Warm memory

  The snow started from the 30th night. The bus that my wife and I took was slow all the way. The returnees all got off the trains from their respective city stations. When we arrived at the station in our county seat, we were left in the car.

  It was already early in the morning, and people who had been working for a year had already dreamed of it at this time. Occasionally, the fireworks of the sleepless people vacated all over the place. The splendid flames and the blizzards of the sky reflected the infinite Think.

  When we got off the bus, the big station was empty. I was about to go back and saw the side of the station square. There was a man in a raincoat, with heavy snow, leaning down and trying to push a tricycle to us.

  Why are you so late and haven’t returned home?

  In the strange, the man has come to his eyes and smashed the raincoat and hat. I can see it clearly. It is a woman in her fifties. The weather cream of the years has marked the traces on her face. She saw us laughing awkwardly: “Go, I will send you back, just want to go home, you are my last group of guests.”

  We talked about it along the way. She said that she came out at eight o’clock in the evening and has been busy in the snow for nearly five hours.

  ”It’s already a New Year’s Day. Why don’t you reunite at home? Family?”

  ”Son and his dad are working in Beijing. They didn’t buy a train ticket. They said that they came home at the second day of school. It would be two days late, nothing!” The woman smiled slyly.

  ”There is still a prostitute who went to college in Nanjing. This year’s junior year, winter vacation is there to do tutoring. Children don’t let go, but she is staying for the New Year. She called to come back to take care of me, I didn’t let, my body. Well, my mother-in-law is more than 80 years old. On weekdays, I spent three rounds while serving her at home. I earned nearly two hundred a day today!

  ”I finished my dinner at night. I wanted to rest. I saw that the snow was getting bigger. There were more people coming back from the station at night. There were very few taxis and tricycles. People must be eager to go home. Which home is not looking forward. Anyway, he Dad didn’t come back, they just went to the station to pick up the passengers, talk to people, Lala home, and my heart is very bright.”

  The woman spoke a lot to us, and she still had a smile on her face, and her words were full of cheerfulness and open-mindedness. When she got off the bus, she only received us two dollars. We have to give more, she is determined not to let. Said that she has good legs and good feet, and there are many opportunities to earn money. If the New Year is over, I can’t collect more people. Before leaving, I still gave us a lot of blessings. Between the two, we went home. One evening a few days later, our husband and wife took a tricycle from the door of the community to attend a banquet. Coincidentally, halfway through the road, I met the woman who pulled us home for the 30th night. She was riding the tricycle and pulling the guests past, and we saw that we immediately greeted each other with enthusiasm.

  ”Do you know?” The tricycle owner is very curious. So, let’s talk about what happened in the early morning of the New Year’s Day.

  ”Hey, this person is suffering!”

  The tricycle owner’s words surprised us. After careful questioning, we only knew the woman’s unfortunate family.

  It turned out that the New Year’s Eve, eight years ago, was also a snowy day. Her husband and son working in Beijing suffered a car accident on their way home. Both were killed. The daughter-in-law later ran with her grandson and the man, and her whereabouts are still unknown. Later, the three generations of the family lived together, and she relied on her three rounds to serve her mother-in-law while she was going to school. For her daughter to be free from sin, she has never married because her mother-in-law is not sad. The daughter is very competitive, and finally admitted to the university, the annual scholarship, and usually part-time tutor to supplement the family.

  ”She has a good relationship and a good heart. The passengers never charge a penny. The people in our circle know that she is not easy. They let her, try to make her earn more. She is good, and the queue is always behind. Let others take the passenger first.

  ”I feel sorry for her when she thinks about it. You know why she went to the station every 30 to take a passenger. When she arrived, she went to the middle of the night. Everyone said that she missed the dead man at this time…. ”

  Around us, there are always some ordinary and moving stories happening every day. These stories pass through the sky of the city, through the utilitarian souls, and warm our memories.