Undoubtedly there are girls who live exclusively on the money

The procurement of the girls depends entirely on the circumstances in which the dealers have been made aware of the girls. Here the following factors play a role in the first place: 1. hardship, 2. credulity and desire for pleasure, 3. carelessness, stupidity and inadequate education, 4. unhappy family relationships.

The easiest way to work is where there is material distress; That’s why most of the abducted girls come from Poland, Hungary, Galicia, Romania and Southern Russia. There are areas where the girls have a daily wage of 50 to 60 pfennigs. For this they should live, live and dress. That they can not do this is obvious. So they are the most easily accessible to all pretensions. Thus it has come about that even today public opinion regards the trafficking of girls as a device coming from the Eastern countries. Couplers traveling in small towns and villages tell the agents the addresses of pretty and fun-loving girls. Then an agent travels to them, as an envoy of a hacienda owner from South America with a complete marriage contract, in which the latter promises golden mountains to the girl in whose image the marriageable man has allegedly fallen in love. Of course, this is all dizziness.

The girl may not have been photographed at all, and such a representative marriage is not valid anywhere in the world. The agent brings along beautiful clothes, elegant lingerie and (false) jewelry and, through his amiable appearance, very soon wins the girl’s affection and the trust of the family. Most of these wedding ceremonies are ritually sealed by forefathers who act as rabbis, with fake papers and documents. They are therefore invalid, a circumstance that the girl will not reveal. The young couple then travel through Germany via Havre to London and from there to Argentina. In many cases, the deputy husband remains in London under the vain pretense of having important business, and the young woman has to travel alone on her own. In the place of arrival she is received by a friend of her husband and taken directly to a brothel. She is not fluent in the local language, she is unable to read and write and is therefore unable to communicate her fate to her relatives. These remain in the belief that their daughter is married as she approaches an early death in the vices. This is the typical case of the girls’ trade, which has also given the impetus to the international movement. Such a crude deception does not occur in any of the other cases, although in this case as well the false impression of false facts must be expected. Using credulity, stupidity and lightness Of course, one must unfortunately also attach a large part of the guilt to the mothers.

If a 14-year-old girl has left the school with the most inadequate knowledge, she should and wants to earn money immediately. The parents, who often see something very special in their child, are very much in agreement if they want to devote themselves to art. So they fall with preference to the advertisements, in which young pretty, and well-grown girls are sought for training as singers, dancers or cyclists. In most of these preparatory institutions, the girls are morally consumed and then gladly accept a commitment abroad to make their fortune. However, you can put a stop to such a hasty emigration by denying them the issuing of a foreign passport. But only in the very last time one has fallen for this information resource.

By the way, not only the pupils of elementary schools are exposed to this seduction. Various cases have become known in which female apprentices have entered higher secondary schools as teachers, and have caused the pupils to flee from their parents’ home through their descriptions.

Means to seduce the girls
The cases of trafficking in girls, which could be increased to infinity, all show the same development. The girls are made aware of by advertisements, then visited by agents, receive the ver The most attractive offers are to go abroad as supports, shareholders, accountants and earn a lot of money there. In fact, among all these offerings, the same fate always hides, a life of shame and dishonor in some brothel. How often is this now widely discussed in the press throughout the world, and how is it possible that the young girls still believe their abusers again and again? All the reasons: hardship, poorly paid women’s work, a craving for change, a lack of moral and religious feeling, etc. disappear behind the two main motives “vanity” and “lust for marriage”. Nobody wants to subordinate ourselves in our material time, but everyone stands alone. It is downright ridiculous that this subordination, if necessary, externally should not express. The honest word “maid” is supposed to disappear and be turned into “second pillar”. Would anyone like to make it clear to the girls that they, as maids, have the best prospects for their future and are the easiest to find a capable man! What should a worker do with a young girl who works on a typewriter and keeps books but can not cook soup? How many young girls condemn themselves to celibacy! Unfortunately, they do not believe that. The seducer, the agent of the girl-merchant, tells them that the prospects abroad of marrying are much greater than in the homeland, and this reason is decisive for them. We experience it daily with us, to blow in the wind. It even happened to me that a young girl, who had allegedly received a marriage proposal from Brazil, could not be dissuaded from traveling there. My reasons for trying to prove to her on her first visit that she was a marriage swindler were repudiated by saying, “Oh, well, you just do not treat me with my luck.” After four or five days, she came Again, and asked in tears, you should give her back the 600 Mk., Which had taken the impostor, but again. This desire to marry, to strive to stand on one’s own feet, is exploited by the girls’ merchants in the most skillful way. One sets apart the girls that z. For example, in Buenos Aires, 75% of men and only 25% of female residents exist, and therefore the prospect of marrying three times as big as in the home country. This is almost always crucial. Of course, marriages are much brighter and richer than at home because nobody knows the girl’s family there. The German is so easy to bribe by foreign circumstances. If a girl who has seen nothing of the world is promised such splendid salary without being made aware at the same time that the expensive life makes the higher salary illusory, then it is understandable that the warnings will not be obeyed.

In Munich, a lady living on Fürstenstrasse issued newspaper advertisements in which educated girls were sought abroad to support the housewife. An enrolling young lady was hired by an alleged landowner’s wife to Cairo. The youngest girl was made the most brilliant promises. Despite all warnings of a local experienced official who guessed the real facts, the girl could not resist the seductive promises and left for Cairo. After a short while, a card arrived, in which the young girl pleaded in the most pleading terms for help, as it was taken to a public house.

Among the advertisements in which governesses, nuns, children’s maids and waitresses are sought, there are a large number of highly questionable offers.

The wording of them is usually short and harmless:

Brettlquartett, young ladies, good figure, wanted. Offers U 128 postl. W. 15.
Search for Hungary Infant Miss with and without certificates. Off. etc.
Cheap placements for German students, teachers and kindergarten teachers, Warsaw.
Nice educated Miss to an elderly lady wanted. Salary 42 Mk. Per month, lasting pleasant place. If possible with photograph.
These are all the more dangerous because they are usually published in the most reliable newspapers (eg “home”). Exact inquiries are urgently needed here.

Unhappy family relationships between daughter and stepmother, or consequences of a relationship, give the female couplers a convenient opportunity to induce the girls to emigrate. They confidently promise the girls that they want to take care of the child, since they can not get a job anywhere with the child, and good family relationships during their absence to the daughter. They never do the latter, and the poor children hand them over to an angel-maker. Since the girls in these cases do not entrust their plans to anybody and as a result do not make any inquiries, their transport does not cause any difficulty. They get the exact address where they are to be found, they also give them the ticket, and even if they then feel that they have been the victim of a deportation, they do not have the strength and courage to report and home to return.

In Germany in particular, one has very often been able to ascertain a kind of unwanted girl trafficking. A young saleswoman, a confectioner, begins a relationship with a department store employee, known as “She walks with him”. As soon as the parents discover this, they take the girl’s disposition over her free time. Against this, her pride rears up, and she lends a willing ear to the whisperings of her lover, who wants to lead her to flee. Suddenly the two disappeared and went to Paris, London, Copenhagen. They imagine to immediately get a suitable, well paid position there. Of course, with their poor language skills, this is very difficult. The few funds they took with them are used up very soon and so they are sitting in a strange city vis-à-vis de rien. In despair, the man forces the girl to take to the streets and earn a living through prostitution. If the girl does not want this, she discovers her parents. These finally turn to the German National Committee and ask for the return of their daughter.

For those readers who are researching and investigating the causes of the girls ‘trade, it might be necessary to provide a complete history of the girls’ trade. This is not possible, because one is usually only dependent on conjectures, but then above all because the purpose of these lines is quite another than to increase the knowledge of the experts. The audience to whom this book primarily refers is, as already mentioned, the parents and relatives of the young girls, and perhaps those themselves. They must learn the dangers they face, and learn the means, such as these Dangers can escape. There is no doubt that the trading of girls has existed for a very long time; but it is equally undoubted that he was operated differently in every country and among every nation. It may well be argued that, apart from Adam and Eve, polygamy was the first form of marriage, and that only gradually did monogamy develop. At least we have seen this development among savage and uncivilized peoples. The purchasability of the young girls was therefore the commonplace and a recognized fact. When the monogamy became a state institution, the polygamy gradually developed into prostitution, ie a short-term purchase and the possibility of a change. That is why we find prostitution as a fixed institution in the 38th chapter of the first book of Moses. Through the prostitution the couplers, from these the girl traders emerged. But their appearance was much different than in our time. The slave system, the institutions of the concubines, the harem-like houses of the great ones, demanded other means than the present delivery for brothels. In order to hinder the self-offering of the girls in the street, they decided to set up the brothels. It is believed that Solon was the first to create these houses. To what extent this is justified can not be ascertained with certainty. In a travel description “Periplus maris erythraei” is spoken by a trade of Indian girls to Egypt and here Freudenhäuser mentioned. Most of the brothel women were slaves. Later one reads that also prisoners of war were condemned to the entrance. The oldest form of these houses will have been approximately as we can see them today in Pompeii. Once they had become accustomed to the brothels and did not consider their arrangement immoral, but regarded it as an advantageous and practical treatment for prostitution, especially in the Middle Ages, the cities took up the leasing of these women’s shelters themselves Income and held in them luxurious parties not only at the reception of the princes, but also at all other opportunities. The long existence of the brothels has now cemented the view of their usefulness and advantages in such a way that the urban administrations of most countries see in the quartering and regimentation the best means of monitoring prostitution. Whether it is necessary to treat the prostitutes differently than the other people is a much-debated question. Experience and history have taught us that immorality and fornication destroy every state. So that the state has laws that protect these moral have goods in mind, is his right, even his duty. Only he must not increase the evil by the laws and especially by their unjust and illogical handling, instead of restricting it. The § 361 no. 6 of the German Criminal Code reads as follows: “A woman who is subject to police oversight for commercial fornication is punishable by detention if she violates the police regulations issued in this respect to ensure health, public order and public decency, or which Without being subject to such supervision, it is professionally fornicated. ”

The content of this paragraph means: Although professional fornication is punishable by law, if a police officer gives permission to do so, impunity occurs. This is so illogical that the amendment to this paragraph is already foreseen in the forthcoming revision of the Criminal Code. The proposed in the draft § 305 No. 4, which is intended to regulate industrial malady, reads: “With imprisonment or imprisonment up to three months is punished a person who, apart from the cases of § 250, does commercial fornication, if they in this regard for the protection of public health Order or public decency. The Federal Council shall determine the principles according to which these provisions shall be adopted. ”

The last paragraph will meet with great disagreement, leaving the regulation of such an important issue to the governments and not publishing any legal provisions. As we have seen, barracking is already prohibited in the German Reich on the basis of § 180. Nevertheless, we have many secret brothels, whose removal is possible only when detailed rules have been passed on the housing question of prostitutes. For the time being this question has not yet been settled. The current legislation punishes the commercial inbreeding only under certain conditions, on the other hand, the one who leases to a prostitute, principally for coupling. This must and should also be changed.

This is closely related to the question of regulation. According to the wishes of the abolitionists, this is to disappear just as much as quartering. On how to identify prostitutes without lists, these circles are not yet clear. I deliberately do not go into detail about this question because the regulation has nothing to do with the girls’ trade. We can be satisfied that in the new draft the word “police surveillance” has disappeared. Because the position under police supervision is completely unlawful. If the girls are on To report to the police and ask personally to be included in the list of prostitutes in order to escape their punishment, nothing can be said against this. But if, as is often the case, police officers ambush the girl the moment they come with a companion from a dormitory, and then report her for commercial fornication, it is absolutely unlawful. To a hearing of the companion, whether he had given the girl money, which now takes place frequently, the police officer is not justified, because he is certainly not assistant to the prosecutor at this moment. Still less does he have the right to put the girl on the ominous list just because she received money for her favor. Then every young girl who has a relationship would have to be entered in this list. For whether I give the girl a fur or a watch, or ten marks, is quantitatively different, but morally identical. The point of prostitution, after all, is that the prostitute leaves her body indiscriminately against money to anyone and makes a living from the profits made from it. That this is the case, a girl will rarely admit, she will always try to prove a trade, be it landlady, flower-maker, masseuse, actress, etc., from which she derives her revenues. Incidentally, this form of registration has resulted in a very great evil. The minor girls are not allowed in this list, so they have to be punished daily for commercial fornication. The transfer to the welfare education comes too late for these girls. during escape attempts and are subject to continuous new punishments, without being in the least improved. The other caretakers are morally corrupted by them, so that one looks at their return with little favorable eyes.

Undoubtedly there are girls who live exclusively on the money they earn through commercial fornication. With regard to the supervision of prostitution, it is of course necessary that a list be kept of these girls, by means of which their homes can be controlled. However, this list must be created differently than before. It must not be dependent on the arbitrariness of the police. The police surveillance is a punishment to be imposed by the criminal judge and may not be ordered by any police officer. The Penal Code gives the police no right. By observing the dance halls, the notorious restaurants, the girls who offer themselves on the street, by displaying the homeowner, it is easy to keep this list up to date and kept up to date.

How little the question of regulation was resolved even among the members of the various National Committees was established in 1906 at the Congress of Paris. There the French abolitionists had raised the question: “Was the regulation of prostitution harmful or useful to the trafficking of girls?” This question was put to 17 committees. But only eight responded, and of these only three were – Holland, Switzerland and Germany – as opponents of Reglementation occurred. In reality, however, Germany was only an opponent of barracking and not of regimentation. But since this question was to refer in the first place to quartering, we had to declare our position that we recognize the harmfulness of the regulation.

At the then International Conference in Geneva in 1908, which I attended as a delegate of the German National Committee, I have made every effort to ascertain this difference as well as the difference between the girl trader, the pimp and the coupler. Unfortunately without success. That the abolitionists want to know how to abolish regimentation is quite understandable and correct from their point of view, but they must not cite the trafficking of girls as a reason for abrogation and can not expect that without such a list the housing problem can be solved. I only know oneCity, which can be cited as an example of the possibility of girls being trafficked by prostitutes, and this is Rio de Janeiro. There is no regimentation or barracking, and yet the girls’ trade flourishes in a very horrible way. A large number of “Kaften”, Polish and Hungarian Jews, girls from Galicia and Romania come and bring them there in elegant apartments, provide them with appropriate clothing and underwear and treat them completely as prostitutes. Each morning, they collect most of the sins of sin they earn and live the life of a fine pimp themselves. In addition, they play as Lebelänner and take the wealthy foreigners by counterfeiting the money. Interesting is the position of the authorities on these conditions. When I inquired with a high-ranking police officer in Rio about the prostitution conditions there, he said calmly: “We do not consider prostitution to be necessary and dangerous and do not care about it.” When I then asked about his position with regard to STDs he replied to me: “Due to the high average temperature, everyone here goes through a natural sweat, and that’s why syphilis has lost its dangerous character.” In fact, exactly the opposite is true. Brazil is one of the most contaminated countries in the world; 4% of all deaths are due to old venereal diseases. These very special circumstances can therefore neither be used for nor against abolitionism. In Germany, regimentation can only be linked to the trafficking of girls if foreign prostitutes are introduced by them. This was indeed the case until 1909. However, by entering the German National Committee in the Kingdom of Prussia the entry of foreign prostitutes in the whores list is prohibited. They are easily expelled as annoying foreigners. We hope that the other states will follow the example of Prussia, thus preventing the immigration of foreign prostitutes. Incidentally, the view on the admission of foreigners into the brothels is still an unresolved issue today. In Hamburg I was offered a reward for every foreign girl I found in public houses; in Serajewo I was promised a similar bonus for every local girl. In India, for national reasons, so as not to discredit the English race , no English girl will step into a brothel there. If there are no foreign and no native girls in these houses, then this demand is best satisfied by eliminating the brothels. I hope that the reasons I have given, resp. continue to lead, will gradually find recognition.