Walter’s girlfriend

  We never knew what Walter was going to do, but we called him an idiot. We call him like this, but I don’t know if he is really stupid and stupid like an idiot.

  Walter works in a food store to deliver home food for phone calls. Whenever we saw Walter pushing a four-wheeled cart full of food along the street, we were happy. We no longer play games, but will follow him. Every time he comes to us, I can see it. He wears the same every day: wearing a brown hat, wearing a green shirt, a button on the neckline and a pair of gray pants. We also recognized the way he walked: the stiff legs slowly dragged out the long steps. We followed him through the streets and learned how he walked.

  Often, we will tear down his hat and lick his funny look. But it seems that our words are not provocative enough to interfere with Walter unless we talk about girls. If some of us talk about the looks of his lover, or say “Hey, Walter, I heard that a beautiful woman is looking for you”, he will be very angry. At this time he would push the food cart with one hand and try to catch us with the other hand. If you catch one, he will scream at the person and scream: “I will find a girlfriend! I will find a girlfriend!” Even when we are tired of teasing him, he will still be – Repeat this sentence over and over again: “I will find my girlfriend!”

  Walter never sent food to my house because the mother was afraid of him. The mother will let him send the food to a store and pick it up. After the grandmother moved in, this situation changed.

  There are no people in the world who do not like grandma. She is especially interested in people who are not cared for. She has been friends with alcoholic men, overeating women, and lonely and lonely people. Grandma likes what people really look like. If she knows that a person is drinking alcohol, she will not persuade him to stop drinking, but will tell him that the person who drinks can also be a gentleman.

  After the grandmother learned about Walter, she told her that she wanted Walter to give food to our family. The mother is of course strongly opposed. She does not trust Walter and thinks that all strange things may arise from him. The grandmother simply said – sentence: “Sarah, you are all 42-year-old!” After she finished, she called the people in the food store and named Walter to deliver the goods.

  Walter and Grandma became friends like this. The first time he entered the door, Walter told his grandmother that he was looking for a girlfriend. Grandma smiled and said that it would be better. Grandma said that young people now don’t know how to win the hearts of girls. “You – be honest,” she said. Walter stood there listening. Grandma also told him the story of the grandfather holding the beautiful woman, talking about his marriage life and the love that their husband and wife could not match.

  Listening and listening, Walter made a face. After the grandmother finished speaking, she asked Walter where she could meet the girl. Walter did not say a word.

  ”I understand that today’s world, two young people have to come – how hard it is.” Then she lowered her voice and said, “Walter, if you meet a good girl, do you know what to do?”

  ”Ah? Don’t know,” Walter said.

  ”Hey, you should know.” Grandma said to give him some guidance.

  Walter and grandma are getting closer and closer. Every time he comes to deliver, the grandmother will talk to him. I think this is quite ridiculous, but Walter and Grandma don’t think so.

  Soon after, Grandma began to read articles for Walter Lang, reading one at a time. The first book is “Dating Dressing Etiquette”, and the second book is about the etiquette when meeting his girlfriend’s parents.

  Walter seems to like reading very much, at least he likes to listen. When his grandmother read aloud, his eyes never left his grandmother. Grandma laughed, he laughed too; Grandma looked serious and he looked serious.

  One day, when Grandma finished reading, Walter interrupted her.

  ”Do you know, Mrs. German, I have a girlfriend.”

  “Really?” asked the grandmother.

  “Really, it’s a person like you who likes to talk.”

  ”Great! Where did you meet her?”

  ”Friends introduced.”

  ”This is too exciting! Tell me, is she okay?”

  ”I like her very much.”

  ”So, she must be very good. What is her name?”

  ”I forgot, but I told her that I was Walter.”

  ”Do you behave as a gentleman?”

  ”It’s a gentleman, I always give it to her.”

  ”I am proud of you, Walter. Is she beautiful?”

  Walter did not answer.

  ”She must be very good,” said the grandmother. “When you go to see her, you have to comb your hair and put on a suit. Also, you have to assure me that you must always be a gentleman.”

  After that, the grandmother read the “Marriage Rings Guide” and “Pre-Marriage Preparation”, as if she would marry Walter before she ended the course. The mother said nothing, and the grandmother continued to teach Walter. Then she read Walter’s Guide to Wife for Walter. After the book was finished, the grandmother resigned.

  The next morning after the grandmother’s death, Walter sent food. Mother went to the door, “Mrs. Germain passed away.” She told Walter, “What happened last night.”

  - At first, Walter was so simple that he didn’t seem to understand what the mother was saying or thought she was lying. Then, he wanted to enter the door, but the mother only opened the door – sewed, saying: “You still don’t understand? She is dead. No one at home. She died last night. Please don’t come again.”

  Walter just stood there and looked pale. The mother turned him out, then called the food store and told them not to let Walter deliver it to the door.

  It was very long afterwards – I have never seen Walter again. I forgot this person and forgot the days when my grandmother read for him.

  Then one day, I saw him. He is different from before, wearing a suit. The tops are old and the trousers are already ruined. He also wore a shirt and a tie. I waited for him to walk with him.

  ”Hello, Walter, remember me?”

  He turned his face and seemed to recognize me – smiled at me and replied, “Oh, of course. Hello! Are you okay?”

  ”I am fine, Walter, have you been doing well recently?”

  ”Good, thank you. How are you doing?”


  The two of us walked a few steps relatively silently. Suddenly, the feeling of the past is back: I think the grandmother is still alive, and Walter will come to my house. I didn’t even think about it. I blurted out and asked, “How is your girlfriend, Walter?” He grabbed my shirt and took me to him. He said: “She is still alive! She is still alive!”

  He is crying, crying, but real. Then he pushed me away and I fell to the ground and he ran away. When I left, I could still hear his crying, and the crying disappeared into the playfulness of the urchin.