Three roses

  The original three roses, but they burst into a different taste, also represent the three stages of marriage. The first represents passion, the second represents love, and the third represents eternal.

  On Valentine’s Day, one old, one young, one less, three men went home after a flight. On the way, passing a flower shop, the young man said, “Wait, I go in and buy a rose.” Older men and middle-aged men know that young men are falling in love, young people are dating for romance and romance, so every time they meet Young men will send a girlfriend a rose.

  Soon, the young man came out, but he held three roses in his hand. When the old man and the middle-aged man are wondering, the young man gives them a picture of one person: “Dad, this is for the mother, you hand it over to me; Grandpa, this is a grandmother, you are in trouble. Give it to her.” The middle-aged man smiled embarrassedly: “I have been married to your mother for more than 20 years. It’s hard to be old enough to send flowers.”

  Older men are even more blushing: “I don’t want it! It’s the stuff of your young people, we don’t like this for the elderly!”
  But the young man doesn’t care, saying that after the money is paid, he can’t retire, middle-aged men and older men. Had to accept it.

  The young man went to a beauty salon with a rose. Just as the girlfriend finished her head and saw the young man holding the flower, the sisters on the side cried in enviousness: “Wow, beautiful roses!” “Flowers with beautiful people, really romantic!” Pushed the girlfriend to the young man.

  ”Happy Valentine’s Day!” The girlfriend took the flower, happy to kiss the young man’s face, and spoiledly asked: “Dear, you can surprise me every time, what arrangements are there today?” I took the girlfriend’s waist and said, “Go to a newly opened western restaurant to eat, then go to the movies.” After that, the two went together.

  When a middle-aged man returns home, his wife is cooking in the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen lightly and said softly: “Wife, you have worked hard, gave it to you!” The wife turned back and saw the rose in the middle-aged man’s hand. After a sigh of relief, he asked: “How much?” “The middle-aged man cautiously stretched out a finger: “Ten.” “What? Ten?” The wife threw the spoon angrily and snarled: “If you are full, spend 10 yuan to buy this.” What do you do? You don’t know how much the price has gone up so far? Is it better to sell the order back? Well, the money to buy the flowers is directly deducted from your money this month…” The middle-aged man dropped the flowers and returned gray and gray. The living room. But the wife was more comfortable when she started cooking, and she looked at the roses on the ground from time to time. After dinner, the middle-aged man watched the gap in the game, and the wife carefully picked up the flowers and sniffed the nose and smelled it, revealing a smile like a first love. Then, find a clean vase, put on the water, and insert the flowers.

  The old man took the rose for ten minutes at the door of his house and finally got the courage to enter the door. When I first entered, the old woman yelled at him: “How come back so late? What have you gone? Is it going to play chess with Li Laotou? How many times have I told you…” The old man has been bowing his head. Can’t insert a sentence. Half a sigh, only trembled and took out the rose from behind, not yet opened, the old woman cried: “Well, you are an old thing, where is this flower?” The old man was so anxious: ” This is what my grandson bought for you. I said that I don’t want it. He wants me to give it to you personally. Do you see this happening ?” Before going to bed, the old woman held the rose, how could she not sleep, tears 哗When I went down, my mouth whispered, “I have been married for more than 50 years. Is this the first time he sent me a rose…”

  The rose from the young man was taken by his girlfriend after watching the movie. I threw it into the trash can on the side of the road; the rose from the middle-aged man was carefully cared for by the wife. Every morning, I went to bed to change the water. The rose that had only three days of fresh-keeping period was blooming more than one. The rose of the old man was picked up by the old woman one by one. After drying in the sun, the old-fashioned old woman made a scented purse and hung in the room. From then on, the house was filled every day. The fragrance of roses.