Waiter wine

Beiliang Wangfu Longpanhu is in the Qingliang Mountain, with thousands of households and extremely earthy wood.

    As the only remaining surname king of the dynasty, in the temples and rivers and lakes, the North Liang Wang Xuyi, as a meritorious martial artist, can be said to have everything except the throne of the emperor. In the three northwestern states, he is the well-deserved master, only the hand. Cover the sky, overturn the clouds.

    It is no wonder that the adults in the imperial court who are inconsistent with the different Wang Zhengzheng will sing a slap in the face of Xu Manzi, and some of them are more guilty and have lost the hat of the “two emperors”.

    Today, the palace is very lively. The high-ranking Beiliang Wang personally opened the middle door, opened a glorious manner, and greeted the old man of the sacred bones. The people in the middle and lower schools only heard that they were the gods from the Taoist holy land, Longhushan. In the midst of the stupid little prince, to be accepted as a retreat disciple, this is the blessing of Tianda, and the Beiliang Wangfu has explained that stupid people have stupid blessings.

    No, Xiao Wangye didn’t cry since he was born. He couldn’t know how to read and read. He would only speak when he was six years old. His name was mighty, Xu Longxiang, rumored that the old god of Longhushan was given in the same year, saying that he would come again after twelve years. It’s not like the appointment.

    In a courtyard in the Wangfu, the ancestors of the Longhushan ancestors, the ancestors of the Daomen, squatted with a white beard, their brows were crumpled, and they carried an uncommon small bell-shaped mahogany sword. With his appearance, it was indeed dust. The second word, whoever wants to be praised by a heartfelt singer.

    However, this time the apprentice apparently encountered no small obstacles. It was not the Wangfu’s dissent, but his future apprentice’s temper came up. He squatted under a pear tree and used his ass to deal with his position in the world. The top three cheap masters, as for martial arts, cough, the first thirty should always have.

    Liantangtang big pillar Guobei Liangwang had to be there to talk and persuade, and follow the temptation to induce abduction. “Son, go to Longhushan to learn a skill, who will dare to say that you are stupid, you will marry him, three products The following civil servants will not be afraid of killing, and I will give you support.”

    “Children, you are very energetic. It is a pity to not learn the best ten masters of the world. When you come back, you will be given a ride on the ride, riding a five-horse horse, wearing a heavy armor, and more style.”

    Xiao Wang Ye was completely unreasonable, staring at the ground and sighing with relish.

    “Huang Man, don’t you like to eat candied haws? You can pick up the wild mountain in the Dragon and Tiger Mountains. Zhao Tianshi, isn’t it?”

    The old god hard squeezed a smile and nodded. When the apprentice received the report, he also sneered, saying that he was not jokes all over the world.

    But even if it is located in the hall of the super-industry, and in the twelve counties, the big pillar country mouth is dry, the teenager still has no reaction, it is estimated that it is impatient, the old man said that he is noisy, cocked his ass, squatted A ringing fart, I still don’t forget to turn my head and grin at the old man.

    Put the North Liang Wang to the air and raise his hand to fight. You can hold your hand for a while and let it go. One is not willing to fight, the second is not meaningful.

    This son can really be worthy of the name, Xu Longxiang, taken from “the largest dragon in the water line, the first in the land line, the mighty like the diamond, is the dragon elephant”, don’t look at the silly son of the nickname Huang Maner, stupid, Up to now, the big words are not recognized, the skin is dark and morbid, and the body shape is thinner than the same age, but this strength is a first-class person.

    At the age of ten, Xu Wei killed the people from the army, from the Jinzhou in the northeast to kill the Xiongnu to the south to destroy the seventy-six cities of the six countries and then to the southwest to suppress the barbarians of the barbarians. What kind of savage savage has never been seen, but as a young son can be born There is no such thing as the copper ribs and the bones pulling the mountains and rivers.

    Xu Wei gently sighed in the heart, if Huang Maner can be a little smarter, and his heart will open more than one or two. In the future, he will be the first unparalleled squad.

    He slowly got up and turned his head and smiled at the extremely high Taoist priests in Longhushan. The latter’s eyes didn’t matter, but his heart was inevitably sad. It’s not a bad thing to receive an apprentice. Once it’s passed out. Still can’t be laughed at by the people of the world, this old face is imaginatively placed in front of the grandsons and grandchildren of Longhushan.

    The North Liang Wang, who is helpless, has a plan and said: “Yong Man, your brother will return from the parade, and you will not be able to go out to see the hour.”

    Xiao Wang Ye suddenly looked up, his face was stiff and stiff, but the ordinary eyes of the gods were fabulous, very stinging, and the old man’s hand was pulled out.

    It is a pity that the Beiliang Wangfu has a thousand folds of the recital of the Bailang, otherwise it will not be able to accommodate a “listening tide pavilion” that has been criticized by the imperial officials of the imperial court. The Xuan, who was hurt by his son, had to remind him several times. Going the wrong way, I took a fragrant time and I came to the house.

    Behind the father and son and the old god, followed by a group of slaves carrying large and small boxes, are all ready to take things to the Dragon and Tiger Mountain, the North Liang Wang Fu can be an enemy, and the children are always pampered, seeing them suffer a little bitter and aggrieved.

    When I arrived at the government, Xiao Wangye saw the street empty, where there was a brother’s figure, first disappointment, then angry, screaming, hoarse and violent, at first I wanted to get angry with Xu Wei, but stupid, at least still know this It’s a father, otherwise Xu Wei’s end will probably be like the black shackles of Xu Longxiang’s unfortunate encounter in the autumn, and the 12-year-old boy who was single-handedly torn into two halves. He glared at the guilty old man and turned around and left.

    Xu Wei, who did not want to lose his weight, was forced to give his old god a look. The dragon and the tiger lively smiled, and stretched out the ordinary arm of the bamboo, but only the two fingers clasped the wrist of Xiao Wangye, whispering kindly: “Xu Longxiang, you have to waste your talents for a hundred years, follow me. Go to Longhushan, for up to ten years, you can go down the mountain and make meritorious deeds.”

    The teenager did not talk nonsense, snorted and continued to go, but the mysterious thing was that he found that he could not break away from the shackles of the old Taoist priests, and that the step of going out to hang out failed.

    The Northern Liang Wang was relieved, and the Taoist prince was so high that he was still a bit of a skill. The Zhizi Mo Ruofu, Xu Wei did not know the strength of the younger son, so aggressive that he did not dare to arrange more servants and sons. To my son, I was afraid that I accidentally broke my arms, legs and feet. In these years, countless tables and chairs were smashed and smashed, and the home of the Beiliang Wangfu was thick, and the ordinary people had already gone bankrupt.

    Xiao Wangye stunned, then angered and sipped, and took the old fairy a step forward, two steps, three steps. The real person with a yellow crown and a robe in his head only snorted a little, not angry and rejoicing, quietly aggravating the strength and preventing the teenager from continuing.

    As a result, Xu Long is really angry, his face is like a beast, reaching out a free hand, holding the old Taoist arm in both hands, sinking his feet, squatting, stepping on two pits on the white jade floor, At a glance, the old Taoist priest was thrown out.

    The big pillar country Xu Yan eyes up, not afraid to provoke a murder case, if the Taoist priest did not have this jin, he would fall to death, and he could not use the Liangzhou iron ride to level it. When did you have the slightest respect for the Jianghu martial art? How about Dragon and Tiger Mountain, the leader of the world? Although there are several big gates in the jurisdiction, they are not comparable to Longhushan, but they are also first-class in the dynasty. For example, the Wudang Mountain, which has been vying with the Dragon and Tiger Mountain for hundreds of years, is superb in the rivers and lakes. Isn’t it every year to send people to send three or four furnace treasures?

    The old Taoist priest gently floated to the door of the Wangfu, a two-person high-white white stone lion, very rich in immortality. With this hand, if it is placed in the city, it will not be full of applause.

    According to the popular population of the second son of Xu Liang, the eldest son of Xu Liang, that is, “the reward, this work is not simple, it is a technical activity.” It may mean that hundreds of thousands of silver tickets are rewarded. His Royal Highness has not yet had the time to harm others in the north, and how many broths or swindlers have won his money.

    The highest record is a foreign ranger who fights with the local swordsman on the street. From the street food stalls, he hits the lakeside and finally hits the roof of the largest scorpion Yixiang Building in Liangzhou, the lakeside. – The kinky world has awakened, and immediately refused to be white and tender, like the scent of the sheep, and screamed at the window. Afterwards, under the incorporation of the prince of the world, the official government did not pursue it. Instead, he sent the gentleman to the cold. The big man brand of the good man in the state, he even let the servant quickly send a large number of 100,000 silver tickets.

    It’s so lonely that there is no great Lingzhou under the power of His Son, who likes to play the eagle dog. The young ladies who are serious are finally dare to go to the streets to buy rouge, and the second-rate singers finally have no sneak robbing them of the devil’s head. The big and small brothels can’t wait for the top-ranking son. It is.

    The northern cool king Xu Yusheng has two women and two sons, all of which are wonderful.

    The big county lord married, and even three husbands became the widows with the most dowry in the dynasty, and they were famous in the five counties of Jiangnan Road.

    Although the two lords have a plain appearance, they are erudite and versatile, and they are good at Jingwei. They have been under the yin school of Han Yuzi, and they have become the younger sisters of the empire celebrities such as Xu Huang, the warrior and Sima Can.

    Xu Longxiang is the youngest son of Beiliangwang, and his relative fame is not obvious. The eldest son is a guy who has a famous reputation on the other side of the capital. When he mentions the big pillar country Xu Wei, he will inevitably pull the world son Xu Fengnian, “acclaimed” a tiger The father has no dogs, but unfortunately Xu Wei is heroic on the battlefield, but his son is vying for the defeat of the wind and snow.

    Three years ago, Xu Fengnian, the priest of Shizi, was rumored to have been smashed out of the neck by a sword. He was forced to go to the school to tour the younger generations of the Guanzhong genius and the routine tour before the ceremony. It was three years old and completely lost the news. Lingzhou still remembers. When the king of the world went out of the city, the touching pictures of the dozens of big cymbals on the wall and the tears in the eyes of dozens of sized squads were just insider saying that the princes of the world were far away. On the same day, the banquet of the Cardinal House was awkward, too much. The wine was poured into Hanoi, and the whole city smelled the wine.

    Back to the Wangfu side, the little prince who was stunned by the heart rushed to the jade lion. It seems that the old man is not addicted. This time, the old-fashioned gang is thrown out together with the lion who is known as a thousand lions.

    It’s just that he just shakes the lion, and the dragon and the tiger’s old road floats down, holding a hand of the juvenile, making a real effort, and using the “moving the mountain” technique of the threshold, cleverly, the teenager will bend and kneel. Pulled up and chuckled: “Yan Man, don’t make trouble, let’s go as a teacher.”

    The young man holds the corner of the lion’s base with one hand, and the five fingers are like a hook. They are deep into the jade and refuse to let go. The arms stretch like a monkey, hoarse and hoarse: “I have to wait for my brother to come back, my brother said to bring me back to the world first. Beauty is a daughter-in-law, I have to wait for him!”

    Xu Zhu, a great-minded person, was crying and laughing, helpless, looking to the Huangguan Road, and sighing heavily: “But, wait a second, anyway, it is faster.”

    The old Taoist sang, the smile was weird, but he still loosened the arm of Xiao Wangye, and his heart was screaming. This little guy is more than a natural power. It is simply a white star.

    However, the little bastard named Xu Fengnian really wants to come back? This is not a good news. I thought that when he came back to the palace, he suffered a lot. He was first used as a liar to deceive and lie. The seven-year-old rabbit scorpion directly put a group of evil dogs to bite himself. Later, it was hard to explain clearly. The house, the little king eight things are ill-conceived, sent two beautiful drops of beauty – the mother three knocked at the door in the middle of the night, said that the weather is cold to warm the quilt, if the poor road is determined to be extraordinary, it is true Now, I think of it occasionally, I regret that I haven’t chatted with the two girls all night to talk about Dadong Zhenjing and Huang Tingjing. Even if I don’t talk about this, I’ll talk about Susan Sutra.

    In the dusk, the old man and the first one on the official road were stretched by Yu Hui. The old one was carrying a long strip of shackles wrapped in rags, ragged, white hair, and mixed with some thatch, and got a broken bowl on the ground. Can be begging, holding a skinny Hummer. In fact, the small age is not small, the face is sloppy, the city is a well-dressed, and the refugees fleeing.

    “Old Huang, and then hold back, went back to the city and got a big bowl of wine. His mother, I didn’t think that this wine was a rare thing. Now I can’t do it every day. I dreamed of it. “The young man who can’t tell the real age is powerless.

    The old man who looked like a servant smiled and revealed a yellow tooth that lacked the front teeth.

    “Laughing at you, my grandfather, I can’t even cry when I cry.” The young man turned his eyes and he didn’t really have the spirit toss.

    Two thousand miles back home, it is only after the road to beg, the road touched the fish in the water, went up the mountain and the rabbit to hide and seek, climb the tree and cross the bird’s nest, as long as a little bit, cooked, don’t care if there is no salt, then It is the most delicious meal under the sun. During the period, after the village tried to steal some chickens and ducks, several times, the brawny who was smashed by the wooden sticks ran for dozens of miles, almost not exhausted.

    Which anointed child is not a fresh-faced anger?

    Once again, I smashed myself into a rotten linen, a pair of sandals, a horse, and I was not willing to slaughter the meat. Even the ride was not willing, but it was more than Zhang’s mouth.

    The evil slave is even worse. Lao Huang, who lives a small body, is flustered when he is squatting. He is afraid that when he walks for two thousand miles, he will be silent and fart, and he will even talk with him. No children, but also have to work hard to dig a pit in the wilderness.

    Not yet in the city, not far from the wall outside there is a stall of hanging apricot wine, he is really exhausted, smelling the wine, close his eyes, pumping his nose, intoxicated, the scent of the real thief. As soon as he wandered, he walked over and found a single empty stool to sit down, biting his teeth and making the last effort to shout: “Small, drink!”

    Alcoholic people who are out of town or who are resting in the middle of the city are disgusted with this servant who is dressed and dressed, and deliberately sits far away.

    The busy shop Xiao 2 originally listened to the voice to echo a “good 嘞”, but when I saw the attire of the master and the servant, I immediately pulled down my face and went out to do business. I didn’t want to have any eyesight. These two guests don’t want to be I found the goods of the money, the store is still kind, not immediately rushing, but with a smiling face that smiles and smiles: “Our signature apricot wine can have a pot of twenty dollars, not expensive, but also not cheap.”

    If it was before, it was so low in the eyes of the dog, the young man had already put the dog on the slave, but it was three years old, and he was used to the penniless days. The temper was too much, and he gasped: “Nothing. Naturally, someone comes to checkout, and you will definitely have to pay for it.”

    “Reward?” The store’s second child pulled open the door and looked disdainful.

    The young man smiled bitterly, his thumb and forefinger were on his lips, and the last point of the milk was used to make a whistle, and then he squatted on the table, snoring, and fell asleep. The store’s second child felt inexplicable, and only the sharp-eyed people faintly saw a little shadow on the top of the head.

    An eagle-like bird flies past the city.

Probably the time when the drinker drank a bowl of apricot flower wine, the earth roared without warning, the wine table swayed, the alcoholic eyes widened and watched the wine sway along with the wooden table, and they were carefully held up and looked around.

    I saw a group of iron rides at the gate of the city, which stretched into two black lines, as if there was no end. In the dusty, high-headed horses, all of them are in the north of the cold, with one hundred people moving in the world, riding the heavy armor, watching the flag of the first flag general, Wang Guo, bright as blood, letter on the word, “Xu”!

    Hey, the squadron of the Northern Liang Dynasty.

    In the world, who can compete with the North Liangtie of the thirteenth state of the dynasty?

    In the past, the Xichu dynasty felt that its 120,000-strong gentleman dared to reverse his edge. But as a result, the Jinghe war, the whole army was wiped out, and all the soldiers died, and the mourning was like a thunder.

    Two hundred elite iron rides sprinted out, and the mighty momentum was like a rainbow.
    A reiki-filled eagle on the top of the head seems to be leading the way.

    The two hundred iron rides are momentarily still, and the movements are exactly the same. This skillfulness has gone far beyond the scope of the general soldiers who have been killed and killed.

    Just as the four-industry martial arts rushed to the top, they saw the old servant, and immediately rushed to the wine cellar, and bowed down, Christine said: “The end will be the country to see the Prince of the World!”

    And the shabby young man who wants to give money is only whispering in his sleep, “Little, drink.”