The mystery, and his behavior in an unpredictable state, until the existence of the unknown face emerges. This is why the novelist always gets the best understanding from the country set by his novel.”