What aliens should look like

“Octopus” triggered a world war

  More than 100 years ago, when mankind clearly realized that in the vast universe, in addition to earth people, other planets may also give birth to life, the famous science fiction writer George Wells published the science fiction novel “World War”, describing The bizarre story of Martian invasion of the earth.
  In 2005, this classic science fiction novel was adapted into a movie, and it was the first time people saw the intruders on the screen. The Martians are much larger than the Earths, with long tentacles, using high-energy rays as weapons, rampant and domineering, just like octopus monsters.
Why is it an octopus?

  Affected by “World War”, many aliens in science fiction works have the shadow of an octopus. The body of an octopus can be deformed as needed. Stones, seaweeds, corals, sea snakes, and even coconuts are not a problem.
  Octopus is also a well-deserved “master of color change”. There are many pigment cells hidden under the skin, which contain liquids of different colors. There are also several expanders in each cell. These expanders can expand or shrink the pigment cells. The pigment cells of any color are enlarged or reduced. The scientist once put an octopus on the newspaper, this guy turned his body color into one with the newspaper in an instant, as if he was wearing a newspaper!
IQ is very important!

  The ability to transform and change color can make the octopus sit firmly on the top of the alien image? No, no, IQ is more important. There are 500 million nerve cells in the octopus brain, and its nervous system is the most complex and advanced among invertebrates. Octopus can solve complex problems alone and has “conceptual intelligence”!
  What is “conceptual intelligence”? Scientists use this kind of experiment to test octopus: put a glass bottle of lobster in the water, the mouth of the bottle is cork stopper. The octopus circled the bottle a few times, wrapped it with its antennae, and fiddled the cork with its antennae through various angles. Finally, it was successfully pulled out to have a full meal.
  This is “conceptual intelligence”. Maybe you think this is nothing, but if you change to other animals, you can break the bottle at most, and you don’t think of pulling the cork. So, the octopus is really “thinking”!
You can look smart

  The octopus-shaped alien looks at the eyebrows and the eyebrows. Are there any dumb, silly aliens? There may be more! In “Star Wars”, there are hundreds of aliens from all walks of life. Perhaps the most stupid one is the alien called the “Hutt”. They are bloated, slow to act, selfish, evil, to the point of mind, look at the image, you should understand…
  There is also a kind of alien called “Ganggan”, they look like rabbit ears Duck. “The Gungans” are a group of extraterrestrial intelligent creatures with kind-hearted nature. They are like the products of fairy tales. They believe that they are natural and harmonious and fight against the world. As for why they are like ducks, it may be because they are particularly water-based.
Horror models are also popular

  In most works about aliens, aliens are extremely vicious villains. They are always coveting the resources and lands of other planets in Ningxiao, and they even invade and kill without reason.
  The scariest alien may be the alien monster in “Alien”. They are like demons from hell. What about evil aliens? Change the most frightening animal on the planet you can think of. For example, the famous alien race-Zerg in “StarCraft”, they all look like big ugly insects, with their teeth and claws, they are really hideous. Such aliens no longer have the characteristics of humans, which reflects the two ideas of alien image design: like humans or animals.
  So, is there a third kind?
Alien Intelligent Mechanical Life Form

  In addition to being like people or animals, there is another kind of aliens commonly seen in science fiction movies: robots. The typical representative of such aliens is Transformers. Transformers claim to be “alien intelligent mechanical lifeforms”, which means that they are an alien creature, but the body of this creature is mechanical. To put it bluntly, it is a robot!
  Could a machine become an “alien”? It feels weird. Don’t be surprised, you think about the artificial intelligence that has been like a tea in the past two years. Suppose that 10,000 years later, the artificial intelligence on the earth has developed and evolved enough to surpass humans. At that time, if an alien tourist group came to the earth, facing humans and artificial intelligence robots, they might really be able to Think of robots as advanced intelligent creatures!
  The story of Transformers tells us a truth: aliens may not be humans, and may not even be a “creature” familiar and recognized by us on earth. So what will they look like?
The alien in Hawking’s heart

  You must know that after Einstein, Mr. Stephen Hawking, the greatest physicist of mankind? Well, yes, it’s the science master in a wheelchair. Mr. Hawking has his own unique understanding of extraterrestrial life:
  ”You must know that terrestrial planets are not the only form of planets. In the depths of the Ning Zhou, there are many types of planets. Perhaps, there are places where we can’t even imagine. Strange life follows the laws of survival that we don’t understand at all. There is no water on some planets, but there may be liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is liquid at -195°C. If alien life can resist this strange cold, then Why can’t there be’nitrogen fish’ and’nitrogen dolphins’ in the ocean of liquid nitrogen?”
Strange alien

  On the surface of an unknown planet, there is a thick atmosphere, the atmosphere is full of electric ions, showing a lavender cloud shape, some huge “jellyfish” floating in it. This is an extraterrestrial creature envisioned by Mr. Hawking. They rely on the lightning in the alien atmosphere to obtain energy. Although they are huge, they swing lightly in the air like giant jellyfish-shaped balloons.
  There is also a kind of alien creatures that may exist, not even living on a certain planet, but simply exist in Ningzhou space. These creatures look like flashing dots floating in the universe, and they may die instantly when they are born. Therefore, even if humans find them, it is difficult to think that they are a kind of creature… Is the universe actually full of alien creatures? , But we don’t realize it?
  In other words, are some aliens themselves recognized as celestial bodies by our humans?
If you really see an alien

  In fact, the reason why the aliens in animation, film and television works all look like “variants” of creatures on the earth. There are scientific reasons, not that the movies are not without imagination.
  Among the scientific hypotheses about the origin of life, there is one called “the original theory”. This hypothesis believes that life on Earth comes from distant space. The organic matter in the universe withstood the extreme cold in space. As asteroids, meteorites, comets and other celestial bodies spread everywhere, they just fell on the earth, and the earth’s environment was suitable for the budding of life. Therefore, life appeared on the earth, and evolution was also Just started.
  Since the origin is similar, the things that such creatures need should be similar. For example, if you need to eat, you have to have a mouth; and if you live on solid land, most of them have feet. Even if there is a difference, it must be an analog with the same function, at most, the appearance of the mouth and feet are different.
  Do not believe? You look familiar with the aliens in classic science fiction films such as “Avatar”, “ET”, “Third Kind of Contact” and “Interstellar Travel”, right?