Turning around in an instant

  ”At that time, I didn’t have a performance. I only lived on poor record royalties. I couldn’t even get out of the door. I could only hide in the house every day to read books and practice the piano. Some friends asked me to go out, I can only say, or come over, I have very little money on my body. If I go to you, I will not come back…”

  Which is the poorest egg in the big bitter water? Not someone else, it is Xu Wei.

  When he was 18 years old, Xu was fascinated by music. He did not hesitate to rebel against the family and chose a person to sway the world. He carried a heavy guitar and walked around, no day and night. Later, he formed a rock band and dreamed of becoming China’s gun&roses (guns and roses). Fortunately, Xu Wei and his “Flying” band have made a name for themselves with their outstanding performances and fascinating works. The introduction of “Two Days” and “Blue Bird” made Xu Wei’s name popular all over the country. After the debut “Beyond”, Xu Wei became the music figure indisputably. Unfortunately, the good times are not long. When the second album “The Year” was being recorded, the company was chaotic, chores were entangled, long-term staying up late, and the spirit was wilting, leaving Xu Wei on the verge of collapse.

  In the days that followed, it became more and more embarrassing. As Xu Wei sang in the song: “So many years, you are still running, watching tomorrow is still illusory, the pure ideal in front of survival, it is so fragile.” At that time, Xu Wei was in Beijing, no money to spend There is no place to live, no hope. Not mixed, I had to go back to my hometown Xi’an.

  Returning to his hometown, Xu Wei, do not want to see his parents, do not want to see relatives and friends. The reason is very simple. People think that he is famous. The scenery is good. It must be returned to the hometown. In fact, he lost his soul and struggled. Often, a person sits alone. Sometimes, sitting on the side of the road, looking at the traffic, his eyes are sluggish. Xu Wei doesn’t know where his music is. He doesn’t know where life is. No one can change it.

  At that time, there were still many record companies that wanted to sign with Xu Wei. But Xu Wei refused. He didn’t want to make music anymore, even those related to music. He was worried when he thought about it. He has long been skeptical about the way out of music: a person who once shined on the stage, actually lived such a dark day. Moreover, such days are still continuing without end. Whoever changed, I am afraid I can’t imagine it.

  Fortunately, the people around you are always concerned about Xu Wei. On the phone, the parents had no resentment in the past. On the contrary, they told Xu Wei: “We will support you no matter what you encounter!” The wife is a comrade in the army, even if it was very confused at Xu Wei. In the autistic years, she never lost her face, and her friends often wanted to ask to go out and let go, but he was moved, but always vague. After the old friend Yushu knew about the situation of Xu Wei, he comforted him: “You are confused by rock, thinking that rock is decadence, thinking that life is pain, in fact, it is not. Music is to make yourself happy, but also to make others happy. You become famous too Early, this kind of gap is unacceptable. If you know that you are an ordinary person, you should pay attention to the life of ordinary people and turn around. It feels different!” At the end, Yushu said with anger: “Your parents , wife, friends, so many people are caring about you, but you can’t feel it, you are too confused!”

  If the eucalyptus tree was injected into the body of Xu Wei with the same needle, Xu Wei began to introspect. Because of depression, Xu Wei went to check the relevant information. I did not expect that many people are suffering from depression as much as themselves! Xu Wei also turned his eyes to the surrounding area, and constantly understood the mentality of ordinary people – for life, suffering and eager for happiness. So, Xu Wei no longer sighs, no longer low, no longer complain.

  He arranged a healthy life schedule for himself, instead of fainting in the morning, he got up on time every day, insisted on exercising, read history, read Buddhist scriptures, read books of interest, and then went to practice piano and write music. He wants to spend his own life through music, to write songs full of hope, full of light, and power. Because, at this time, Xu Wei, the thought is that there are still many people who need warmth, encouragement and care. Xu Wei gradually came out of the shadow, and finally signed a contract with the new company with the help of a friend, embarked on a new musical journey…

  After three difficult years, Xu Wei presented the third album of the world, “Time and Walk.” There are “Gifts” on the album, “Stroll”, “Summer Wind”, and “Perfect Life”… It’s just the name of the song, it makes people feel kind. The style of the song is quite different from the desperation, anger and endless noise of the previous one. It is replaced by soft, comfortable and faint sadness. Soon, a large number of fans are very strong, and Xu Wei’s music is getting closer to the public. And “Every moment is brand new”, making Xu Wei a new generation of spiritual leaders in the veritable Chinese music scene. Followed by “Love as a teenager”, in addition to still have a beautiful melody, there is a new big breakthrough!

  On January 11th, 2009, at the Beijing Pop Music Ceremony, Xu Wei won the victory, the best singer of the year, the album of the year, the annual golden song, and one prize. On that day, Xu Wei stood on the stage, and the audience of the audience applauded him warmly. He exuded an unprecedented splendour, and the friends under the stage were as excited and happy as him on the stage.

  Just as Xu Wei was recognized by the public, the new pressure was pressed against him. Some people have placed their high expectations on him, and some people say that he has become a popular pop star… For these, Xu Xiao, who has been so up and down, can face it calmly – “I pay more attention to life every day, I hope I can Healthy, normal, not extreme, and down-to-earth.” Yes, Xu Wei has turned around, and it has been so simple, just in the moment we don’t care.

  A person’s life is countless fragments, and each piece needs to be experienced every day, night and night. When you need to turn around, then turn around in time.