Those “only too short” in life

In the afternoon, in New Rain Chu Qing, I painted the iron gate at my door. The gloved hand moved flexibly, and the brush dipped in silvery white paint flashed with it. The old iron bars were immediately refreshed. The surroundings were quiet, only not far away, the birds were calling. This Guang Chen is not to say that a bad old man is doing little-known odd jobs. Even if a big-name singer is flaunting himself on the street, only dogs who don’t know what dignity is give off alert or curious cries. However, I felt better than ever. I sighed at the half-finished iron gate: “It was finished soon. What a pity!”
Then I was pleasantly surprised to ask myself: when did I realize (perhaps only temporarily) this change-from “very anxious to finish soon” to “afraid to finish too soon”? Perhaps part of the reason is the low level of technology and ease of work, which makes it easy to fulfill the “sense of accomplishment”. However, compared with the thinking pattern formed over the years, this little bit of old wisdom is worth secretly rejoicing for a while.
Yes, in the past, I was keen on “completing”. I went to work so that I could support my family. It is inevitable to expect to leave work when you are busy. Even travel, eager to try before leaving, tired in a few days, eager to “see all the flowers in Changan in one day” and go home early. Generally speaking, the middle-aged with heavy load and the youth and teenagers before it are lined up one by one with “tasks” and one by one with “only completing is asking”. School is boring, just for exams. Foreign middle-aged, even raising children, an important part of “family ties”, cannot only provide happiness, otherwise, we will not keep on blessing future generations to “grow up quickly.”
As small as shopping for vegetables, going to a teahouse, taking a walk, as large as entering a higher school, looking for a job, changing the track of one’s life, one must “finish” one job or another. It is said that this is the responsibility. The motivation to guide the whole process is “water is better than mud on both legs”.
To live like this all one’s life, “must complete” is a consistent self-encouragement and caution. Back to the painting job, painting walls, doors and windows, bathrooms, fences, I will do it every three years or so. When a thief dies, I always “wish to finish it right away”. Today is the “beautiful exception”. I finally learned to enjoy the process itself.
Let’s take a closer look. What are the “short ones” in our life? Life, beautiful love and marriage, and two or three bosom friends singing about wine and enjoying the beautiful scenery, who doesn’t want the clock to slow down or even stop? What is interesting is the relationship between father and son. Parents who wish their children to stand on their own feet early will not want their grandchildren to grow up once they are “upgraded.”
Before the iron gate, I waved my brush with great interest, smelling the peculiar smell of silvery white paint, and further thought: we all don’t want to end the nearly perfect things (they are mainly attached to prosperity and leisure). although “all the world has a feast to end”, how to expand the scope of “only think it short” to become a daily lesson in spiritual construction.
Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the mentality, focus on the “process” itself, and focus on the beauty buried by frustrations and accidents ahead. In the watery spring fields, you bend over to transplant rice seedlings, and the paddy fields in front of you are endless. In view of this situation, you should rejoice at “so much fertile land for cultivation” instead of lamenting the pain: oh, my god, when will it be finished? If you are a marathon runner with leg cramps, smoking throat and physical strength approaching the limit, you should still cheer heartily: “well, there are still 20 kilometers ahead!” Since the completion of life is not entirely reflected in the achievements, achievements and honors of the low-level stage of “working for rice and liang”, turning the necessary tribulations in life into “instant enjoyment” so as to make the mediocre life full of surprises is a spiritual sublimation.
From then on, I gave myself the following questions every day: walking, not proud of “how many roads have been walked”, but excited about “how many roads are still left”. The book is not satisfied with “how many books have been read”, but only gratified by “so much knowledge that I still don’t understand”.