Those who do not sleep at night are mostly mindful


A few days ago in the bed over and over again, just can not sleep.

So simply pick up the phone, brush friends circle, brush microblogging. From 1:00 am, has been brush to three points, to the last no longer brush update.

I lay in bed, the room dark, only the phone screen lit, continue to be reluctant to repeat the circle of friends to pull the home action, even if a silence.

I remembered my friend of insomnia.

Like people who like to drink will have a fixed wine friends, every insomnia, I always hope that tentatively asked the Friends of insomnia:

“have you slept?”
“No, talk?” She goes back to me.

I am as excited as the human being on the uninhabited wilderness. She is also insomnia, two lonely planets, in the silent universe communication signal.

And she even met no more than three times, just because a night in the night to see her friends circle, only to know that because of her physical reasons, often insomnia.

That time to talk to her, far apart, work, friends, love, and even talk to her former boyfriend how to make her something with her girlfriend. I also accumulated the secret as an exchange, even around friends do not know the truth, all pour out.

Two insomnia, like drunk, dig the heart of the car out of the heart.


Think of countless insomnia in the night, brush the microblogging and friends circle. Morning social network, is an insomnia club. Those insomnia friends, each have their own tragedy.

Roommate snoring, too cold, too hot, sober, milk tea … … In fact, these are not the real reason.

The morning of the text are so decisive, should be the mind of the people will insomnia it

Close your eyes, the past in the mind of a frame of a frame, time and space intertwined together.

And he or she had had a close moment, or tomorrow is about to face the examination, interview, or was wronged, but there is no way to pay tribute to people.

At some point in the morning, everything is quiet, and the head suddenly sober, as if to see through the nature of human nature, the dark side of society, inner despair, loneliness, helplessness, sadness, decadence … …

All the negative emotions fell out of the brain.


When you are asleep, remember to clean up the traces of these words.

Remember that a friend made a circle of friends late at night, the next day we all in the following message, have asked her what happened. Impression of the friend is an optimistic and cheerful people, suddenly issued such a lament, so that we are very peace of mind.

Until noon we received her unified reply:
“Haha, nothing … I’m just insomnia.” Let ‘s worry about it.
Not long after, this circle of friends disappeared.

This circle of friends, only with the insomnia can understand. In that alternative time and state, awake people are insomnia fellow fellow.

I do not know why, these words are particularly able to arouse the resonance of insomnia. Everyone across the dark night, comfort each other, saying “tomorrow may not be good” words.

They are like shady moss, it grows in the dark corner of time, only the dead of night, will slowly crawl the social network.

There is no way to explain with friends and loved ones why the morning up your eyes atheistic, black eyes, cheeks swollen. A “last night insomnia,” with last night over the torment of overturned.

Only those who sleep in the middle of the night and you sleep chatting friends can know, in the end you experienced what last night. When the sun rises, everyone’s face should be piled up, or with the makeup deep buried traces, with deep laughter buried all lament.

It seems that insomnia is a very failed thing, a shady thing.

It seems that you have a weakness, with the care of things, with a blow you can fall on the absolute hole.


Every morning to brush friends circle, always brush out two very different updates.

One is up early, full of the sun-like hope.
The other is insomnia, half awakened half awake whispering.

I especially like in the morning to see those late night sent friends circle and microblogging. Insomnia generally do not forward things, they will write their own feelings.

Like the audience cleared the stage, the actor is no longer dedicated to the audience there is no one to watch, there is no one to listen. Spotlight hit the body, the audience a dark, began to forget the one-man show.

Real, cold, muttered to those who can not say anything during the day. Only to wait until the depths of the night, all the noisy are quiet down, “their own” as the deep sea diving whale floating to the sea to catch the breath.

We can not stop at night, some degree is not in the expectation of such a moment?

Sensitive people who need to be covered by other things will bare themselves. Wine, filled with silly fool, dreaming, and late at night, are confession of the mask. Who is not clear, which is the so-called sober time.

So day and night, our social life is roughly the same.