Trading with Zen: Knowing yourself, realizing self, faithfully expressing yourself!

Recognize the importance of philosophical thinking to investment through learning. Followed by roots and roots, read some Buddhist, Taoist and classical medicine books. Their philosophical ideas reveal the most essential laws of the world, let us understand that futures trading is actually self-understanding, self, faithful expression of self!
Most investors come to the beginning of the futures market hope to find the perfect battle as soon as possible to achieve a quick get rich. In fact the real futures trading is knowledge, technology, experience, realm, the accumulation of philosophy of life. As the saying goes, A poet made a good poem from the accumulation of life. A good investor also needs to accumulate outside the transaction. The highest level of futures is the world of all things through the integration of natural harmony – to achieve the spirit of freedom, freedom of wealth! Mature trading methods from the life of insight, is based on technical analysis combined with the essence of Chinese classical philosophy and military thought to build up. But also to inject the trader’s own ideas, in order to enter the road is the author of the tortuous trading path.

At the beginning of the market, because at that time the domestic futures books rarely, and no trading training institutions, only read a few books on the stock on the hurry to carry limited funds to join the futures investment this starting point is not the end of the long-distance running team The Every day by the eyes of the red and green K line confused, the eyes of the transaction staring at the price quotes and indicators of these things. But did not carefully consider the nature of the market. Because there is no perfect self, to explore their own characteristics, to understand the nature of the problem, but do not understand the defense and offensive way. The final result can be imagined. With many failures, to pay more than N tears, a deep sense of want to survive in the futures market must change their way of thinking and way of life. Maybe outside the market may find the answer. In order to meditate on the market, in a very long period of time, every day at 9 am on a small river sitting next to a small stone on the side, while playing with the fish in the water side of thinking, read carefully at night, “Sun Tzu” “Three Kingdoms”. Recognize the importance of philosophical thinking to investment through learning. Followed by roots and roots, read some Buddhist, Taoist and classical medicine books. Their philosophical ideas reveal the most essential laws of the world, let us understand that futures trading is actually self-understanding, self, faithful expression of self!

Futures market changes, the test of the human nature of investors, the influence of character, I believe that no industry can be compared to the market is absolutely equal. Do not rely on the relationship, do not rely on power, rely on wisdom. So, for every person who is determined to live by wisdom, it is an excellent field of development. We are honored to be a trader. From the usual practice and practice, we all can get the body, heart, technology, comprehensive shaping and practice, to find their own life enlightenment, which will own life goals and ideals play a great role in promoting the promotion. For example, China’s acupuncture is not a headache, but from the hands, feet, ears to find the corresponding position on behalf of the body for treatment, so that patients achieve harmony between yin and yang, blood flow from all directions Consider the problem. A qualified futures investors only consider all aspects of the problem, to find “to the soft just, leveraging the force” of the road in order to strategist in the market without exception. Before he had any knowledge, he had struggled to seek the holy grail of trade, but as if he had entered into the boundless desert and had nothing to gain. Through the Senate, understand the trade of the Holy Grail does exist. It is hidden in the hearts of each of us. Only after the hardships, in order to finally get the truth. Investors can use the revised method of enlightenment, find your heart of the Holy Grail.

Ancient Chinese Buddhism has a “fan when the division, enlightenment of the crossing,” the famous Zen, like a boat you cross the river, carrying you to the other side of the truth. Just enter the door of the futures, not enlightenment when the teacher by the knowledge, techniques, ferry you across the river; when you suddenly enlightenment, boarded the room, arrived at the other side of the truth, the future of the road to go their own. Really into the other side of the realm of life is not the end, but to a higher realm of a new starting point. At the same time, it is not always necessary to build a new ferry that is entirely on its own, that is, to establish a ship whose philosophy and trading system is entirely owned. Kind of spirit, is the market, after the induction of life after the expression, not a simple move, it is empty. Its essence is empty and nothing. Classical philosophy is precisely to guide us enlightenment, and ultimately “from the crossing people, consciously feel him” theory is the pillar of all investment schools, and only have a strong theoretical basis, and then to the depth of development, then the investment skills will have a strong Therefore, only know the investment philosophy, in order to profoundly understand the essence of futures, and in actual combat to use to win. More profound experience of investment technology is a kind of intelligence with the skills to match the exquisite art. In principle, investment technology can not rely solely on learning, it and science and technology, need to rely on practice, by experience. Like the process of self-growth of flowers, the content is completely free from any foreign desire and emotional constraints. The main thrust of investment “Road” – that is, the law of the universe, that is, yin and yang poles with the harmony, the cycle of transformation. This is the truth that every investor must respect. In actual combat, we are faced with the turbulence of the market price will not be fixed in a certain position does not move, we first confrontation observation, and then instigated attack and defense. Do it and move.

Futures and Zen meditation, itself is two professional topics, the author here to put these two topics together to discuss. Is to the author of their own transactions, life is very limited to write a little sentiment with friends with the opportunity to communicate together to improve. The transaction itself should abandon any fancy is not practical skills, digging in the gradual formation of their own style of the process of the spirit of the practice of the Road. Spiritual practice, spiritual practice is the eternal topic of mature trading. The idea of ​​living in the transaction, like the Shaolin Temple “boxing Zen one”. “Zen and one” in the end to the road to Jane.

First of all we should know what is Zen. For our futures investors, I think Zen is not let us burn incense to worship Buddha, ask the gods to bless us to make big money. If the understanding of Zen just stay at this level, it is a simple understanding of Zen. Investors Zen Zen is not to go to the ancient temple every day to face the green light yellow volume, away from the modern life. There is no certain form of meditation. The so-called: “line Zen, Zen also Zen, language silent Zen move the body Enron.” “Cross street good ginseng” above can be seen Zen in our daily behavior in our daily life everywhere. Everything is learning Zen Zen. Since ancient times there are many virtuous people in the life of Zen, the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai Qinglian lay, the Northern Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo Dongpo lay, we can see from the book he and his related Zen story. Southern Song Dynasty poet Li Qing photo Yi An lay, the Qing Dynasty writer Pu Song Ling Liuquan lay, the Qing Dynasty writer Cao Xueqin Qin chenxi lay. They are through Zen in life to improve their spiritual realm, to our future generations left a rich cultural heritage and spiritual wealth. Zen is not a religion, she is a profound understanding of life is the harmony of life. Zen can open up our hearts, inspire people’s intelligence, guide us into a more free world of freedom, Zen meet the conditions of truth and goodness. Realm decided to a high degree of real understanding of the meaning of Zen, I think Zen in the transaction to do a keen intuition, is a spiritual power, he has gone beyond the fetters of many things.

Futures investment industry on the quality of people demanding. The ugly side of human beings exposed in the transaction at the same time, will bring you a loss, Zen – “to help everyone understand themselves and human nature, free pain and entanglement, to seek the wisdom of life.” Many investors even do a very long time trading, or no real understanding of their own, love wealth, moths to fire. “Knowing yourself” is the famous motto of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. With its deep thinking favored future generations, in order to stand out in mediocrity, become a qualified trader, we must learn to understand the self, familiar with the market running a variety of wit. And clearly understand how your own strengths and weaknesses affect your performance, if you do not know who you are, then the market will tell you the answer, but you have to pay a high tuition.

“Zen” is out of hand (no dedication to all realms are Zen); “set” is not moving. Zen, “Zen” who “Buddhist heart.” “Zen” “set” that is, “only” “view”, just put down, view is seen through. Meditation refers to the “heart of the environment”, so that the thoughts of chaos calm down, Zen meditation, focus on a territory. Meditation must begin with “into the quiet” and to “quiet” in order to achieve “silence”, this time is already ecstasy. From the “body empty”, “heart empty” and into the void law world. However, Zen to enter the realm of meditation, but also must have the “spirit of transcendence.” In the transaction only beyond the self to break through all the physical, psychological and shallow barriers. The meaning of Zen is to produce the supreme wisdom, to the supreme wisdom to prove that all things really true wisdom, this is called Zen. “Six ancestral altar speech Zen meditation”: meditation, outside the live no dyed use is Zen, the heart of the clear security is fixed, the so-called Zen meditation, is the meditation as. External, the face of five to six dust, the world life and death phase can not move, that is, Zen; internal, heart with no greedy dye, is set. The biggest temptation in the market is the frequent spread of short-term riches and a variety of fantasies of hope for rapid growth in wealth in a short period of time. This desire is usually the enemy that affects our normal trade and makes people do not follow normal Rules in the transaction in the meditation, we can maintain a calm attitude to the market. Will be able to honestly follow the rules of the operation process, the success will come. There is a Zen story: there is an old Zen master and a small Zen master in the temple repair Zen. A mountain of wind blowing, flag on the flag of the wind fluttering, small Zen Master asked the master in the end the wind in the moving or flag in the move, the old Jackson said: “neither the flag is moving in the wind is not moving, that is your heart in the move “Meditation is through the body is not scattered, to reach the heart is not scattered. The body does not move, the line of care, in the transaction price up and down, then the market is still moving or your heart in the move? If the market is also tempted in the dynamic, destined to the final transaction will lose money! Through the Senate we have to understand that in the futures investment, the temptation of a lot, if we can not resist all kinds of temptations, will give their investment career infinite disaster. In the ever-changing market, we must always keep a clear mind as a qualified trader. Calm and objective to observe the market. Can not be tempted to produce dry emotions and transactions. But should be based on their own methods and plans to rational trading. So that the probability of success of the transaction is relatively large, so reciprocating more to increase self-confidence, with confidence and more calm and calm will be able to strictly comply with the rules. To static brake, to change the status quo. Only out of the misunderstanding of the idea can be indifferent to fame and fortune, heart water.

“Heart Sutra” said: the so-called “deep line” is meditation, deep. The Buddha in the meditation found that when the five Yun are empty – that is, “no me” when all the troubles and pain on the freed, the view of the Buddha is in the set to get this clever wisdom and the card was very comfortable achievement. The root cause of the failure of futures investors is that when he is facing the market trend, always self-centered, their own subjective speculation, estimation, judgment … … and other delusions imposed on the price trend of the body, and the trend of the battle, the final Will end with their own failure. For example, in a clear trend of the market, but many people always think that they are very smart that the price has gone up to touch the top short, the price fell more to go to bargain-hunting to do more. This is the root of their own as the center, that they are smart than the market, that they can overcome the market. In fact the real homeopathic trade is waiting for the power of a party to really exhausted when leaving, while adding to the power of the other side of the strong camp. It is not wise to rush to the end when the strength of the party is still not at the end. We must try to avoid the market’s last counterattack, and strive to make themselves not to be destroyed before the dawn of darkness. The market is not a personal will for the transfer, when your heart “no me”, the realm of transactions will be greatly improved.

In general, meditation is not necessarily enlightened, but it is inseparable from meditation. “Zen is a wonderful thing, once in life to play a function, then lively and natural, not attracted by the desire, full of vitality everywhere, is able to reverse the modern human life to Chi’s sluggish, Zen is not abandoned life on the fun, To say that it goes beyond these five things, and in an attempt to get more real harmony and silence. “Quit, set, Hui” is the axis of the Dharma content.The three is an organic whole, In order to cultivate the meditation, it is the best practice field for those who wish to improve their own quality. We should take prudence and aggression against the people. Many investors look at a lot of transactions in the books but in the transaction or can not control their own. Where is the problem? No practical practice and enlightenment, did not do “quit.” Meditation is born The wisdom of the meditation, the practice of the human body, the development of the way, the way of liberation, not revised, wisdom can not afford, and all the troubles are cut off by the wisdom of the whole purpose of the monastic is to ” So that the meditation is the Buddha to carry out in-depth thinking and access to the wisdom of the tool. Understand the wisdom of Zen , In the operation will be the mentality of the people more calm and comprehend the scope of the psychological to become greater.Can be absorbed, concentrate on the observation of every change in the market, you can make the right independent thinking and decision-making, will not stick Prejudice, will take the initiative to give up the wrong subjective view in order to maintain a clear idea to follow the footsteps of the market, combined with the trend of one, took the price of the hand to follow the trend to go.Operation is so simple because the trend of technology, The highest level of the concept of play to the heart of the trend of only some understanding and feeling in order to achieve this highest level.

“Diamond” cloud: “all the law must be tolerated.” People get along, people get along with the environment, must be patient, the only goal: If the road industry to achieve success, then any environment must be patient. If you can bear, everything can be accomplished. Futures investment is a difficult and serious work, in order to be successful in the market, we must tolerate ordinary people can not bear the matter. From the tolerance of their own, perseverance began. ( to be able to endure the road to success on the time to torture, to be able to endure the pain after the bar, to bear the profit when the impetuous, to endure waiting for the perfect opportunity to appear when the loneliness and suffering Endure the shock of the market when the confusion … … patience is compulsory in the homework, only to do the patience of this homework and then to their own mistakes to reflect and improve the investment in the cause can be sophisticated.

In the trading center state to decide everything. Meditation is the “heart” has a super strength of the training, but also after two thousand years of countless wise to verify the effective training. This powerful “effort” is obtained, that is, people have the ability