Grandma’s gift was so great that you couldn’t guess last night. When I came back from school, the postman came. He brought me a package, which was a gift from my grandmother. This gift is a great one. I guarantee you can’t guess: it’s a watch! Well done! The children are hungry again.

Dad hasn’t come home yet, because he will have dinner at the office tonight. My mother taught me to wind my watch and then put it on my wrist. Fortunately, I have learned to watch the hours this year, unlike when I was young last year. If I were still like last year, I would have to ask others, ” What time is my watch?” That would be too much trouble.

My watch is fun. That long needle runs fastest. There are two more needles that need to be carefully watched for a long time before they can move a little. I asked my mother what’s the use of long needles. My mother said that long needles are useful when cooking eggs. It can tell us if the eggs are cooked.

At 7: 32, my mother and I ate around the table. It’s too bad there are no boiled eggs today. I watch my watch while eating. Mom said the soup was getting cold, so she told me to eat it quickly. After only a little more than two turns of the long needle, I drank up the soup. At 7: 51, mother brought the cake left over from noon. At 7: 58, we finished eating. My mother asked me to play for a while. I put my ear to my watch and listened to the ticking sound inside. At 8: 15, my mother told me to go to bed.

I am so happy, almost as happy as when I was given my pen last time. There was ink everywhere that time. I want to sleep with my watch on, but my mother said it is not good for my watch. I put my watch on the bedside table so that I can see it as soon as I turn over. At 8: 38, my mother turned off the light.

Gee, it’s so strange! The numbers and hands on my watch shine at night! Now, if I want to boil eggs, I don’t need to turn on the light. I can’t sleep, so I keep looking at my watch. Later, I heard the door open: Dad is back. I am very happy, because I can show him the gift my grandmother gave me. I got out of bed, put on my watch and ran out of the room.

I saw my father tiptoeing up the stairs. ” Dad,” I cried, ” look at the gift my grandmother gave me. How beautiful it is!” Dad got such a fright that he almost fell down the stairs. ” Shh, Nicholas,” he said to me, ” shh, you’re waking up mom!” When the light came on, mother came out of the room, ” his mother is awake!” Mom said to dad that she was not very happy. She asked her father what to eat for such a long time. ” oh, come on,” dad said, ” it’s not too late.”

” It’s 11: 58.” I am very proud because I like to help my parents.

” Your mother is really good at delivering things.” Father said to mother.

” It’s time to talk about my mother, and the children are still here.” My mother said with a full face of displeasure, then told me to go to bed and have a good sleep.

I went back to my room and heard my father and mother talking for a while. At 12: 14, I began to sleep.

At 5: 7, I woke up. The day began to dawn. What a pity, the words on my watch are not so bright. I don’t have to get up in a hurry. I don’t have class today. But I think I might be able to help dad: dad said his boss always blamed him for being late for work. I waited a little longer, and at 5: 12, I went into my father’s and mother’s house and shouted, ” dad, it’s dawn! You will be late for work again! ” Dad was shocked again, but it is much safer here than on the stairs, because you can’t fall off in bed. However, dad was angry, just like he really fell. Mom also woke up at once.

” what’s the matter? What’s the matter? ” Mother asked.

” It’s that watch again,” Dad said. ” It looks like dawn.”

” Yes,” I said, ” it’s 5: 15 now and it’s almost 16.”

” That’s a good boy,” said his mother. ” Go back to sleep. We are awake now.”

I went back to bed. However, they still did not move. I went three more times in a row at 5: 47, 6: 18 and 7: 2. My father and mother finally got up.

We sat at the table for breakfast. My father shouted to my mother, ” hurry up, dear, if the coffee doesn’t come, I will be late.” I have been waiting for five minutes. ”

” It’s eight minutes.” I said.

Mom is here. I don’t know why she looks straight at me. When she poured coffee into the cup, she spilled it on the tablecloth and her hands trembled. Mom, don’t get sick.

” I came back for lunch earlier today,” my father said, ” to make an appointment.”

I asked my mother what she meant by ” making a point”. My mother told me to leave this alone and go outside to play. For the first time, I think I want to go to school. I want to show my watch to the children.

At school, only Jeffrey brought a watch. That watch is his father’s. It is very big and has a lid and a chain. It’s fun. However, it seems that he is not allowed to take it at home. This guy is in trouble. After that, I never saw a big watch again. Jeffrey told us that he was beaten in the ass and almost never saw us again.

I went to look for Alceste, whose house is not far from mine. This guy is a fat man and may have eaten. I know he gets up early because he has to eat breakfast for a long time.

” Alceste!” I stood at the gate of his house and shouted, ” Alceste! There are good things to show you! ”

” Alceste came out with bread in his hand and a bite in his mouth.

” I have a watch!” With that, I raised my arm to the bread in his mouth. Alceste looked sideways and swallowed again before saying, ” What’s the big deal?”

” My watch keeps good time. It has a special needle for cooking eggs. Besides, it can shine at night. ” I told Alceste.

” What is inside the watch?” Asked Alceste.

” I forgot to look at this.”

” Wait for me for a while.” Alceste said and ran into the house. When he came out, he took another loaf of bread and a pencil sharpener.

” Give me your watch,” Alceste said to me, ” I’ll open it with a pencil sharpener. I know how to open it. I have already opened my father’s watch. ”

I handed the watch to Alceste, and he started with a pencil sharpener. I was really afraid that he might damage my watch, so I said to him, ” Give me the watch.”

But Alceste refused. He stretched out his tongue and wanted to open the watch. I went up and wanted to get it back. The knife slipped and hit Alceste’s finger. Alceste called, the watch opened and then fell to the ground. It was exactly 9: 10. When I came home crying, it was still 9: 10, and the watch wouldn’t go. Mom hugged me and said dad would find a way.

When father came home for lunch, mother gave him the watch. Dad twisted the little button. He looked at his mother, at his watch and at me again and said to me, ” listen, Nicholas, this watch can’t be repaired, but you can still play with it. This is even better, and you don’t have to worry about it any more. It is always as good-looking as your little arm. ”

He looks very happy, so is his mother, so am I.

Now, my watch has always been at 4 o’clock: this is the best time to eat chocolate sandwich buns. At night, the words on the watch still flash.

Grandma’s gift is really amazing.