Time is the greatest liar

The subtle factor that makes life smooth is ” gradual”. The creator’s means of deceiving others are nothing like ” gradual”. Unconsciously, innocent children ” gradually” become ambitious youth. The generous and gallant youth ” gradually” turned into ruthless adults. Vigorous adults ” gradually” become stubborn old men. Because the changes are gradual, year by year, January by month, day by day, time by time, minute by minute, and second by second. It is like stepping down from a long-term hillside with extremely slow slope, so that people do not notice the signs of decline or see the state of each stage. Instead, they seem to feel that they are always in the same position, constant and of constant interest and value. Therefore, life is definitely affirmed and conducted smoothly. If life goes on like a keyboard of an organ instead of like a mountain, it will suddenly move from do to re, that is, the children of last night will suddenly become young today. Or, like the melody ” taking off” and jumping from do to mi suddenly, that is, if you become an old man for the sake of youth, you must be surprised, feeling, sad, or feel the impermanence of life, instead of being happy. Therefore, it can be seen that life is maintained by ” gradual”. I’m afraid this is especially necessary for women: in opera, the flowery girl on the stage is the old woman next to the stove in the future. this remark makes people unable to believe it at first sight, and the young girl also refuses to admit it. in fact, the old woman now is ” gradually” changed from the flowery girl.

People’s ability to withstand the decline of circumstances also depends on this ” gradual” help. Because of repeated bankruptcies, the rich Wan sons ” gradually” squandered their wealth and became poor. The poor have to work as domestic servants. Domestic servants are often turned into slaves. Slaves are easily turned into scoundrels. Scoundrels are very close to beggars. Beggars may as well steal. In fact, there are many such examples in novels. Because its decline has been extended to 10 to 20 years and gradually achieved step by step, I do not feel any strong stimulation. Therefore, even though we have reached the point where we are suffering from hunger, cold, illness, and flogging, we still have a lively desire for the joy of our present life. If a daughter’s son suddenly changed into a beggar or a thief, the man must have become angry.

This is really the mysterious principle of nature, the subtle work of the creator! Yin and Yang’s latent shift, the order of the Spring and Autumn Dynasties, and the decline and prosperity of things all coincide with this law. From budding spring ” gradually” to green summer, from withered autumn ” gradually” to withered winter. Although we have been through decades of cold and heat, it is still hard to imagine the summer mood when drinking ice and waving a fan on a winter night with blankets in the furnace. or vice versa, Dallas to the auditorium However, from winter to summer day by day, time by time, minute by minute, second by second, and from summer to winter day by day, time by time, minute by minute, second by second, there is really no obvious trace to be found. The same is true for day and night: sitting under the window reading in the evening, the pages of the book ” gradually” darken. if you keep reading ( your eyesight can be gradually strengthened by the fading light ), you can almost always recognize the handwriting on the pages of the book, that is, you do not realize that the day has changed into night. Dawn looks at the eastern sky from the window without blinking or distinguishing the trace of the shift from night to day. The children grew up gradually, and the parents who met day and night didn’t feel that the distant relatives who seldom met met met each other. On New Year’s Eve last year, we waited for the daffodils to open under the red candles. What a fool! If the daffodils do open up to us, it will be the destruction of nature’s principles, the fundamental shaking of the universe, and the end of the world’s mankind!

The function of ” gradual” is to conceal the traces of the past of time and the changes of things by means of slight and slow difference in each step, making people mistake it for unchangeable. This is really a great trick of the creator! There is a metaphorical story: a farmer jumps over a ditch every morning when he holds a calf, goes to work in the field, and at dusk he holds it and jumps over the ditch to go home. This is the case every day without interruption. After a year, the calf has grown bigger and heavier, almost turning into a big bull, but the farmer didn’t feel it at all and still jumped into the ditch with it. One day he stopped working because of something, and the next day he couldn’t hold the cow and jump into the ditch. This is the way that the deceitfulness of creation makes people stay in the joy of their daily life without noticing their changes and hardships. People jump into the ditch every day holding cows that are getting heavier and heavier, and are not allowed to stop. I mistakenly think that it is the same, in fact, I am increasing my hard work every day!

I think the hour clock is the best symbol of life. The needle of an hour clock always feels ” motionless” at ordinary times. In fact, the most common movement in man-made objects is the needle of an hour clock. The same is true of life in daily life. I always feel that I am me. It seems that this ” I” will never change, but in fact it is as impermanent as the needle of an hour clock! While there is still breath, I always feel that I am still me, that I have not changed, that I still linger on my life, and that I am pitifully ” gradually” deceived!

The essence of ” gradual” is ” time”. I think time is more incredible than space. The music of Jude’s time art is more mysterious than the painting of space art. Because the space is not to investigate how vast or infinite it is, we can always grasp one end of it and identify one point. Time is completely uncertain and cannot be retained. Only the past and the future are chasing each other in the dim future. In nature, it is already slim and inconceivable, and in weight, it seems too much in life. Because the average person’s understanding of time seems to be only enough to control the short time taken by boat. For a long life span of one hundred years, they are not competent. They are often too partial to care for all. Let’s look at the train passengers, there are always wise people, some would rather sacrifice their temporary happiness and let them sit in the old and weak, in order to have peace of mind ( or win a temporary reputation ); Some saw the crowd rushing out of the car and retreating behind, or shouting, ” Don’t run over, there will always be a way to get down!” ” Everyone will go down!” However, among the long-term passengers of ” life” who take the big train of ” society” or ” world”, there are few such enlightened people. So I think the life span of 100 years is too long. Like the people in the world today, if they are given the life span during the period of taking a boat or a bus, they may be able to reduce many dangerous and miserable fights in human society, and the same humility and peace as in the train are unknown.

However, there are also several people in the human race who can live for a hundred years or an eternity. That is ” big personality” and ” big life”. They can shrink unlimited time and space in the heart of the heart without being ” gradually” fascinated or cheated by creation. Therefore, Buddhism can accept sumeru in mustard seed. The ancient Chinese poet ( Bai Juyi ) said: ” What is the dispute over snail horns? Send this body in the stone fire. ” The English poet ( Blake ) also said: ” To see the world in a grain of sand and the kingdom of heaven in a flower; Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and a moment is eternity. “