Two passbooks

  Yes, I also have two secret accounts, two secret passbooks. In both accounts, the final accumulated or remaining totals, the two passbooks, and the recorded numbers are changing every day. Like the electric airplane timetable hanging high in the airport lobby, the numbers keep rolling.

  I know two things: in one passbook, the number has been increasing, and in another passbook, the number has been decreasing. The number of passbooks that have been increasing in numbers is my own; the one that has been decreasing in numbers is given to me by others.

  So one day, I took the ever-increasing passbook to see a financial expert who looked like a magician wearing a black cloak and asked him how to make my passbook more valuable.

  ”Value?” He showed a mysterious smile across the table. His upper body did not move. Suddenly the whole person was sliding parallel to the left side of the table. I followed it with my eyes and my head twisted. He suddenly drifted back to me. “I am only able to tell you how to increase the ‘number’ in the head, but I can’t tell you how to increase the ‘value’ of this number.”

  Numbers are not equivalent to value. In other words, the same is 10 million yuan, I can take it into the shredder and smash it, you can take the paper to pick up eight magnificent royal ships, and then put a fire on the sea to burn to the gods, you can also Take Cambodia to set up an AIDS orphanage.

  This is not difficult, I understand. I bent over and reached into my green bag and wanted to take another passbook, but I felt that this person was gone. I sighed and slowly walked out of the bank. Outside the bank, people are rushing and rushing. The people who walked away were always hitting my shoulders when they were rushing through the pile of people. Even “I’m sorry” was too lazy to export. People have gone far. A moment of gentle wind, I seem to hear the sound of the leaves in the downtown area. Looking up, it is a huge magnolia. It blooms through the white flowers and sways. I only smelled its slightly sweet aroma.

  Just under the fragrant flower tree, I leaned against the trunk, letting people flow from my front and squeezing. Take my other passbook from the bag, a passbook that no one can ask. The passbook cover is an electronic calendar. In May 2008, there were thirty-one small squares. In each square, small letters were distributed:

  05-01 09:00 High Speed ​​Rail Pingdong Detective
  05-12 18:00 Qian Yongxiang Dinner
  05-25 15:00 Ma Jiahui Talks
  05-26 19:00 Andre Dinner

  A light tap is the 30 small squares in June, and there are also dense words; click again, the thirty-one squares in July, the dense words; the thirty-one squares in August, all It is English, it is Cape Town, South Africa, San Francisco, USA, Hamburg, Germany…

  I don’t have to open it, I know that in the passbook, who installed an invisible hourglass.

  Because I couldn’t open it, I couldn’t see how much sand was in the hourglass, and I couldn’t hear how fast the sand was leaking, but it could be 100% certain that the hourglass leaked, kept leaking, and kept leaking…

  There was a petal that fell through the layers of leaves on my coverbook, just on the 31st of December. The petals of Magnolia are like a small boat carved out of a white marble, and like the palm of the hand that the Guanyin stretches out, it stops in December 31st.

  I suddenly understood: It turns out that there is an inverse relationship between the two passbooks. The accumulation of every “money” you earned in that passbook is exchanged for every inch of the time in this passbook. Moreover, even more striking, the two kinds of “currency” of “money” and “time” are non-circulating, non-convertible, and unequal currencies. Once used, you cannot use the “money” in the passbook to return. The “time” that has been paid out. Any price, any number, cannot be redeemed.

  Yes, because of this, so how different is my attitude towards the two passbooks. I am more and more generous in “money” and I am getting more and more “time”. “Money” can give strangers to the road, but “time” is only for those who are warm and affectionate. On December 31, it was vacated from today. I took the petals between my fingers, and I was going to have a low-browed gaze. The corner of my eye seemed to glimpse the corner of the black cloak.