These seven reasons will make the future better.

Technological progress promotes the progress of human society.

However, in real life, fear of technology perplexes quite a few people. Outburst robots, runaway AI, abuse of human body enhancement … These scenes, which often appear in various dystopian science fiction stories, are also considered as a warning of technological destruction.

If we can withdraw from these bad negative information, from the perspective of the technological route and the overall development of human society, we will find many reasons that are worth believing in technology and the future.

1. Renewable energy will solve the energy crisis

For a long time, energy professionals underestimated the rapid growth and expansion of renewable energy, especially solar energy and wind energy.

The price per kilowatt-hour of these renewable energy sources continues to decline at a rate far exceeding anyone’s prediction. This means that the worst-case scenario of climate change may change, as the world may shift faster from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

With the prices of solar panels and wind turbines getting cheaper and cheaper, many developing countries with a large increase in energy demand have found that renewable energy is cheaper and easier to obtain than fossil fuels.

Self – driving cars will save more lives.

In the next ten years, the development of automatic driving technology will promote changes in many industries. As more and more countries begin to introduce self-driving cars and integrate them into the infrastructure of smart cities, in the future, self-driving cars will save nearly one million lives every year.

These electric self-driving cars are more efficient in transportation, and the more vehicles on the road, the safer the road will be.

Smart city will make the city more livable.

With the popularization of 5G network, the development of intelligent infrastructure will give birth to real smart cities, whose infrastructure is managed in real time by AI system.

At present, modern city life is full of various problems, such as traffic congestion, hard to find parking spaces, inconvenience / damage of public facilities, etc. In the future, these problems will change with the application of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence computing.

Smart cities will effectively manage transportation, life, entertainment and other aspects, provide faster response time for emergency services, and create a safer and more interactive city than we can imagine.

We will solve the famine completely.

Whether it is the application of gene technology, artificial meat or insect protein, the mode of food production on which human beings depend for survival will be completely changed by science and technology. In the future, agricultural science and technology and food science and technology will solve the food problem of all mankind.

Indoor farms will make crop planting more efficient and greener; Gene technology will make crop yield higher; Artificial meat, plant protein and insect protein will bring an end to the traditional large-scale animal breeding and slaughtering methods. This will be an important step for mankind to get rid of barbarism and move towards civilization.

Medicine will make us healthier and live longer.

New technologies such as stem cells, gene technology, 3D printing and artificial intelligence will enable us to better manage our physical condition, and our life span will be longer and healthier.

In the future, gene technology and artificial intelligence will make it easier for us to develop various new drugs. Many diseases will be completely cured. The risk of bacterial infection will be minimized; Various artificial organs make organ transplantation easier and more controllable. In short, our life span will be greatly improved in the next few decades.

6. A brand-new space age is coming

As private rocket companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin enter the commercial space field, the pace of human exploration into space is getting faster and faster.

Bold space technologies such as Mars colonization and asteroid mining have been proposed by many space technology companies and have been implemented. In the future, space commerce will become a brand-new commercial field, and we are creating a new miracle.

Artificial intelligence gives us more free time.

Although artificial intelligence system still has a long way to go before reaching human intelligence, and although the current artificial intelligence technology has not reached the stage we expected, its potential not only makes people full of expectation, but also makes many people feel afraid and worried.

However, it is undeniable that artificial intelligence will change the way of production and life of human beings, redistribute human labor, liberate human beings from simple and repetitive physical work, and create more new jobs requiring mental work.

In the future, artificial intelligence systems using robotic labor can produce everything we need to survive, and we will have more time to control our lives and work.

In short, on the one hand, we have reason to remain optimistic about technological progress. On the other hand, it is really necessary for us to pay close attention to the development direction of various technologies and their impact on the society, so as to really let technologies promote the improvement of industrial efficiency, the improvement of environmental protection and the growth of human welfare.