The story behind the news

Pan Shuguang is “Metro Evening News” reporter trainee. That day, he received a telephone tip lines, said an old man fell to the side of the road, a lot of people in the crowd, but that no one would dare help. The results have a beggar when a return to “living Lei Feng”, the old man propped up. Pan Shuguang one, felt this event newsworthy, immediately rushed to the incident.

Pan Shuguang came to the incident and saw many people watching the fun. There was a man with a beard in the middle, and his clothes were like a beggar. He was smirking at the people, and he said vaguely: “You don’t dare, I am a poor man, I am not afraid of anything…”

At this time, a thick man squeezed into the crowd, came to the old man who was hurt, and asked anxiously: “Dad, who knocked you down?”

When the voice just fell, the onlookers were indignant and inconsistent: You see, you see, when the son came, I asked who was knocked down, this is not scary!

At this time, the old man who had been hurt had been relieved. He glanced at his son and said, “You don’t want the dog to bite Lu Dongbin. I don’t know the good heart! It is my own careless fall. It is this kind little. If you help me get up, you have to thank him!” After he reached out and pointed his fingers, he showed a grateful smile.

The brawny man was red on his face. He quickly took out a few crumpled ten-dollar bills from his pocket and handed it to him. He said, “Sorry, I have this money on my body, please also smile.”

Unexpectedly, he blocked his hand and said with extremety: “I don’t want your money!”

The strong man thought that he was too little, and quickly explained: “My lover and I are both laid-off workers, and the children are going to school. There is really not much money. If you don’t wait for this month’s salary, I will give you another 100 yuan.”

Hearing and grinning, he said, “I don’t think there is too little money. Someone has given me money, so I can’t ask for your money!”

In the eyes of everyone’s horror, he took out a brand-new hundred dollar bill from his pocket and said in his hand: “The boss who opened the BMW said, this hundred dollars is just a deposit, as long as I lift it up. The old man who fell to the ground, he will enjoy me two hundred dollars tomorrow morning after passing through here…”

Pan Shuguang understood: It turned out that someone paid for this old man who helped to fall. Things seem to be more interesting. Who is the mysterious person who opened the BMW? Why is he doing this? Is he the perpetrator? So, Pan Shuguang quickly showed his identity, asked the middle-aged, and remembered the license plate number of the BMW.

I can lift my hand and scratch my scalp, saying: “Comrade reporter, I was only staring at this hundred dollar bill at the time, and I still want to remember his license plate number!”

The onlookers couldn’t help but laugh. In the laughter, a white-haired old man came over and told Pan Shuguang: “Reporter Comrade, I was practicing Taijiquan here, and I saw a black car driving past the old man and slammed it. Horn, I think this old man must have been scared, only to have a soft foot and fell to the ground. But the black car only hesitated a little, and then accelerated to drive away.”

But the beggar next to it swears that the BMW is milky white.

Most of the onlookers came to the first scene after the event, so no one could convince anyone.

At a time when there were mixed opinions, the traffic policemen arrived and they quickly evacuated the crowd. Pan Shuguang is trying to ask the couple who will open the BMW’s boss tomorrow morning, but the other party disappeared with the crowd.


The next day, just dawning, Pan Shuguang decided to take the approach of waiting for the rabbit, and rode the electric car to the incident site early in the morning. Yesterday, he interviewed the fall of the old track, wrote a story “beggar fell propped elderly onlookers tortured conscience”, this article will be posted on the front page of newspapers do today. The editor-in-chief also said that as long as he can dig out the behind-the-scenes boss of BMW, and then make follow-up reports, let him turn positive in advance.

Pan Shuguang rode an electric car and patrolled the street on the street, paying attention to valuable news. After a full patrol for an hour, until the electric car had to strike, he saw yesterday’s squatting and stretched out and walked toward the park.

Seeing the emergence of cockroaches, Pan Shuguang was relieved. He parked the car at the door of a small shop and stood there waiting for the mysterious BMW owner to appear. Can wait for the left, right, etc., half an hour has passed, and he did not see a BMW car playing this.

He also stood on the steps of the park and looked around anxiously.

Pan Shuguang couldn’t help but sigh and said: It seems that this BMW owner is going to make a cool appointment! Just when he was going to be discouraged, he suddenly saw a young man driving a motorcycle “snap” and stopped in front of him. He saw him sitting in the car and opened a newspaper. He looked carefully and looked at it carefully… …

Pan Shuguang immediately flew past the speed of a hundred meters sprint, just to see the young man driving the motorcycle took out two hundred dollar bills and handed it to him. Pan Shuguang’s spirit was so strong that he was going to interview him in bright identity. Suddenly he didn’t know where to shoot a group of reporters holding cameras and shoulder-shoulder cameras, and surrounded them with three groups: “Is that you are the one.” Behind the scenes boss? Why don’t you open a BMW today…”

The young man who started the motorcycle took off his helmet and replied impatiently: “What vision do you have? Look at my cement slurry, like a person who can afford BMW? I am just a part-time worker, this money, It was a person who didn’t know and asked me to hand it over.”

The reporters present were very disappointed. The young man who started the motorcycle snorted: “The BMW owner is sure that you will be waiting here. He told me to tell you that he has to sponsor dozens of out-of-school children to return to school every year. He likes to do good deeds, but I don’t want to be a good deed and I have to be brought to court, so I ask someone to help the old man who fell!”

When the young man finished the motorcycle, the reporters also sighed and sighed. Only Pan Shuguang refused to leave. Because he could not find the mysterious BMW owner, he was unwilling. And he faintly felt that the young man who started the motorcycle must have a bad relationship with the mysterious BMW owner. In this way, he did not care about the electric car parked at the door of the store, and quickly stopped a taxi, so that the driver must catch up with the motorcycle in front.

The young man who started the motorcycle dreamed that someone would follow him and brought the taxi to a construction site near the train station. The young man driving the motorcycle parked the car in the carport and strode to the opposite office.

Pan Shuguang went all the way to the motorcycle and walked to the door of the office, just to hear him say to the inside: “Da Linge, my mission is completed. Not as you expected, there are many reporters waiting for you to appear!” They still want to put your identity out of my mouth, but they all let me send it in a few words…”

At this time, Pan Shuguang had already pushed in and said hello to “Dalin Ge”: “Niu, you are the mysterious BMW owner! You made me find it hard.”

That’s it

In the mouth of Pan Weiguang, the cow general, the big name Niu Dalin, is a famous businessman in the local area. A month ago, Pan Shuguang also interviewed him because some people provided clues that Ni Dalin had subsidized children who were out of school. However, Niu Dalin always refused to “recognize”, and the report ended up being ruined. But this time, I heard the conversation between him and the young man, and Ni Dalin couldn’t afford it anymore!

Pan Shuguang opened the door and asked Niu Dalin. Why do you want to help the old man who fell to the ground? Niu Dalin couldn’t help but shake his head, and he also played a bureaucrat: “No comment.”

Pan Shuguang did not want this thread to be broken. He pleaded with enthusiasm: “Niu, I am sorry, this is the death order given to me by the editor of our newspaper. I must find out the truth of the matter. Niu Zong, it is not easy to find a job now. , you can help me.”

Under Pan Shuguang’s soft and hard foam, Niu Dalin was finally moved. He said helplessly: “If you insist on this, then I will take you to a friend.”

After listening to this, Pan Shuguang could not help but groan, thinking: It is hard to be a big cow.

Soon, Niu Dalin drove the milky white BMW and took Pan Shuguang to the door of a dilapidated small bungalow on the outskirts of the city. The door of the small bungalow was open, and you could see a man with a beard in his face, and he was sorting out the waste paper shell and the Coke bottle.

Niu Dalin walked into the small bungalow and kindly greeted the bearded man: “Beard brother, is the business okay?”

The bearded man looked up and smiled: “It is no problem to fill the stomach, I am afraid that someone will come to me to go to court!”

Just as the bearded man raised his head, Pan Shuguang could not help but stunned. It turned out that the other party actually raised the embarrassment of the old man yesterday morning, and he has seen him today. Is he not jealous? How do you still do the business?

Cattle Dalin found two small bench, sit down please Pan Shuguang, this pointed beard to him and said: “This is my beard brother just met last night and we talked all night, you do not know it, A few years ago, he was the famous waste king of the city!”

After listening to his words, the bearded face immediately gloomy, and shook his head and sighed from time to time. Niu Dalin continued: “Unfortunately, the good guys didn’t report well! One night three years ago, the beard brother drove a small truck back from the countryside to collect waste. When he first entered the city, he saw a person on the road. He got off the bus and saw it. It was discovered that he was a unconscious grandfather. He was covered in blood. He was obviously crushed by the front car. After he thought about it, he took up the faint grandfather and got on the bus. To the city hospital. In order to grab the time, the beard brother paid tens of thousands of yuan for surgery. Later, the old man was out of danger, but who would have thought that half a month later his two sons found the hospital and even colluded with conscience Father, let him bite the beard brother is the driver, and the beard brother went to court. The lawsuit was played for almost two years. The beard was physically and mentally exhausted, and finally all the money was donated to the Hope Project. To prove your innocence…”

Although Pan Shuguang had heard about this case, but now he knows that the former king of waste, his heart still has a great shock!

At this time, Niu Dalin said again: “Pan reporter, do you understand? I also don’t want to do good things and still provoke a shackle, but I don’t want to take the time to waste time with people. So I drove past and saw When the old man fell on the road, I hesitated and drove the car away. But my heart is very entangled, if the old man is in danger of life, seeing death, then I will blame for a lifetime! So when the car drove At the corner of the front, I saw someone who looked like a sly, and thought of spending money to ask him to help the elderly.”

At this time, the bearded brother who had been bowing his head stopped taking words and said, “I lifted the old man who fell, and the people who saw the onlookers regarded me as a beggar. My heart was so good and funny, think about no one. beggars will find trouble, right? so I became a beggar. Last night, I found a total cattle, asked about the old man, we chatted up. ”

Pan Shuguang slowly sort out the matter of the clue, but he still has a little confused: “That morning at the site of the incident ……”

Beard brother yo smile, said:. “! Total cattle just want to see, you reporters are not patronize the hype if so, his future but did not dare to do things, he was so busy, really can not afford to consume the time ah.”

At this point, Pan Shuguang finally found out the story behind the news. On the night, he wrote a special comment. The title of the article is: “Calling social integrity, let us all dare to help the fallen old man.”