Trapped in “Shanzhai Gate”

As the saying goes: people need clothes, Buddha needs gold. This shows that the instrument is very important! In modern society, people pay more attention to cosmetic, even some people even “armed” to the mobile phone …

Liu Ming got a job and worked as a salesman in a big company. On his first day at work, he went out with an old salesman to talk about business. The old salesman smiled at Liu Ming’s cell phone: “where did you find this antique?”

Originally Liu Ming used a white-screen mobile phone, but he said disapprovingly: “mobile phones can receive and make phone calls and send and receive short messages!”

After hearing this, the old salesman kindly said: “Mobile phones are not only for personal use, but also for others to see!” Seeing Liu Ming’s puzzled face, he stopped talking in detail.

The two arrived at the customer’s place. The old salesman put his smartphone on the table. The customer also put his phone aside. It was the latest Apple phone. Liu Ming also took out his own phone. The customer glanced at Liu Ming’s mobile phone, but did not look at him more. He only talked with the old sales Kan Kan.

Only then did Liu Ming understand what the old salesman said just now. presumably, the customers were “judging people by their opportunities.” Liu Ming fidgeted and became even less confident. He doubted whether his collar was dirty and his tie was crooked.

The business was still negotiated under the efforts of the old sales team. However, Liu Ming is still unhappy because of the customer’s attitude towards himself. Knowing that his antique mobile phone was afraid, he gritted his teeth and decided to change it.

After work, Liu Ming went directly to the mobile phone city. Soon he found a suitable phone for himself: the latest Apple phone, but a fake one. The appearance is almost the same as the genuine product, but the price is only one tenth of it. It can be said that it is a fighter in Shanzhai Phone.

After getting the new phone, Liu Ming borrowed a friend’s genuine Apple phone and studied the difference between the two. This is very necessary, because only knowing the enemy and know yourself, can we hide the difference between the two and make this fighter play its role.

However, because the quality of Shanzhai Phone’s phone calls is not as good as his own antique mobile phone, Liu Ming still uses his antique mobile phone to make phone calls. As for this Shanzhai Phone, he installed a phone card and used it as a face-saving prop, hardly ever.

Liu Ming followed the old sales team to week, and when the business was ready, he applied to the leadership for “individual combat”. After some preparation, he set off.

In order to show his enthusiasm and sincerity, Liu Ming made an appointment with his customers to meet in a somewhat classy restaurant. He arrived early and ordered the dishes, which did not exceed the company’s reimbursement limit. Because of this kind of situation, the old sales invite customers to eat, meet with a thick-skinned, choose their own restaurant, order their own dishes, beyond the company’s reimbursement limit of consumption will have to sell subsidies. Therefore, it is better to take the initiative.

Liu Ming took a deep breath after ordering some good dishes, then took out his own Shanzhai Phone, shaved his hair on the screen of the mirror, and had a little confidence.

The customer arrived very soon. As if Liu Mingxue had been selling for a long time, he put Shanzhai Phone on the table, then handed over the company’s information and talked to Kan Kan. Coincidentally, the customer actually uses an Apple phone. Two people’s cell phones are exactly the same when put together. Customers have also noticed this and look at Liu Ming’s cell phone from time to time.

Liu Ming felt a little nervous, afraid to be seen by the other party, but he was embarrassed to put it away and could only try his best to attract the attention of the customer to the information.

Thirty Nine Steps

The client is Purchasing of a construction team. This is a fat job, and there are often kickbacks. However, this customer also seems to be a novice. First, he is young, a few years older than Liu Ming. The second is unfamiliar, he looks as nervous as Liu Ming.

The two chatted for a while about business matters, and the food and drinks came up. Two people polite, began to push a cup to change. After a few drinks, the two started chatting.

The first time we met, we couldn’t talk too much about the business. until now, this is what the old salesman said. It seems that customers have the same idea. The two started to talk about each other’s hobbies, favorite sports, favorite food and so on. The atmosphere immediately warmed up.

From what he said, Liu Ming could feel that his clients had a good family background and loved to play tennis, eat western food and Japanese cuisine, and watch plays.

In order not to let the other party look down on him, Liu Ming used all the things he usually learned from fashion magazines. As the saying goes: I have never eaten pork, but I have always seen pigs run. Besides, in the information age, anyone can find the answer he wants from the internet.

Liu Ming obviously has a talent for acting, because the client didn’t even notice his abnormality and had a heated discussion with Liu Ming.

The two chatted and drank, drank frequently, and soon got drunk.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. The customer picked up his mobile phone and began to talk about the software update of Apple’s mobile phone, funny games, all kinds of strange and interesting gadgets and so on, rummaging through his mobile phone as he spoke.

Liu Ming quickly picked up his mobile phone and pretended to browse. By this time he was already in a cold sweat, afraid that the customer would say, “Show me your mobile phone.” The owner of a genuine mobile phone like the other party will know that it is a fake once he touches his mobile phone. This will not only humiliate yourself, but will also directly affect the business, which will not erode the rice in Bluff (poker).

The so-called fear of what will come, the customer looked at Liu Ming firmly holding his mobile phone, was curious, and said: “Let me see what software your mobile phone inside has!” Said and held out his hand.

Liu Ming almost cried, and now the somebody else held out his hand, he had to respond, had to hand over the phone. His hands are slower than snails in Air sports, and he moves while trying to find a way.

A cool breeze blew in from the window. Liu Ming, who was sweating profusely, was suddenly awakened. He had an idea. His right hand continued to move, while his left hand secretly felt his antique mobile phone from his pocket inside and quickly pressed Shanzhai Phone’s phone number. At the moment when the customer’s hand is about to touch Shanzhai Phone, the cell phone rings in time.

Liu Ming quickly drew back his hand. He smiled apologetically and pretended to pick up Shanzhai Phone: “Hello, huh? All right, I know, I’m accompanying my clients. I see. I’ll be right back. ” Then he put his cell phone on the table. “I’m really sorry. I’m having a good chat. the company has a meeting and I have to go back immediately. When do you think it is appropriate for me to visit tomorrow? ”

The customer smiled understandably: “it’s okay, we’re done talking about business anyway.” Tomorrow at 9 o’clock, let’s talk about it in detail. ”

Liu Ming called the waiter to check out the bill. As he was slightly drunk, he stood up a little wobbly.

The customer also slowly stood up and said he would pay the bill.

Liu Ming knows very well that this is the time to express his enthusiasm. So he stopped the customer and quickly gave the money to the waiter, adding: “Invoice.”

Two people are pandering, a young man hurriedly came up and hit the customer, Liu Ming hurriedly hold the customer.

The young man seemed to have something urgent, said “sorry” and went on. At this moment, a male guest near the door of the hotel inside shouted, “Thief! I saw him steal something just now! ” Everyone was surprised by this cry and looked up quickly. The male guest was pointing at the young man.

The young man said in panic: “mental derangement!” And speed up the pace to run to the door. The male guest was probably 8 Million Ways to Die, who was drunk and strong. He kicked the chair aside, grabbed the young man by the arm, and the two friends who ate at the same table rushed up to help. At this moment, the hotel’s security guards also rushed here.

Liu Ming and the customer hurriedly touched their bags without losing anything, but looking back at the desktop, there was only one of the two mobile phones originally placed on the desk, needless to say, the other must have been stolen.

Just then, Catch The Thief’s male guest had already dug up the stolen goods from the thief’s pocket inside and shouted loudly: “I saw him reach out. I didn’t think it was still an Apple phone. Alas, no, why is this Apple logo so awkward?”

Next to him was his friend, who took a closer look at it and took out his own apple phone to look at it. then he joked, “why is the bite of this apple on the left? your boy is unlucky enough to steal a worthless fake!”

I see

Liu Ming’s head “buzzed” and he said, “This time I have left my grandmother’s house. But now that the matter is over, there is no point in continuing to cheat. He blushed and did not dare to look at the customer. He went straight to the front of several courageous male guests and whispered, “Thank you, everyone. This mobile phone is mine. ”

Several male guests saw Liu Ming’s face embarrassed, and they understood about it.

At this time, the thief who was pinned to the ground cried, “I am not good at learning. It’s not worth it to get caught for such a fake product when you didn’t even see where an apple was bitten. ”

The hotel security guard could not help but criticise the remark: “Are you still in complain of being wronged? You should feel lucky! Do you know that if you steal a genuine Macintosh, you have to count it as stolen goods worth more than 5,000, and you have to squat for at least three more months. ”

At this time, Liu Ming just wanted to leave quickly. He took the invoice from the waiter inside with his head down and turned to run. The customer shouted behind him, “Remember to go to our company at 9 o’clock tomorrow, don’t forget.”

Liu Ming gave a vague promise and ran away. He ran two blocks at a stretch before he recovered. He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He tried his best to make up the appearance and escaped the crisis with quick wits. Unexpectedly, the thief was finally destroyed. He even complained a little about those courageous male guests. Although he felt distressed at losing hundreds of yuan, it was better than losing face in public.

Is thinking, emulational mobile phone rang, Liu Ming one leng, this cell phone ringtone how a little strange? He picked up the phone and the other one was a woman: “Today is your birthday, go home early for dinner in the evening, I’ll make steamed fish for you.”

Liu Ming “ah”, the other party hung up the phone. Liu Ming leng along while, carefully studied the phone, only to find that although this phone is exactly the same as their own, but the phone book inside people themselves don’t know one. He patted his head, it seems that the mobile phone on the table is his own, this is the customer’s! He turned over his cell phone to look at the Apple logo on the back and couldn’t help laughing. He thought for a moment and dialed his own emulational mobile phone number …

According to the agreement, Liu Ming visited the customer again the next day. After taking a seat, both took out their cell phones and put them on the table. The customer smiled and said, “thank you for calling me yesterday so you didn’t miss your birthday.” Yesterday was my girlfriend’s first cooking. ”

Liu Ming nodded and answered, “I was too rash to take it without seeing it clearly.”

The customer said, “I am also a child of poor families. soon after graduation, how can I afford such an expensive mobile phone? To be honest, yesterday I saw you looking at my Shanzhai Phone assiduously. I was worried that you would like to see it, so I had to take attack as my defense and offer to look at your mobile phone first. ”

Liu Ming listened and asked curiously, “Aren’t you rich when you were Purchasing?”

The customer smiled Han Han and said: “you don’t know, our construction team is not big, it is all villagers of a village, the captain is our village head, I can’t do such a thing as taking kickbacks.”

Hearing this, Liu Ming felt very hot and clapped his chest to assure his customers that he would definitely strive for the best price for him.

The customer nodded and replied: “I believe you, although the mobile phone we use is fake, what we do is decent.”