Very far and very close, to explore life in two directions

Creek became my longing for the land, because the inside of the “university pool.” The pool is under the name of Taiwan University. Pool is not big, just half an acre, a curved bamboo bridge, across the pool standing, deep woods, reflection is very quiet. Early years, or university as Deng Shudao, take a trip to see the pool reflection, not the credits, not kissing the girls, are staring in a gush, chatting regret.

Child, that year, “University” word must be reversed: “learn big.” University is not a prerequisite for employment, and training students to interpret themselves and society, as well as bridging each other, take a wide road. Cross-strait exchange study has been implemented for many years, I went to the university speech, terrestrial sitting in the first two rows, and accounted for ten of eight, nine asked time. Face the same kind of mainland students, do you think they are in a young age, has seen life deep? I know you hate to preach, then go back to the river head. Our stream.

Like the river head, like the mountain, because the hometown is not a large mountain, for cloud changes. Golden Gate wild forest overflowing, more cicadas wild, less big mountains and rivers. This is not long other people’s ambition, can only say that one side of the soil, the achievements of one side of the landscape.

Thirty years ago at the beginning of the river head, over the years intermittent mountains, not a little break. Every river head, a tree a clear if washed. The same tree, raw mountains, long city, the appearance does not change, the charm is very far worse. Afternoon, the clouds have been Xing, slowly landing from the tree head, no longer how long, the clouds will lock the university pool. At that time, the fog together, mountains, forests together atomization, we can only use the birds passing the ears, cicadas, to understand the river head. Full of fog and its stay, it’s moving, it’s my favor, look soft, with dark green, light green, exchange messages.

Creek head

A lot of things are your first time. From the Taipei transfer Zhushan, and then passenger transport to the river head is the first time, but also for the first time to see so many trees, take a long way to go. Zhushan station barren for a long time, small mosquito rampant, arm full of bite bag, take the bus was actually replaced by Taipei City bus. The driver got off the fuel, the door was automatically closed, and we and ten passengers in the car wondering dry, the driver in the car anxious to fight the phone for help. I opened a window that was not crucified, so that the driver climbed the car, and you were all stupid. A lot of plot ambush journey, may not be the same thing, but we have the ability to write for the story of life?

We pick the building to stay, not the chalet. “Do you forget? Go back to Jinshan Chalet and hit four cockroaches at night, only hypertrophy.” I explained the reason. Will the cockroach avoid the building? Who is sure? Lying in bed, can not help but think of falling asleep, cockroaches are sneak slipped out, staring at our dreams Mei Zhu House clean and tidy, a total of one living room with three rooms. The waiter said, living next door to a physician, until you fall asleep, still disappeared. Almost asleep when the door Oh, “is Dr. Chen?” I wonder. The intruder in the living room rustling, middle of the night sounds very lonely, but also like an invitation.

Sure enough, Dr. Chen, night tour of the river late night return. Head is not high, wearing glasses, chatting, always said his presbyopia, invisible. So can you watch the patient’s dental disease? The waiter said the next day, Dr. Chen attending the dentistry, his teeth is dirty yellow bear, he will laugh at each time once again, and finally let him obediently wash his teeth. Dr. Chen every Thursday, outside the river head, he mentioned Nali storm, trapped in the head of the activities of the center, a huge flow from the outside of the crash, the steep mountains to promote water and water, rumbling, very scary. Cut off the water, the majority of hotels in the next day under the guest order, the activities of the center to do the table-style dishes, hospitality stay tourists. That good meal for a few days to make him unforgettable. Dr. Chen will enjoy a lot of food, meal really delicious, but also the event center to warm the natural disasters, forget that they are more bitter victims.

There is climate about taste. Hungry, the bread is delicious, no longer eat, roast duck, tender lamb is a burden. How to taste life, personnel asked how to explore, but also to always ask yourself. Dr. Chen in that night, to help us explore the two directions of life. Dr. Chen voluntarily “decentralized” Zhushan, from the city to the town. He can not stand the air in Taipei with the crowded, a mountain, eyes and nose are awake, he visited the river several hundred times, but did not take the plane, out of the country. Not just him. Dr. Chen added, “There is a Taipei girl, every time, all live a week.” In your growth process, there must be students continue to tell you “than far”, to Japan, Xinjiang, to the Louvre, the times Square, seems to travel long distances, height will grow taller.

There is a return trip to Nanjing, a writer annual routine trip, is alone or with a friend, drove on Tibet. The purpose is clear, the process is not expected, every trip is a life. Dr. Chen did not go there, just completely fell in love with the mountains. Very far, and very close to every day, are not the same. Children, we go further, have to return to the heart, willing to learn and ask the mainland students, it is to Taiwan to the courage to sit in the first row? They come to meet, is the attitude of life.

University pool, lawn area, air corridor is the focus of tourists, we start the next morning, Dr. Chen has long been fled into the mountains. You picky eaters, eat a few pieces of biscuits will go, those mountain road, plank road, is a walk to go, can not go back. I know you will rely on me, when the physical strength, to me back, want me to hold. As a father, your spoiled is my enjoyment, but one day, you have to learn to grow, may not have to enter the university grew up, and in life, grow into your own.

Non-holiday, visitors are still an endless stream. Trail Lin Lin Suya, dew tree tree hanging, the sun through, flash, the sun is talking. Creek in addition to the woods or woods, it is the United States in the sunny words when the string, and fog suddenly, the human moment of the vast; sunny and overcast, are a good face.

Nali wind disaster changed many rivers, along the river trail has no sound of water, and lush forest rippling water. Turn, the scene suddenly, slightly exposed mountain. You rubbed my eyes and asked me, “Daddy, do you know why I want to rub my eyes? Because I do not know if the mountain is moving or the clouds are moving.”

Is this a passphrase or a meditation? Perhaps a fable. Some people must grow to grow, and some people quiet into a mountain, chaos can not move. Child, I do not know which way is your “university”, or “learn the law”, but you own mettle, as you see in the river head.