What are you thinking when you run

That was last semester, and it was almost the final exam, and a girl suddenly told me something.

She told her at the same table that she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and found that the lamp in the room of a classmate who lived on the opposite side of her house was still on. After that, the same tablemates who usually linger at the same table also seemed to be smashed, and they went crazy day and night. After several quizzes came out, she left the girl who was comparable to her far behind.

The girl panicked and watched her classmates work hard, so she also began to “feed” herself, reviewing until late at night. Soon she couldn’t hold it up: the next day in class, she was listless and drowsy, and the efficiency of class learning was “reduced”.

She wanted to go back to her normal learning track, but every time she wanted to go to bed early, the scene of the classmates fighting at night with the lights appeared in her mind, and she couldn’t sleep in a hurry.

I was stunned for a long time and asked the girl: “Do you know that you are in the first year of junior high school?”

When my daughter was in elementary school, the teacher would post her grades in the group every week. When I saw that it was not 100 points, I felt anxious. Especially when there are 50 people in the class, 40 people have 100 points. As for the elementary school content, there is no reason why it is not complete.

No matter what the teachers say to their parents: these grades in elementary school are useless. Every time a child advances and retreats, it is like walking and falling into a caterpillar. Every child must experience it.

Everyone knows the truth, but watching other people’s children walk like flying, and their own children stagger, it is a mess. What if the child really can’t afford to fall?

Up to now, after experiencing the turmoil all the way, I can say to other parents: Life is a long-distance race. Understanding your own abilities and maintaining your own rhythm is more meaningful than watching others. When we are running, perhaps, it is more important to focus on our goals.

I have talked with several marathon runners, and they all talked about the same kind of “beginner’s dilemma”, which is to look at others.

As soon as the starting gun was fired, only a few minutes later, they were still shouldering their shoulders. After a few minutes, why did they all rush to the front one by one, did I just become the last one? No matter how you plan in advance, it’s rare for someone not to panic at this time, so they have to speed up their pace, and their breathing becomes chaotic…

In fact, what you need most to run a marathon is focus. Focus on your own goals.

Do you just want to complete the course? OK, then it’s over.

Are you going to work hard halfway? Then recharge your energy first, at least halfway through.

Do you think the focus is on participation? So, maybe for you, speed and competition are not that important. Let your relatives and friends stay in the place where the scenery is good, and leave a few beautiful photos for you…

As for the people in your eyes, do you know their arrangements?

The one who moved like a rabbit may have no experience in marathon and retired from the race a thousand meters away.

The unstoppable runner in the first place, people just want to run half a marathon, and will soon part ways with you…

Why should you focus on the few people in front of and behind you, there are more than tens of thousands of people competing with you.

I think it’s exactly the same when it comes to learning.

When you are the parent of your own studies, you have to gradually learn to get rid of unnecessary anxiety. The classmates have their plans, and you have yours, sink your heart, run at a constant speed, and wait for the sprint moment-and that moment, in any case, will not be a final exam in junior high school.

No talent, why study sports

A parent asked me what sports did I learn in my childhood. I said: badminton, swimming, and Sanda are all average. I was planning to learn fencing, but I made an appointment for a trial class, but the epidemic broke out. If the store does not collapse, make an appointment again.

She asked me: Why don’t you just learn it for a fixed time and learn it well?

I said: … It is not good to learn a fixed one. Sports rely too much on talent.

She asked: Then why not find a talented student?

I said: …because she has no talent for a project.

She said: There must be some.

I said: Maybe, one day, when she was in her eighties, she traveled to an island country in the Pacific and found that there was a lost sport on that island. She had great talent-this possibility does exist. But in real life, she doesn’t have any of these common things.

She asked me: Then, if there are none, why should I learn?

I said: I hope she can find the fun of sports. I hope she can understand the sports programs on TV. I hope she can have an extra entertainment project when she is fine in the future. I hope she can know how to win or lose in confrontational sports. I hope she can She knows how to persevere in boring sports. I hope she can keep fit. I hope she will not become “stupefied” when encountering danger. I hope she can treat sports as a social interaction and meet good friends and likes..