What a coincidence

Ma Xiaosu mortgage bought a house in Qiming community, looking forward to the stars and the moon, and finally got the key. As soon as he got the key, he began to look for someone to decorate it. On this day, he went to the new house to check the decoration. When he went to the balcony, an abandoned express package plastic bag wrapped around his left foot. He lifted his foot and kicked the plastic bag aside. The plastic bag had just left the foot when a gust of wind blew and it wrapped around the right foot impartially. Ma Xiaosu simply leaned over and took the plastic bag off his right foot and threw it out through the window. He said that you are not a stalker, so it depends on whether you are still stalking.

Ma Xiaosu was about to go to another room when he heard someone shouting downstairs: ” Who is so wicked, throw things down!”

Ma Xiaosu leaned his head out of the window and saw a man holding his head and shouting upstairs. Ma Xiaosu thought, he just threw a plastic bag, even if it fell from a higher place, it wouldn’t hurt people, so he didn’t care, looked at the decoration, and whistled down the stairs.

Downstairs, the man who shouted just now came up to Ma Xiaosu with one hand over his head and one hand pointing. ” Are you surnamed Ma?”

Ma Xiaosu one leng, nodded his head. The man said, ” Is it Ma Xiaosu?” Ma Xiaosu nodded again. The man grabbed his clothes and said, ” I can find someone now. The floor is so high. What do you throw down? Look, I’ve got my head smashed. If it weren’t for your name on the plastic bag, it would be really hard to find you. ”

Ma Xiaosu asked incredulously, ” I just threw a plastic bag and could have hurt you?”

The man said, ” You are quite hard-spoken. Did you just throw a plastic bag? There’s something inside! ”

Ma Xiaosu a listen to these words, also to make leng. He looked at the place where the man was standing just now, and the plastic bag he had dropped from the floor was lying there. To his surprise, there was an old doll inside, which should have injured the man.

Seeing Ma Xiaosu’s sophistry, the onlookers criticized him for not doing things properly. When he looked at the posture before him, he said, ” I’m so sorry, I’ll pay for your medical expenses.”

Seeing Ma Xiaosu changing his attitude, the injured stopped making noise and the onlookers dispersed themselves. Ma Xiaosu decided to lead the other party to the community hospital for bandaging and walked to the side of the plastic bag that caused the trouble. He just wanted to kick away with the doll. On second thought, he still kept it. He might even be able to wash off his injustice, so he bent over and picked it up and stuffed it into the bag.

After the doctor’s examination, fortunately, the man only suffered some skin injuries, a simple bandage, and took some anti-inflammatory drugs. When they parted, ma xiaosu took out 200 yuan from his pocket and handed it to him, saying, ” it’s not much money. take it. I’ll buy you a meal and make up for it.”

The man didn’t mention it either. he took the money and stuffed it into his pocket. he said, ” if you had taken this attitude from the beginning, would you have been criticized so much?” If it is your own fault, you must have the courage to admit it. ”

Ma Xiaosu looked at the figure of the man far away, heart said zha so unlucky, throw a plastic bag, just pay more than two hundred pieces. He remembered the doll that had just been put into his bag and was going to take it out to see if there was any clue, but after looking around, he didn’t find a word. He shook hard and felt as if there was something inside the doll. He turned the doll over and found a hole in the back covered with a lid. He opened the lid and found it froze. There was a shining diamond ring inside.

Ma Xiaosu took the ring out of the doll and looked into the sun. The diamond shone brightly. This made him wonder why the diamond ring was put into the doll’s belly. How did this doll get into the plastic bag she threw down the stairs? His head ached when he thought about it, and he didn’t come up with an explanation. He simply stopped thinking about it and went back to his rented house with a ring and dolls.

As soon as I opened the door and sat down, my cell phone rang. as soon as I switched on, the other party asked anxiously, ” did you find a doll?”

Hearing this, ma xiaosu pretended to be confused and said, ” what doll?”

The other side said: ” in qiming community, was there not a person who was injured by a doll in a plastic bag? At that time, everyone thought that you were the perpetrator of littering. Later, you took the injured person to see the disease and the doll was also taken away by you. It was from the injured that I got your cell phone number. ”

Ma Xiaosu let out a cry of ” oh” and said: ” there is such a thing, who let me throw things? Spend money on a lesson. ”

Hearing this, the other party was anxious: ” Where is that doll?”

Ma Xiaosu said casually: ” You said that stupid doll, looking at bad luck, I threw it away.”

The other party was anxious and asked, ” throw it away? Where did you throw it? ”

Ma Xiaosu snorted and said, ” Who are you? What are you doing with all this? ”

The other party said: ” To tell you the truth, I live upstairs in your house. I threw the doll. Who knows how coincidentally, you just threw the plastic bag down, and the doll fell into the plastic bag you threw, which hurt people. At that time, I also heard the noise. I wanted to admit that I didn’t dare to admit it because I was afraid of blackmail. ”

Ma Xiaosu asked: ” Oh, I was criticized by so many people just now. You did not come out, but now you have come out. Please tell me, what should I do?”

The other side said brightly, ” I will pay all the money you spent and compensate you, mental damage compensation. How about that? Only you have to give me back the doll. ”

Upon hearing this, Ma Xiaosu knew that the other party must have discovered the diamond ring. He said so out of fear that he would not give it. Thought of here, he smiled and said, ” You don’t want dolls, do you want diamond rings?”

The other party was stunned, but immediately returned to normal and said, ” now that you know, I’m not hiding anything. I hid the diamond ring in the doll. My wife didn’t know it. She threw things away when arguing with me and threw the doll away. How much money can you give me back? ”

Ma Xiaosu thought for a moment and said, ” I am the most honest person in doing things. I will never give anything to others, but I will not give anything to me for nothing. Just now I showed my injury to somebody else and it cost 256 yuan altogether. You have to give me this money. ”

Hearing this, the other party agreed immediately. In this way, the two sides agreed to meet at the scene of the accident.

After Ma Xiaosu arrived at Qiming Community again, he saw a young man waiting under the building. As soon as he saw him, he greeted him and said with a full face of smiles: ” Here is 300 yuan, you take it first.”

Ma Xiaosu took the money, carefully checked it again, then took out his wallet, counted out 44 dollars from the inside, handed it over and said, ” This is for you.”

The young man said shyly, ” Keep the change. In fact, I should have given you more, but I’m afraid I’ll bury you more. Can I have a diamond ring? ”

Ma Xiaosu said: ” What’s the rush? I told you just now, it’s not mine, and don’t give it for nothing.” As soon as he had finished speaking, a police car pulled up. After the door opened, two policemen jumped out of it.

Ma Xiaosu took out a diamond ring from his pocket, shook it in front of the young man and said, ” I also said just now that it is mine and will never give it to anyone. Why should I give you my own diamond ring? You also don’t deny, this diamond ring is engraved with my girlfriend’s name. In front of the police, you have to make things clear! ”

Hearing this, the young man bowed his head. It turns out that some time ago, ma xiaosu and his girlfriend came here to look at the house. ma xiaosu wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the newly acquired house, but when he came out of the garage of the community, he accidentally lost the diamond ring in his pants pocket and searched for a long time but could not find it. Ma Xiaosu also posted a search notice afterwards, but he didn’t hear from her for many days. He thought he would never find her again. Who thought it was such a coincidence that he threw a plastic bag and smashed the lost diamond ring out.

The young man said, ” after I picked up the ring, I also saw the notice of looking for things, but I wanted to make a small fortune. I didn’t think it was such a coincidence. Alas, shame ah, it seems that people still can’t afford greed! “