We grow forever

  Before getting married, I had a very good job, as well as my hobbies and dreams. I wanted to be a female writer since I was a child. But after I got married, I had three children. I have been around them. My daily life is spent in endless housework and taking care of three children.
  One night, my husband went to bed early, and after finishing housework, I went to the children’s bedroom to cover them and turn off the lights. While covering the quilt for her five-year-old daughter Dina, she suddenly asked me softly: “Mom, who do you want to be when you grow up?” I guess she is playing a little game about imagination with me and laugh Cooperating with her and saying, “I want to be a mother, and a mother with three children.”
  ”Mom, don’t you understand what I’m asking you? I’m asking who you want to be when you grow up, Not asking you who you are now. “Dina asked again.
  I felt Dina ’s seriousness, but I could n’t answer because I was already grown up, who else could I be? Am I now the one who grew up? Dina encouraged me to say, “Mom, you think about it, you can be anyone you want, but you have to tell me your dreams.”
  I was moved. I didn’t expect that in Dina’s eyes, I still didn’t grow up, and I still had the opportunity to become an amazing astronaut or a great musician. I started to ask myself who I want to be. I remembered the writing I loved most. Writing was like a window opened for the soul, let everyone see my sincere and beautiful heart. I told Dina: “My dear, I want to be an amazing female writer when I grow up.”
  Dina is very happy, she encouraged me to say: “Mom, come on, you will dream come true. Good night, mom. ”
  Dina put the quilt to sleep. Usually at this time, I should go to the bedroom to sleep. But at the moment, I was reluctant to walk into the bedroom. I kept thinking of Dina ’s words and the encouragement she gave me. I asked myself in my heart: “Joyce, where was your dream?”
  I walked into the small room that was only about 2 meters wide. I planned to use it as my study many years ago, and now it is filled with various debris, old brooms, old suitcases, plates and various children can not wear The old leather boots on … I moved things in, brought in a small table and a small chair, and sat down to start writing. For countless nights since then, I have spent almost all of this small room.
  Fortunately, one year later, I had a column in a newspaper in Lockport; three years later, I published my first novel. So far, I have published more than forty long novels and won many awards. I have also been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature twice. Although it didn’t win the award in the end, what does it matter? I am already a respected female writer.
  Over the past few decades, I have often spoken everywhere, and every time I would tell the audience below this stage: “No matter how old you are, you must ask yourself,” Who will I become when I grow up? “Do n’t tell me You have grown up, do n’t tell me that you have no future and dream, we will always grow, as long as you work hard, you will become the person in your dream. “