The twelve constellations prodigal way inventory

Aries: eating, drinking and having fun

  Aries takes eating, drinking and having fun as a prodigal way. They will always meet some of their normal needs in such a situation. Even if you don’t save money, you have to eat and drink in place.

Taurus: buy daily necessities

  The prodigal way for Taurus is to buy daily necessities. They seem to be necessary, but they are hoarding meaninglessly. They seem to be buying more cost-effective goods, but in fact it is a kind of profligacy.
Gemini: buy a book

  Geminis love reading, so buying books is their way of prodigal. They buy books of various styles, there are more romantic novels, and there are also some content that makes people feel serious.
Cancer: buy health products

  The prodigal way of Cancer is to buy health care products, often focusing on health preservation, and always buying regardless of the consequences and costs. They feel that the body is the capital of the revolution, and they are not afraid of not having firewood.
Leo: buy clothes

  Leo has always liked to dress up, so their prodigal way is to buy clothes. All kinds of good-looking clothes, I want to bring back to my closet, never too many.
Virgo: buy skin care products

  Virgos are very concerned about their skin care, so they buy skin care products very well. This has also become their way of prodigal, I really want to buy it even at the sky-high price and feel that it is very cost-effective and worth it.
Libra: Eat delicious

  Libra is a complete foodie, so they like to eat delicious food. Basically, their prodigal way is to eat them. Even if they are expensive, they want to try them.
Scorpio: buy digital products

  Scorpio people are people who like digital products very much, so their way of prodigal is to buy some digital products, and they need to buy the latest models every time, and they are indeed a person who pursues enjoyment.
Sagittarius: Traveling

  Sagittarius is a person who likes to travel, so their prodigal way is to travel. After earning money, I want to go out and take a look at the scenery and the world outside. I am a lively person who can’t stay idle.
Capricorn: Give someone a gift

  Capricorns are very easy to invest in human relationships, and they often like to give gifts to maintain their relationship, which will inevitably bring a huge expense. In fact, some can be completely eliminated.
Aquarius: buy rare things

  Aquarius people have very different brain circuits. They like strange things, but such things are very valuable. So for them, this is also a costly point.
Pisces: invite someone to dinner

  Pisces people are very generous when it comes to inviting people to dinner, and they may also be suspected of being prodigal. They have always been generous and generous in inviting people to dinner, and it is easy to cause a lot of money loss.