The talent of flowers is reflected in the form of incense


Sunlight is God’s best creation. With light, chaos and dark night are separated. that’s how it’s done. People who are struggling with fear and anxiety have the hope of continuing to live. The roots are also working hard in secret.

The mask creates mental isolation. The occlusion of facial expressions blocks the free release of emotions, and the backfilled emotions become more and more complex.

The opening of flowers is the most beautiful form of liberation and the most thorough resistance. It must be opened when spring comes, and there is no possibility of compromise or change. First, one flower and two flowers broke the tension of the freezing soil on the grass for a winter, and then there were dots here and there, becoming more and more full, and the grass burst into joy.

The rise and prosperity of dandelion should be attributed to a certain era. Such as the Heisei period. In that era, people could reach Consummation relatively easily. It is not like us, always struggling hard in the waves of blows and anger.

The dandelion drove happily.

The dandelions were all deleted.

Dandelions must not grow on this grassland. This is the will of the gardener.

Dandelion had to obey.

The seeds of all weeds will be identified by pesticides and must not germinate here.

“Benjamin is a ripping wolf,

Eat what he caught in the morning,

He will share what he has taken in the evening. ”

Joseph wept for his father for seven days.


For those things that appear later in life, it is always difficult to get close, and I always feel separated. Coupled with extreme trust in personal experience, a unique and arbitrary value judgment is formed. I thought that certain flowers were not considered flowers, and flowers that did not bear fruit must not be good flowers. If I haven’t seen it before, I regard it as non-existent or should not exist. My teacher is like this.

I also have this problem. Take your own memory as the boundary and consider them as late births. But relatively speaking, his attitude is slightly more tactful than my teacher. Like the way people get along with each other, those who are slow to heat will heat up more slowly.

But I will still be amazed by some sudden beauty.

Suddenly a large patch of cloves, standing upright like a flood, gathered in piles, surging, and seemed to flood vehicles and horses inside, overthrowing certain enemies inside. The color is dark, light, transparent, spiritual purple, and white that is more and more dazzling in the twilight. I don’t know how long they have grown here, and how hard it took to bloom such a strong flower. I have raised a queen for two years, holding it back, and hasn’t opened, topped, and fertilized, but it doesn’t work, just doesn’t open. I think there is a mystery in the reproduction of plants that I don’t understand.

The aunts under the flower are also opening up, in various gestures, sunglasses and silk scarves are their commonly used or necessary weapons. The aunts have a group sense of subjectivity, a strong sense of participation, and they occupy widely and quickly, as if they are in a land of no one. Invincible and invincible. Its posture is like the fragrance of cloves.

I folded a few lilacs and inserted the bottle, so the fragrance filled the house. A mixed fragrance of various levels and maturity. The fragrance is continuous and thorough. The talent of flowers is embodied in the form of incense, and frankly speaking, I am heavily scented by them.


The rain in the woods is loud. Probably because every leaf stood up to catch the raindrops from the sky. So it’s fun to rain. After the rain, many wild violets grow on the lawn on the south side of the poplar forest. There will always be some new changes after a while, and you can observe it with a little attention. The lawn actually grows well and densely, but there are still many stronger plants growing out of the lawn. Such as poplar, such as torch tree. These are two very domineering tree species. Wherever their seeds fall, they will give birth to roots. Biologically, this phenomenon is called “aggressiveness of plants”. As long as one plant survives, there will be many in the future. It must be so. There is also the Fork Juniper, which quietly spreads out and will soon take up half of the road.

In the summer, I saw gardeners spraying pesticides on the lawn and asked what kind of medicine they were spraying, and the answer was to prevent weeds from growing. Grasses do not have the right to grow freely on this land. However, the wild Viola still looked at the opportunity and grew out at the right time. Maybe it’s because the land is more moist with more rain in autumn. Wild Viola likes sunlight and moisture. They should have grown in March. Its leaves are a bit like the shiitake mushrooms growing in the shallow waters of the Fen River, but they are not as big as the leaves of the shiitake mushrooms, and the whole shape is much more rounded. But the clumps of joy and liveliness are alike.

Wild Viola is also called Viola di Ding. The vitality is extremely strong, the perennial root, as long as there is a little soil it can grow. Kawabata Yasunari wrote in “Spring Flowers” that there are two sprouts parasitic on a maple tree: “Under the curved trunk, there are two small holes, and the purple sprouts parasitize there, and they bloom every spring. From the time when Qian Zhongzi was sensible, there were two purple flowers on the tree.” The upper one and the lower one are about a foot apart. Qianzhongzi could not help thinking: “Will the purple flowers above and below meet or know each other?” Qianzhongzi often looked at them on the corridor, occasionally arousing loneliness and sadness: “Parasitic in this place , And live…” There was a lantern with a statue of Christ under the maple tree, and the purple flowers made Qianzhongzi think of Mary’s heart. There can be a world in my heart.

There is also a legend about the purple flower field, such as the god of rivers and Zeus. Has always disapproved of legends. Legend, it seems that there is such a thing, when everyone is bored, let’s talk about it, true or false, no one will take it seriously. But maybe I need to change my opinion, seeing more and more real news slowly spreading in the form of legends. The flower language of the purple flower field is honesty, and honesty is a precious quality. Very valuable.


How could a green plant have such a fierce name. It sounds awe-inspiring. Although it has irregular edges and corners all over its body, and sharp thorns. These are consistent with the aggressiveness embodied in its name, although there is still a slight gap in the degree. Its color is warm green, and the leaves at the ends of the branches are softer, which can be regarded as gentle. This description is objective and does not contain any emotional color.

Overlord is a plant of the genus Euphorbiaceae. The halberd is a combination of Ge and Spear. Put the tip of the spear on Ge’s head. It can both hook and peck and stab. It is extremely lethal. It is an indispensable fighting weapon for infantry and cavalry in the Han Dynasty. If the Overlord’s whip is used as a weapon, the effect will not be bad-if you are not afraid of getting hands. During the Sino-Japanese War, Japan had a so-called “soldier spirit injection stick.” At that time, each squad of the Japanese naval forces could be divided into three short rifles of Type 99, and there were no bullets. In the name of education in the internal affairs class, the officers used “soldier spirit injection sticks” to hit and beat the soldiers. Many soldiers left scars on their heads. There is no picture of the military spirit injection stick. I guess it should be roughly the same as Overlord Whip.

The Overlord’s Whip can grow up to seven meters high and is very majestic, like a wall. It is resistant to drought and can grow well in sandy soil. Like a pitiful person, you can grow up if you don’t have a choice, no one loves no one. It will also bloom in bloom, even though it looks fangs and claws. It has yellow flowers. If the sun and nutrients are sufficient, the flowers will be darker and look more beautiful.

Our Overlord’s Whip was placed on the window sill against the sun. When we wanted to take a photo of it, we found that there were iron fences outside the window. Very unpleasant. It feels like being locked in a cage. Suddenly feel that I have lost my freedom. Maybe plants will have this feeling, but they will not express it. Maybe they expressed it, but we didn’t understand it. Who likes to be locked up? No one wants to come. The same goes for plants. Our overlord whip has not bloomed yet. Maybe it hasn’t grown up yet.


The flaming red flowers bloomed under the grape trellis, which was strange, but when I came closer, it came from another tiny plant. Thought it was Manzhushahua. Manzhushahua is also called the other shore flower. Like kapok, the flower and the leaf do not meet each other. When the flower blooms, it is extremely splendid. When the flower is gone, the leaves begin to grow. Legend has it that it was a flower that was voluntarily thrown into hell and was later sent back by the demons, but it still wandered on the road of Huangquan. The demons couldn’t bear it, so they allowed it to drive by the side of the road to give guidance and comfort to the spirits rushing to Huangquan. I wondered how my father would plant such flowers in the garden.

My sister only said that they were moved back from the mountain by my sister when the family went to Pangquangou last summer. At the junction of northwestern Jiaocheng County and northeastern Fangshan County, Pangquangou grows larch and spruce as high as the sky. The brown horse chicken flies around in the woods, looking for bugs to eat. We arrived there before late at night one weekend and lived in a small courtyard. There are many stars without a month, and they are huge. The Milky Way can be seen. There was water rushing in the dark, and it was hard to see what kind of posture they were flowing. I don’t know if the Wenyu River that passed on the road flows along the valley to there. The air was filled with the good smell of burning wood. I had bracken for dinner. It is a dish cooked with wood fire. I still remember two yellow moths and a slender bee on the window. There is also a black beetle moving back and forth on the ground.

My elder sister recognizes a lot of plants, and she identifies them one by one. Collect some umbrella-shaped white flowers, which can be dried and used as spices in the soup. I just don’t remember them. My sister moved them back from Pangquangou and planted them in the garden. They withered and died in autumn and winter. In spring, they grow up again, they are very inconspicuous and have not been found until now they bloom like fire flowers.

Called my sister, my sister said that they were not Manzhushahua, but lily, also called Shandandanhua. Like a lily, it has five or six petals, but the leaves are very thin and have a gentle line shape, and the flower plants are much smaller than ordinary lilies. The Manzhushahua is a cluster of several flowers, surrounded by many slender styles. Their flowering seasons are also different. Manchuria blooms in late summer and early autumn, one season later than fine-leaf lilies.

There is a bunch of lilies in the house. Mom likes them. Put them in the most prominent place in the living room. Mother needs to be reminded of many things, but she didn’t forget to add water to Lily.

The thin-leaf lily comes from the mountain and continues to radiate the mystery that is everywhere in the mountain. They appear to us as unaltered truths, and I approve of them. I can easily and directly say them without any trouble. No need to change into other tricks. We need such an expression even more.

Shoot dry

I noticed it because of its wicked string of seeds. It is very eye-catching. Stepped into the flower pond, bent over and reached out and touched it. The touch was good, and the twilight glowed with a soft light, like small honey pills. There is no cold air coming from the hand. Some were still wrapped in a thin layer of clothing, and did not break apart, but they will always be stretched after a few days.

I checked it by form and color, and it was called Shegan (Yin Ye Qian, Qian Sheng). Very strange name. I want to know its origin, but I didn’t find it. Just to say, “Xunzi Quanxue”: “There is a wood yan in the West. The name is Shegan. The stem is four inches long. It is born on a high mountain and is near the abyss of hundreds of cents.” She also said that Shegan is the name of a beast. “Sima Chuan 1”: “On top of it is the young girl Kongluan, who shoots away for a long distance.” “The Collection of Translation Names · Sikarabi” says: “The wild dry is like a fox but small, green and yellow like a dog, group walking, night Ming Like a wolf.”

Our stem grows at the feet of a cluster of yellow thorn roses, winding into a single piece, not born on a high mountain, nor has the momentum to face the abyss. In a word, it is not very eye-catching and not easy to be noticed. It has bloomed. The flowers of lilies are very beautiful in bloom, and they can definitely please you. I almost confuse it with daylily. But when you think about it carefully, it’s actually too different from Daylily. The dried leaves are on a flat surface like a fan, but daylilies are not like this. It’s just that they are all lilies, and the flowers are bright yellow. The Japanese divide yellow into many kinds, the lighter one is called jade, which is similar to raw egg yellow, and there are also inheritance colors, amber, maize, vine, sweet, and sunflower colors. Hemerocallis is also used to name the color, which is called daylily. How nice. When the flowers bloom, they are full of daylilies, warm and satisfying. How mean and cold people have to meet it. The stamens are upturned, with thick pollen attached. Cannot distinguish between stamen and pistil. I am not a botanist, and I can be forgiven for not knowing the distinction. But if the flower is to be planted in a bottle, the stamen must be removed. It is said that this can drive a little longer.

Shegan has many names. Wu Fan, Wu Pu, Wu Chu, Wu Qi, Wu Xi, Huang Yuan, Phoenix Wing. They are all very good names. There is casual poetry in it. The black in the name may be due to its seed color. Its roots are lumpy and dark brown. It seems that all plants are used as medicine, and I have never heard of one that can be spared.

Most of the plants are very cute. Especially their flowers. Less annoying. Even if it’s ugly, it’s normal. There is nothing wrong with being uglier. But the ugliness of some people sometimes brings many consequences, which cannot be reversed and changed. So in a sense, ugliness is their original sin. Tricky and malicious all come from ugliness. Because they found that it was useless no matter how hard they tried. Evil and crooked ones are born. It can happen at any time. Self-cultivation, shame, these are meaningless to them. I think I have been treated unfairly, so I will get worse and go back. They could have used ugliness to gain peace, but the last thing they need is peace. Just to make some waves.


It should have grown here last year, but I have no impression at all. Just remember the small bunches of gentian-colored flowers next to it. Dark flowers and plants can attract people’s attention, whether you like it or not. I personally think that darker colors will contain more vitality.

Slope and ditch. All are covered with shades of green. The loess beneath them is invisible. The invisible loess should be moist. The slope and ditch are also invisible.

The magpie is calling. I can distinguish the call of a magpie. It must be a magpie. It’s kind of like a castanets with echoes. It can spread far in the valley. The valley is the part enclosed by the slope and the ditch. There is wind in the valley, and there is always wind. There are many more that exist with the wind. Some of them are self-made.

Potentilla’s name sounds unreasonable. It has never been known as a dish. There is no legend to be attached. Its name may be an accident. However, its other nickname is impressive. Just listen to this momentum.

Potentilla also belongs to the Rosaceae. I love all plants in the Rosaceae family. Its flower shape is very similar to rape blossoms. If I look at the flowers alone, I cannot separate them. The color of the stems and leaves is the color of the inner leaves covered with small hairs, which seem to absorb all sunlight and moonlight without reflecting them. Like a person who doesn’t like to talk, he needs to spend more patience to guide him, and he will have dots and sparse words. Listen closely and encourage him to continue speaking. Otherwise, he would just be quiet and shut his mouth. But it’s okay not to say. Everything is good.

When I was cooking at noon, thinking about the potentilla and the valley, I cut my hand a bit. It doesn’t matter a little injury. I forgot the knife quickly.


It is aster instead of asters. It is recognized in form and color. I almost admit it wrong, thinking how a flower has a developer-like name that is often found in an ordinary community. I confessed it wrong.

菀 has the meaning of lush vegetation. The “Book of Songs” contains the words “菀彼桑柔”. Aster is a handful of lush purple. I have an unprovoked and inevitable prejudice against purple. I think its formation is too complicated, and it lacks the simplicity that I think should be in pure things. Mental cleanliness is sometimes compulsive and is not easy to overcome. But you can’t think of it as a disease. It’s a weakness at best. Who would be stupid enough to try to be perfect. Where is perfect.

Still talking about going back to purple. I think its basis is blue-I think these three words are equivalent to admitting that a certain statement does not have the recognized rationality that it should have. It’s just “I think”. It clearly shows that this is just my very personal view. Recently, I have become more and more interested in expressing some personal things, such as certain plants that I like to describe. It is just a plant in my eyes, not some other popular science. I only express what it shows in my eyes. I am only faithful to what I see, and I am only responsible for the written words. ——Continue to talk about its color——something tempting is rubbed into blue, not necessarily red. That’s why it shows a different purple. These purples are then very far-reaching, very calm, very long, and very complicated. I always reject some things. I can’t love it anyway. It’s not deliberate indifference, let alone hostility. But just push them to the other side and put them into another category.

Complementing purple is bright and full yellow. It is the color of sunlight. It is the most indispensable color in autumn. It can maintain daily, minimum happiness and joy. Can’t live without it. I will let it fill up as much as possible within the range of options. Let it deeply moisturize.

Aster must be natural, so it can complement itself. The natural divergence and surrounding of Compositae plants make the flowers look so beautiful. Particularly beautiful. The thin tongue-like petals are so soft. The leaves are smaller tongue-like, and I think they are as thin as the tongue of a worm if the worm has a tongue.

The aster loses energy when he leaves the soil. After waiting for them to be inserted in the bottle and adding water, it took a long time for them to slow down, but the purple color was obviously lighter, because part of their lives had been lost. The pollen that fell is getting deeper. I just leave them there and don’t deal with them.

There was a short rain in the middle of the afternoon, and the raindrops fell violently, but it stopped after a while. There was a rumbling sound, I don’t know if it was thunder, it was indistinguishable through the window, and it was very fuzzy.

Aster also has a name called Xiaozhu. Pigtail. How interesting. Aster is very similar to Malan, Naked Aster, and Honey Aster, and they are closely related in biology. I can’t tell them apart.

After I was busy, I took a nap for a while. In my trance, I wrote a short tongue-twister-like text with a lot of “flowers”. When I woke up, I didn’t even think about it. I still remember their aspect ratio and approximate appearance on the phone screen. What’s very special is that I used the four “flowers” together as an adverbial. In front of me, flowers bloomed with lively smiles, like a row of babies being kissed by their mothers, with their faces upright The look of a silly kiss.