Two boys who doze off in class

  Not long ago, from 1979 to 1980, classes were at Columbia University, Columbia University in New York, and New York as the center of the Western world. Freshmen in the two major political science departments are always languid in class. One is a black man from Hawaii who is used to occupy the corner of the right rear of the classroom, wearing a wide hat that covers the face, often yawning and looking for a dream at the desk; the other is a Chinese from Taiwan, who likes to nest in the left rear of the classroom. A glimpse of it, boring, and simply slumbering.

  The lens is zoomed in. The boy from Taiwan is called Kai-Fu Lee. This monarch is not tired of learning, but is increasingly divided into political science. If he is a sophomore, he will finally turn to the computer and change his interest.
  What is interest? American education believes that interest means talent. Li Kaifu is in the computer department, and he has a good time. He graduated two years later and his grades are among the highest in the department.

  Such a student does not need to follow the steps. Under the recommendation of the professor, Kai-Fu Lee enters the Carnegie Mellon University, which is the leader in the computer field, and directly pursues a Ph.D. The dean of the School of Computers talked to him, and Shantou asked: “What is the purpose of reading a doctor?” “This is very simple,” Li Kaifu said. “It is a major achievement in a certain field.” “Not only that,” The dean told him, “Reading a Ph.D. is to take a narrow and important field for in-depth research. When he graduates, he will hand over a world-class paper and become a leading expert in this field. Anyone who mentions this knowledge will Think of your name.”

  Take the law, do it best! Li Kaifu’s blood began to accelerate, filling the vitality from the artery to the vein. The dean looked in his eyes and asked: “Do you understand?” Kaifu replied loudly: “Understood, I will take away from the university a top-notch doctoral dissertation that changes the world.” Correct, say: “The most valuable thing you take away from here is not a paper, but the ability to analyze and think, the experience of research, the discovery of truth, and the mind of a scientist. Then, when you are one day Redirection, you can still excel in any new field.”

  Li Kaifu selected speech recognition as a doctoral specialization. This is the subject of the tutor. The US Department of Defense has established a project, funding has been put in place, and the technical approach has been identified as an expert system. After a year of love, he found that the expert system is as cold as ice, far less than statistically meaningful. Li Kaifu is determined to empathize with love. He is worried that the tutor is angry. Who knows the answer is: “Opening up, you don’t agree with the expert system and statistics, but I can support you to do it by statistical methods. Because I believe that science is not absolutely right or wrong, we are all equal. Moreover, I believe that a passionate person can find a better solution.”

  It is absolutely unimaginable to leave this in Taiwan. From Kaichao’s generosity to the true meaning of science, Li Kaifu went all out and let go. The attacker is crazy, sleepless nights, vomiting, unkempt, binocular fire, and walking like a fly, is the meaning of the title. Three years have passed, no, three years have to catch up with 180 days, the breakthrough is difficult, and great deeds, Li Kaifu’s research results, and doctoral thesis, triggered the biggest shock wave in the voice world that year.

  The 26-year-old Li Kaifu became famous and became the youngest associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University. The pride of the sky, with dignity, status, subject, and funding, served as a consultant to the big company, and flew to various places to give lectures, including his ancestral homeland and the soul of the mainland. The spring breeze is proud of horseshoe disease, with the help of modern steel horses, the end of the day to stop the Western world Changan flowers!

  The heart is unpredictable. The heart of the scientist is even more difficult to measure. In 1990, an invitation call from Apple asked Li Kaifu to look back at himself. The phone said: “Opening up, do you want to write a bunch of academic papers like waste paper for a lifetime, or do you want to really change the world?”

  ”Let the world be different for you.” This is Li Kai’s dream of being buried in my heart for many years. Now, it has been ignited by Apple’s call. Li Kaifu responded by stepping out of the ivory tower and joining the army of “changing the world.”

  In the years of Apple, Li Kaifu received the endless fun of turning from paper to actual combat; in the smoke of the market, his spirit was overwhelming, and his imagination and explosive power were brought to the extreme. The status has also been greatly increased accordingly. In 1995, 33-year-old Kai-Fu Lee became the vice president of Apple.

  But he is still not satisfied, and still has to change jobs, because another company in Silicon Valley, SGI, has issued a more inviting invitation. The other party said: “We are now expanding and reorganizing the entire company. The company has many new plans. Our projects include interactive TV, 3D animation and web server. Come and see, we want to buy some companies, you can tell me What do you want to do, and then we reorganize the company according to your interests.”

  It is not that they lack talents, let you fill them, but sincerely ask what platform you need to be tailored for you. Such an opportunity, Li Kaifu can miss it! He plunged into the Internet, and SGI took it one by one. The two sides hit it off. In July 1996, Kai-fu Lee jumped from the mountain to the mountain.

  Practice testing the truth, SGI let Li Kaifu “design himself”, but it is a hardware company, the strength of the opening is in the software, which is equivalent to running the horse on the basketball court, whether it is red rabbit, 骅骝, can not open four hoof. One day, Li Kaifu was born to express his intentions. For the next option, he set two standards: one is to do software, and the other is to go to China.

  The opportunity is coming. Opportunities are actually everywhere, just see if you are prepared. At this time, Bill Gates created the Microsoft Kingdom to extend its reach to China, Li Kaifu became its best choice; Time: Jinqiu in 1998; Position: Dean of Microsoft China Research Institute.

  The opening of Kai-Fu Lee in Microsoft China is worthy of a big book to describe. It is a completely different innovative concept, and the absolutely leading science and technology take root in the land of China. Microsoft just started a person and entered China without a world. Kai-fu Lee just “followed my heart” and became the vice president of the Microsoft Kingdom.

  I want to come to you, this is the last stop of Kai-Fu Lee. At Microsoft’s high position, he worked closely with Bill Gates, sitting on wealth and scenery. “Flowers are happy and laughter, and birds know how to sing.” Life is here, what do you want?

  Kai-fu Lee did not think so. He later recalled: “From 1998 to 2005, I served at Microsoft for seven years. Two years in Beijing, five years at headquarters, I have to say that in the last days of working at headquarters, I feel awkward and have a similar feeling with many people. In a huge system, my voice can’t be sent out. For the direction and thoughts of the product, there is little people listening at the headquarters. I am like a part on a huge machine. It runs in an environment where there is no room for space. It is a glazed part that can be replaced anytime and anywhere. The lack of value and the spiritual desolateness occupy my heart.”

  Still have to “follow my heart”, since Microsoft has no room for growth, then the soles of the oil – go! Where are you going? He is in the middle of Google. But Microsoft is not doing it. The trees cultivated in the home garden are easy to remove from the shade! In order to retain Li Kaifu, they offered various preferential treatments. If the retention is invalid, he will not hesitate to file a lawsuit, and Li Kaifu and Google will go to court. From July to September 2005, Kai-Fu Lee experienced an unprecedented crisis in his life. His colleagues turned their faces into ruthlessness, and friends fell into the grave. The rumors were vicious and slandered, and the lawsuit was stunned. If the lawsuit goes down again, the winners and losers will be hurt. After two months, Microsoft withdraws the case, Li Kaifu wins, the muscles are hurt, the bones are still full, and the experience of this emotional world is catastrophic. His mind is even more Mature, more rigorous. At the end of 2005, Kai-Fu Lee came to Beijing again to start a business.

  However, it is still, however, four years later, in 2008, when Kai-Fu Lee took over the challenging South Korean team and the rapidly growing Southeast Asian market, he was soberly aware that managing more people is not his own love, he is eager to go from nothing. Some innovations, not a giant. As a result, the world saw that Li Kaifu once again chose to leave.

  At the time of submitting his resignation to the headquarters, Google executive Alan Eustace tried to retain it with better conditions. Li Kaifu said sincerely: “Thank you, but I am not asking for a higher position and a higher salary. I have made up my mind. There is still a shortcoming in my life that has not been realized. I have to make up now. I may start a family.” Innovative workshops, together with Chinese youth, create a new technological miracle. I want to be a master of the overall work, I have reached the stage of life, and then do not do it, I am afraid that it is too late.”

  Today, Kai-Fu Lee is conducting an “innovative workshop” experiment in the land of China according to his own wishes. Will he succeed? I think this is no doubt, but also secondary and secondary. So, what is the most important point? As he said: “Life is very short in life. If you don’t always dare to do what you want to do, then your life has passed. You only have regrets, only annoyance.” “I stepped into the jungle because I I hope that life will be meaningful, I hope to live a deep life and learn all the essence of life. Then learn from it so that I will not find that I have never lived at the end of my life.”

  Li Kaifu’s sketches ended here. Looking back, another classmate who loves to sleep in Columbia’s class is the black man who likes to wear a big hat. This later achievement of the monarch is more prominent than Kai-Fu Lee. Who is he? Speaking may surprise you. He is the current US President Barack Obama.

  Why did Obama love to hide in the corner of the classroom to sleep? There must be a cause for this, this article does not discuss. The author thinks of an ancestor’s allusion: more than two thousand years ago, when he slept during the day, his teacher Confucius saw it and scolded: “The dead wood can’t be carved, and the wall of the dung can’t be smashed. Yu Yu and He Wei! “Translated into vernacular, that is, “damn damn”, it is almost necessary to swallow the slaughter. Fortunately, the American teacher did not use Confucius’s formula. They did not take the bed-speakers out of the classroom, and even expelled their school–if they had, they had today’s Li Kaifu, and they had today’s Obama.