What about rice bugs?

  What about rice bugs? Netizens in the forum post urgent help: Rice inside gave birth to a lot of worms, how to do ah?

Forum suddenly lively up, we have to reply to participate in the topic.

Reply one: Put a few frogs in the rice, wipe out all the bugs! Landlord reply: This …

What about giving birth to a tadpole?

Reply two: or to some crane top red bar, directly poison the bugs!

Landlord reply: Bugs are poisoned, can eat this rice, will also spit blood to death? Reply three: Now how expensive ah, directly throw rice cooker inside cooked eat it, multi-nutrition Ah!

You don’t have to fry anymore.

Landlord reply: Nutrition is there, but how much a little nauseous it? Reply four: Smash the cylinder of the rice!

Drop the bug and die!

Landlord reply: In case the bug is not dead, the rice fell disabled how to do?

Reply five: Put a few more bugs in, let them as soon as possible combined with children, flying.

Landlord reply: I am afraid they will be here as a base area, Summer Palace the time will be trouble. Reply Six: Why did you pick out the bugs?

People are also a life, you do not feel cruel to murder life?

Landlord reply: Do not kill them, I will starve to death!

Reply Seven: Boil a large pot of porridge, invite friends to eat lean porridge together, the fastest elimination!

Landlord reply: If we find out, I will be dead.

Reply eight: Take the rice to the square to feed the pigeons, anyway, by the bug spoiled is also a white spoil.

Landlord reply: Pigeon eat rice?

My wife and husband said so. Wife said: “Behind a successful man, there will be a great woman.”

Old Tiantong said: Behind a lame man, there will be a woman who thinks he is great. The wife said: “People say, men have money to get bad.” You’re not bad enough!

” Old Tiantong said: It seems that I have no hope. People also say that women have money when they get worse.

Wife, I’m counting on you! The wife said: “Alas, Korean female life is really good, look at the Korean opera are all so watery.”

Old Tiantong said: If you have a fierce, in their own body, face even more than 10 knives, you will still be so watery, of course, the failure of surgery. The wife said: “The child is three days do not fight, Upper Room unveiled.”

Old Tiantong said: If the policy allows, we can consider having a few more, so that we can open our own demolition company.

An alternative interpretation of bald head

I’m not without hair, I just have a relatively low-key, hidden hair. Low carbon, you know? Bald head without shampoo, also do not need conditioner, smear a thin layer of soap on easy to do, but also save water, hair dryer also saved. Not only that, but even the money to buy a comb has been saved.

Finally even the electric lights are saved, the head of the natural light, but also do not need to dissipate heat, the real energy saving and environmental protection. Shaved head, comfortable!

Don’t worry about the hair will fall, make the home floor, bed everywhere, not to worry about dandruff like meteor tears, spectacular everywhere flying.

Can save valuable time, do not need to comb what hairstyle and think about it. Bare heads of the head at all do not use moss, hair dye and other things, and according to reports, these things often contain a certain amount of carcinogenic substances. Therefore, shaving the head is equivalent to having health, what are you waiting for?

Shave It!

The bald head looks not only super cool, but also quite deterrent, because anyone who saw this light will think it is the “Tao” on the mixed person, and then cast a look of awe. Can to some extent curb the rate of breeding of fleas, lice and other pests.

Come to think of it, there are no breeding grounds like hair, fleas and lice where there is a foothold?

Without the collision of hair and air, thus reducing the resistance to walking forward, reducing the energy consumption in the body, you can save valuable food.

Laughing Classroom Chemistry teacher asked: “In the chemical bonds we have learned, in addition to ionic bonds, covalent bonds, what other keys?”

” The student replied, “and the Enter key.”

” The art teacher asked: “In the red we have learned, in addition to Chinese red, rose red, what else is there?”

” The student replied, “Han Hong.”

” Geography teacher asked: “A dark night, you lost your way in the wild, how can you quickly identify the direction?”

” The student replied, “Go north and south.”

” The math teacher asked, “Who can give a question about time?”

” The student replied, “Teacher, when do you have school?

” The biology teacher asked, “Please name more than two insects.”

” The student replied, “Slacker, net worm, sleepy.”

” The English teacher asked, “when translating English into Chinese, which pronunciation does not need to be translated?”

” The student replied: ‘ Sneeze, cough, and cry and laugh.

” The computer teacher asked, “It’s annoying to have a fly lying on the display, can you delete it?”

” The student replied, “You have to choose it with your mouse first.” ”