There is no poor marriage

In the eyes of outsiders, he and she are really poor. They were all college students who came out of the countryside, each doing a job of leaving early and returning late. When they got married, the parents didn’t help much. They added up their savings and paid a down payment for a one-bedroom apartment. The rest was paid off in 20 years. One person’s salary supports the house, and one person’s salary supports the family.

The house is the top floor. In a city where the land is rich, they have no extra money to renovate. The cabinets, shoe cabinets, dressing tables, and wardrobes are all made by himself using the tools and materials he borrowed in his spare time. “The sparrow is small, but it has all five internal organs.” Add a water heater this year and a computer next year…Slowly, the electrical appliances in the house are also complete.

After the salary was paid, the mortgage was paid, and the remaining money was put in an envelope and put in a drawer, whoever used it. The days are really not well-off. During the Golden Week, the work unit is on holiday, and colleagues and friends either travel abroad or go shopping in the mall. The only difference is their holiday. Today they rode a bicycle to the suburbs, took two books, and soaked in the sun for a day. Tomorrow they would take fishing gear, find a fish pond, and relax while fishing.

Sometimes you can’t eat bread, and roses are even more luxurious. When the days went by, the main dishes on the dinner table for several days were cabbage and potatoes. The vinegared cabbage, coleslaw, sea rice cabbage, cold potato shreds, spicy fried potato chips… He was surprised to see these tricks she learned from nowhere, and he ate every meal with relish. Those memorable days between lovers such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversary, he can always bring her some surprises. An exquisite key chain, a cartoon wallet for coins, a new book she longed for, a silk scarf that she loved at first sight… These gifts are not expensive, and some don’t even cost money. Happy smiling.

She likes to eat snacks and fruits. For this reason, he quit smoking for more than ten years, saving money to buy her favorite plums and fresh seasonal fruits. He likes to eat dumplings. At first, she bought quick-frozen dumplings and cooked them at home. She slowly learned how to make fillings, make noodles, roll the skins, and make dumplings by herself.

The clothes she wears are bought from small shops on the roadside, but they always look different when worn on her. She is a good girl and likes trimming and cutting, and the clothes she bought will look new with a little modification. He has several brand-name suits. Apart from attending some formal occasions, he prefers some casual clothes. They honor their parents in the countryside and reduce the burden on the elderly by saving the cost of installation.

The house is cold in winter and hot in summer. In winter in the north, the interior can be frozen, and he can’t afford the heating bill. When he comes home from get off work every day, he is always rushing to cook in the cold kitchen, plug her in an electric blanket, and let her Cover the bed with a quilt to keep warm. In the summer, the house seemed to be on fire, especially at night, the temperature in the room was like a patient with a high fever, which made people unable to sleep. She always tried every means to cool the room. She closed the curtains at get off work during the day and returned from work. The house mopped the floor over and over again.

When she was in love, she didn’t even know how to cook food. Marriage changed her from a girl who didn’t touch the water with her fingers to a budget-conscious housewife. She learned cooking and frying, and cooked three ordinary meals a day. It is delicious in color and fragrance, and learned how to make noodles by myself, such as steamed buns, hanami, steamed buns, dumplings, and noodles. Not to mention, these noodles made by hand are better than those made by outside machines. As for him, he has also changed from a big boy who is full of food and the whole family is not hungry to a family man who knows cold and hot all year round, he always does not allow her to touch cold water, she puts the bicycle in the basement, every day He is always responsible for cheering up in the morning.

Their house is very small, their food and clothing are simple, they live frugally, their private cars are far away from them, the delicacies of the five-star hotel are not in touch with them, and it’s not even better to travel around by train and plane. Reality, but they are very close to happiness. There are no poor marriages, only poor lovers. If our hearts are filled with love, no matter how poor our marriage is, we will become rich.