Undersea ghost

The mysterious dead groom

  Ningaloo Reef is one of Australia’s famous tourist attractions. It is very close to the Australian mainland, but close to the deep sea. What’s more thrilling is that there are many sunken submarines and ships in the nearby sea, where visitors can dive in and explore.
  On February 17, 2011, a British tour group came here to play. Among the tourists, a bridegroom named Blaze was a diving enthusiast. At that time, there was a typhoon. In this weather, marine animals were hiding under the atoll. He and 4 diving enthusiasts among the tourists rented diving suits and sneaked into the sea. About an hour later, everyone went ashore one after another, and the harvest was not small. Some people even caught lobsters. But Blaze never came up. After waiting for more than 30 minutes, the anxious bride Camilla called the police.
  After the police arrived, the rescue was immediately launched, but the search and rescue continued until the evening and there was no result. At this moment, everyone found that the waves pushed up a person, it was Blaze, but he had stopped breathing… The
  police found after inspection. , Blaze’s oxygen cylinder had no oxygen, and the strangest thing was that both his arms and wrists were fractured.
  According to police analysis, Blaze may think that he has superb diving skills, and he accidentally swam into a shipwreck or fished for seafood in a sea cave. As a result, an accident occurred. The only thing that cannot be explained is why both of Blaze’s arms were broken. Up.
Ghost in the water

  Camilla, the bride, decides to find out the real culprit, and Blaze can’t die unexplainably like this. She hired a professional diver named Sauron from Canberra. Sauron dived along the route that Blaze dived. Sure enough, he found a submarine that had sunk for a long time at a depth of 46 meters, and Sauron swam past it cautiously.
  The space in the submarine is small and the light is extremely dim. Sauron’s light can only shine one meter away in the submarine. Suddenly, a white face that was bigger than a washbasin and soaked in sea water floated towards him. He was taken aback, turned around and wanted to escape, but was caught by his arm. He struggled desperately and finally got his arm free. Who knew that the oxygen cylinder was caught again. Panicked Sauron struggled a few times and saw that he couldn’t break free, so he took the risk. Lost the oxygen cylinder and floated to the surface in embarrassment.
  Sauron was so frightened that he didn’t want to help Camilla figure out the cause of Blaze’s death. Camilla has a very good college classmate named Morton. After hearing about Blaze, he decided to help Camilla find the real murderer.
  In late autumn 2012, the two came to Australia. Morton was not in a hurry to go diving where the accident happened in Bled, but first to learn some of the situation from the locals. This inquiry is really rewarding. One evening in 2009, a fisherman’s wife was alone on the beach picking up clams. Suddenly, a dark thing rushed up along the tide and grabbed the fisherman’s wife’s rubber boots. Finally, the fisherman’s wife threw it away. The boots were able to escape. And in December 2010, a young man named Porta was surfing on Ningaloo Reef. He was suddenly bitten by something in the sea. Fortunately, he was good at water and struggled to get back to the shore, but his left calf was already caught. Bite and fracture…
Revisit the ghost submarine

  what is it? Morton decided to go down along the place where Bleds and Sauron dived. On the bottom of the sea, Morton earnestly searched for the traces left by Blaze and Sauron. It didn’t take long for him to find Sauron’s oxygen cylinder that was snatched by the “water ghost”. It was lying quietly between the submarine. In the cabin, it happened to be hung on a curved iron angle. As he was about to lean in, a shiny shadow dangled under the light, and a pale face that seemed to have been soaked in water floated over. Morton’s sweat pores suddenly opened, and he took out a turtle knife to fight. When the big grimace drifted near, he found that the grimace turned out to be a horseshoe crab with a big washbasin. Horseshoe crab is a docile fish that likes to live in sea caves and other places. It looks like a pot lid, has a dark back, white abdomen and two big eyes, so it looks like a big grimace. Morton took the horseshoe crab ashore to show Camilla. Although this proved that there were no ghosts, and Sauron was only because he saw the horseshoe crab escaping, his clothes and oxygen bottle were scratched on an iron angle, but Blaze’s death was still Without finding out, how exactly did his wrist break? And it was obviously caused by external forces, Morton was helpless.
The real culprit turned out to be it

  On November 3, 2012, Morton walked alone on the beach while thinking after dinner. What caused Blaze’s wrist to break.
  Thinking about it, Morton simply lay on the beach and took a moonlight bath. It was the height of summer in the southern hemisphere. There were twos and threes on the beach walking or bathing in the moonlight like Morton. Unknowingly Morton fell asleep. . I don’t know how long I slept, a sharp pain in his left leg awakened Morton. He yelled and jumped up. At the same time, he found a dark monster running into the sea. Morton took out a horseshoe crab and threw it onto the shore.
  It was early in the morning, and people nearby were awakened by the noise and surrounded one after another. They were not only stunned, but Morton threw ashore a giant lobster over 1 meter in length and 20 kg in weight. You must know that lobsters on the market generally weigh only about 1 kg, and no one has seen such a large lobster. Someone found a wooden stick with thick arms to fiddle with it, but it was snapped by the big ao that was raised high. And on its other big Ao there was a slipper of Morton. Morton was not only taken aback, could it be that the giant lobster pinched Blaze’s wrist. Finally, the giant lobster was sent to the Canberra Aquarium.
  At the end of November 2012, the experts told Morton, who had returned to the UK, of the research results. Through research, experts found that this giant lobster especially likes to eat rubber-like objects. After in-depth investigation, experts discovered that there used to be a large rubber chemical plant in the Western Cape of Western Australia, 70 kilometers away from Ningaloo Reef. The waste water of the chemical plant can flow along the trench to the vicinity of Ningaloo Reef. Because the waste water contains certain rubber and other organic components, the seawater in this area is very nutritious and accumulates day by day. The lobsters living in the trench have been living for a long time. In the seawater that contains rubber, there is a certain genetic mutation. Not only do they like to eat rubbery things, they also become huge. In early 2009, the local government closed the rubber factory in order to protect the environment. As a result, the giant lobsters had no rubber to eat. They turned to steal human rubber clothes. It is not difficult to explain why the fisherman’s wife in rubber boots was attacked. According to data, the people who were attacked on Ningaloo Reef were all people wearing rubber diving suits or clothing materials related to rubber. Blaze’s death should be like this. He found a giant lobster in the sea. Reaching out to catch, he did not expect that the power of the lobster was amazing, and he happened to be wearing a rubber wetsuit, but Blaze was pinched off his wrist…
  Finally, experts said: The giant lobster attacked people mainly to eat rubber, as long as they don’t wear it Rubber clothes are fine, and there are not many giant lobsters.
  Although Blaze is not dead, it should be the result of human beings.