The story behind the moon

  Since ancient times, there have been myths such as Chang’e flying to the moon, and tengu eating the moon. The beautiful legends entrust the ancients’ yearning for the moon.
  With the development of science and technology, mankind’s exploration of the moon has never stopped. For a long time, the moon has only one side facing the earth, and the side facing the earth cannot be observed. What’s on the back of the moon? It was not until October 7, 1959, that the Soviet Lunar 3 probe sent the first photo of the back of the moon back to Earth. The first time humans saw the back of the moon with the naked eye was through the Apollo 8 mission in 1968. There are many craters on the back of the moon. When the probe runs to the back of the moon, it will interrupt the contact with the earth. Therefore, the back of the moon has always been a mysterious existence for us.
The mystery of the back of the moon

  The moon is the largest, most beautiful, most mysterious, and most legendary celestial body in the eyes of mankind. Because it is the closest to our earth, it is the only natural satellite of the earth, and people have observed it the most throughout the ages. The volume of the moon is equivalent to 1/49 of the volume of the earth, and the surface area of ​​the moon is approximately 1/14 of the surface of the earth. Since the rotation speed of the moon is exactly the same as the speed it revolves around the earth (the tidal force between the earth and the moon effectively slows down the rotation of the moon), the moon always faces the earth on the same side. The other side of the moon, that is, the back side of the moon, cannot be seen completely by humans, so it feels even more mysterious.
  The earliest set of photos of the back of the moon are 29-frame images sent back by the Soviet Union Luna-3 probe on October 7, 1959 when it flew over the back of the moon, covering 70% of the back of the moon. After obtaining these images, Soviet astronomers named the landforms on the far side of the moon. After careful processing by scientists on May 15, 2007, a picture of the moon taken by a Soviet probe 40 years ago was finally obtained. It revealed for the first time the little-known mystery of the back of the moon and opened another magnificent chapter in the history of lunar exploration. It was not until the Apollo 8 mission to circumnavigate the moon in 1968 that mankind directly saw the back of the moon with the naked eye for the first time.
  Unlike the front side of the moon, there is relatively little moon sea on the back side of the moon. The notable feature of the backside terrain is that there are a large number of undulating impact craters (craters). Among them, the Antarctic-Aitken Basin is located on the back of the moon, close to the South Pole. It is a huge basin with the largest one on the moon. The crater is about 2500 kilometers in diameter, which is about 70% of the diameter of the moon.
  People used to associate the back of the moon with UFOs. According to legend, 12 American astronauts headed by Armstrong who visited the moon said that they saw strange buildings in the distance (at the junction of the front and back of the moon) on the moon. Used devices and aliens. Until the end of the 1950s, we still knew very little about the back of the moon. Since the lunar probe took pictures of the back of the moon, these legends have not been broken. The first time humans saw the back of the moon was on the “Apollo 8” mission in 1968. Astronaut William Anders described it as follows: “The back looks like the sand piles I played for a while when I was a kid. They are all Turned up, there is no boundary, just some collision marks and potholes.” Since then, all astronauts from “Apollo 8” and “Apollo 10” to “Apollo 17” have seen the moon On the back, and took many photos. According to the 7-meter resolution full moon map made from the images taken by “Chang’e-2”, the back of the moon is full of impact craters of different sizes, and the moon sea is relatively few.
  Because the back of the moon is obscured and cannot receive radio transmissions from the earth, no country’s lunar probe has actually landed on the back of the moon for scientific investigation. Therefore, sampling and surveying the back of the moon is definitely of great scientific research value. If we in China can do this, it will be a major breakthrough in the history of world lunar exploration.
  This opportunity has come to the third phase of my country’s lunar exploration project. On November 1, 2014, the third phase of the lunar exploration project re-entered the service cabin of the return flight tester. After the return cabin was escorted back to the ground, there was enough energy to perform the extended test mission. And by the beginning of 2015, it has completed the flight to the Earth-Moon L2 point (the aircraft will be very stable at such a point), rotate three times around the Earth-Moon L2 point, and enter a circular orbit around the moon again, achieving a 200 km circle from the lunar surface. The full-moon orbit flight is the key to the mission of the “Chang’e-5” probe-flight control technology for preliminary test verification.
  The basic lunar exploration mission of the “Chang’e-5” probe is to enter the orbit around the moon, separate and set the moon, sample ascent, rendezvous and dock, sample transfer, separate from the ascender, and return to Earth. So what does it have to do with the current experiment of “flying to Earth-Moon L2 and circling Earth-Moon L2 three times”?
  To be sure, the expansion mission of the T1 service module of the “Chang’e 5” probe has been hooked up with the flight control technology that flew to the Earth and Moon L2 point, which strongly implies that the “Chang’e 5” probe mission may have been completed. A major change has taken place: the preferred sampling point of the “Chang’e 5 or 6” probe is changed from the front of the moon to the back of the moon.
  Let us imagine that when the “Chang’e No. 5 or No. 6” probe is launched, the probe’s first combination (orbital module-return module) will first go to the Earth-Moon L2 point, which is the probe’s second The combination (lander-riser) provides relay control services. Then the first assembly returned to the orbit around the moon and waited for the ascender to arrive. Since the L2 point of the earth and the moon directly faces the back of the moon and is close to the back of the moon, it is relatively convenient to return to the orbit around the moon. Finally, the orbital module-return module and the ascender realize rendezvous, docking and separation, so as to achieve the purpose of transferring lunar soil samples and returning to the ground safely. In fact, based on the flight trajectory of the T1 service module’s subsequent expansion mission, we can preliminarily outline the approximate landing point and mission duration of the “Chang’e 5 or 6” probe on the back of the moon.
  The current expansion mission of returning to the service module of the flight tester lays a solid foundation for the final completion of the “Chang’e 5 or 6” lunar exploration mission. Let us look forward to the day when the “Chang’e 5 or 6” probe returns to the earth from the back of the moon!
What is on the back of the moon

  Modern technology has given us a better understanding of the moon, but there are still many mysteries about the back of the moon that have not been solved. Therefore, there are many rumors about the back of the moon. Some people say there are aliens there, some people say there are mysterious bases there, and some people say there are planes from World War II parked there… So, what is there on the back of the moon? Why do people have so many speculations about the back of the moon?
  Why so mysterious side of the moon
  in fact, the back of the moon is all the more mysterious because we can not be observed directly from Earth to get there. Planetary scientist Zheng Yongchun, director of the Science Communication Center of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: “Before there was a lunar probe, the back of the moon had always been a mysterious unknown world.”

  The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth, and its front and back sides receive different gravitational forces due to the distance from the earth. “The hemisphere of the moon facing away from the earth is farther from the earth, and the gravitational force on the earth is smaller than that of the hemisphere facing the earth. If the lunar rotation period is not equal to the revolution period around the earth, then the gravity of the earth on the same part of the moon will vary Time changes, which leads to friction between different rock formations on the moon. These friction forces will gradually slow down the speed of the moon’s rotation, and finally make the cycle of the moon’s rotation exactly equal to the cycle of its revolution around the earth.” Zheng Yongchun said, that is, the moon. Locked by the earth’s gravitational tides. After the tide is locked, when you look at the moon from the earth, you can always see only one side of the moon. In total, 59% of the entire lunar surface can be observed from the earth.
  Although only one side of the moon can be seen on the earth, and humans have never landed on the back of the moon, scientists do not lack the detection data of the back of the moon. Various lunar probes have taken many photos of the back of the moon.
  According to Zheng Yongchun, in 1959, the Lunar 3 probe launched by the Soviet Union took the first image of the back of the moon when it flew over the moon. In the 1960s and 1970s, the lunar probes of the United States and the Soviet Union obtained images of the back of the moon many times. The Apollo 8 astronauts and astronauts who landed on the moon later flew to the back of the moon and saw the desolation of the back of the moon. scene.
  Why the moon back on the sea front less than
  when Luna 3 probe next month after the first shot back images, the scientists would have predicted will see the familiar dark areas and bright spots, but the result was far beyond their expectations. The front and back of the moon look completely different. Zheng Yongchun said: “The front of the moon is flat, with mostly moon and sea, brighter color on the back, and more lunar land. The density of impact craters is also higher than the front, and the terrain is more rugged.”
  Zheng Yongchun explained that the moon and sea refer to large areas of color on the moon. The darker spots are actually wide plains without a drop of water. These regions reflect weaker sunlight and look darker than their surroundings, much like the ocean on Earth, accounting for about 17% of the moon’s surface area. There are 22 lunar seas on the moon, 19 of which are distributed on the front side, including rain seas, quiet seas, seas of clouds, cold seas, storm oceans, etc., accounting for about half of the entire frontal hemisphere surface area. On the back of the moon, there are only the East China Sea, the Moscow Sea, and the Zhihai Sea.
  What is going on here? More than 50 years after humans took the first photo of the back of the moon, this question has not yet been fully answered. Some scientists have proposed that the obvious difference between the front and back of the moon is related to the origin and evolution of the moon. The big collision hypothesis is currently the most mainstream explanation for the formation of the moon. The hypothesis believes that 4.5 billion years ago, a planet the size of Mars, called Theia, hit the earth, and the outer layers of the Earth and a large amount of debris from Theia gathered in the earth’s orbit, and finally formed the moon.
  After the moon was formed, its orbit approached the earth. About 3.9 billion years ago, when the moon moved near the Roche limit of the earth (the maximum distance that the planet’s tidal force on the satellite can crush the satellite), due to the interaction of the earth and the moon’s tidal forces, both the earth and the moon’s front side Torn and crushed by gravity, even evaporated and melted, a large number of torn pieces returned to the front of the moon, hitting the surface of the moon, and forming a large area of ​​the lunar basin on the front of the moon. The back of the moon is hardly affected by the tidal forces of the Earth and the Moon, and no similar impact has occurred.
  However, some studies have shown that the front and back sides of the moon were impacted at that time. Because the front side of the moon was relatively warm and soft, large-scale basalt lava flows formed. These lava flows filled the impact craters and transformed them into a lunar basin. The back of the moon retained its original state after the impact.
  Why lunar crust is thicker than the front side of the moon
  NASA confirmed that the lunar crust thickness of the front side of the moon than about 30 miles (about 48.3 kilometers). Why is the back of the moon so thick?
  Some scientists have made a bold conjecture. They believe that the impact of Theia star may have formed two moons instead of one, and the lunar twins may be able to explain the reason why the two sides of the moon are different. According to this theory, 4.5 billion years ago, there were two moons in the night sky, the smaller one followed the larger, and the distance was getting closer. In the end, the small moon “hugged” the big moon from behind, and the two slowly stuck together to form a thicker lunar shell.
  Astrophysicists at Pennsylvania State University in the United States have a different view. They pointed out that after the collision, both the earth and the moon were very hot. The moon is much smaller than the earth and cools quickly. Since the earth and the moon are locked by tides from the beginning, the earth with a temperature of over 2500 degrees Celsius will radiate heat to the front of the moon. The side of the moon facing the earth remains molten, while the back side far away from the earth slowly cools. As a result, there is a temperature difference between the back and the front of the moon.
  When the rock vapor on the back of the moon begins to cool, aluminum and calcium are the first to crystallize. Thousands of years or even millions of years later, these elements combined with the silicate in the moon mantle to form plagioclase, and finally transferred to the surface layer to form the moon crust. The lunar crust on the back has a higher content of these minerals, so the lunar crust on the back is thicker than the front.
  The back of the moon contains many unsolved puzzles. Judging from the information currently obtained by humans, it has no alien creatures and no secret bases, but it has more elusive problems waiting for us to explore.
The mysterious humming on the back of the moon

  NASA open secret for the first time
  since the late 1950s, humans began on the moon for thousands of years can only look up to the stars for the first time to explore, the United States, former Soviet Union, the two superpowers competing to launch lunar, a load The human spacecraft went to visit this “new world” closest to us. At the end of the 1960s, the astronaut Armstrong of “Apollo 11” also became the first human being to step on an extraterrestrial body, and issued “This is a small step for me, but a big step for the entire human race”. I sincerely sigh.
  However, perhaps because this operation was too dazzling, many people overlooked another lunar exploration operation two months earlier. At that time, “Apollo 10″ was carrying three astronauts on a mission to orbit the moon. When it slowly flew to the dark side of the moon, something strange happened. The spacecraft’s connection with the earth was suddenly interrupted. What followed was a radio communication system that was supposed to be silent, but there was a buzzing sound. The weird buzzing sound, like someone humming and singing.
  All three crew members heard this unusual noise at the same time. In daily navigation missions, everyone is familiar with the monotonous and boring noise in the spacecraft, so this abrupt and strange noise accompanied by signal interruption was quickly recognized by everyone. The three crew members looked at each other and discussed.
  ”Did you hear the weird sound?”, “I heard it, the sound of’Woo’, it feels like…”, “Like outer space music”, “Well, yes, like someone humming Some kind of music is really weird.”
  This strange sound continued for nearly an hour until the contact between the spacecraft and the earth was restored.

  Since the connection with the earth was interrupted during the time when the strange sound appeared, any radio waves emitted by the earth could not be transmitted to the spacecraft, so everyone suspected that this was “outer space music” made by aliens. They were both surprised and puzzled. At one point they discussed whether or not to report the incident to NASA. They were worried that NASA thought what they heard was an illusion, so the three astronauts decided to record the strange sound all the way before reporting it to NASA Command. This disturbing strange thing.
  After receiving this report, NASA immediately decided to store the matter as a machine, and the three parties were also silent for a while. In 2008, NASA revealed some clues, but never made the “music” public. It was only recently that this matter was first met with the world on the Science Channel program “NASA Unexplainable File.” The Science Channel tried to explain the source of the sound, but never got the answer.
  Mysterious and mysterious “music” The
  ”NASA Unexplainable Archives” program discusses various possibilities of “mysterious music”. Some people think that this is noise caused by magnetic field or atmospheric interference with radio. However, experts say that there is none on the moon. The magnetic field, and there is not enough atmosphere to cause such a phenomenon, so the source of the mysterious “music” is still a mystery.
  American “Apollo 15” astronaut Walden said in the program: “Apollo 10 astronauts should be very familiar with the types of noise they usually hear. Common sense tells me that if any sound is recorded, then There must be something unusual. If NASA thinks this is something of public interest, it will be concealed.”
  And “Apollo 11” astronaut Michael Collins said that he also heard it when he flew to the far side of the moon I had a strange sound, but I didn’t think much about it. “Because the mechanic reminded me that I might hear the interference noise of the equipment signal, so I did not make a fuss.”
  According to CNN, NASA technicians explained that this strange sound may be due to two The radio of two spacecraft interfered with each other. “When the two radio signal devices are turned on and they are very close, there will be this kind of noise. When the’Apollo 11′ lunar module and the command module are separated, the sound disappears.”
  According to the Huffington Post, if you hear some strange sounds from wireless devices on the back of the moon and understand that it cannot come from the earth, what would you think? “We know that many astronauts have seen and heard something incomprehensible in space …… rumor is one thing, to prove it is another matter.”
  Side of the moon unknown
  interrupt signal of the spacecraft and Earth The appearance of weird humming undoubtedly adds a mysterious color to the dark land on the back of the moon that we cannot observe with the naked eye.
  The moon formed for a long time, about the same period as the earth. When people studied the moon, they found that the moon always faces the earth with one side. The other side of the moon cannot be seen completely from the earth, so it is called the “back of the moon”.
  Why is this? The scientific explanation is that the moon is locked by the earth’s tides, and the strong gravity makes the moon always face the earth. Completely different from the front hemisphere, the back of the moon is full of ravines, canyons and cliffs.
  Humans were able to see the back of the moon with their own eyes for the first time, thanks to the “Apollo 8” mission in 1968. Astronaut William Anders on the mission described it as follows: “The back of the moon looks like a pile of sand that I played for a while when I was a kid. They are all turned up, there are no boundaries, only some collision marks and potholes.” When the spacecraft flies into the back of the moon, the radio communication with the earth will be temporarily interrupted, and communication can only be restored after flying out of orbit. During the mission of Apollo, the main engine of the service module had to be re-ignited when it orbited to the back of the moon, so the control center would be very nervous before the spacecraft reappeared. The “Apollo 10” pilot heard the strange singing during the period when the communication was interrupted.
  What secrets are there on the back of the moon? Where does the strange humming sound come from? Is it true that, as some people have guessed, the moon is actually a platform for extraterrestrial life to monitor the earth? In this regard, Wang Sichao, a researcher at the Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the claim that extraterrestrial life exists on the back of the moon has not yet been scientifically confirmed, it is just a legend. As for what sound the astronauts of “Apollo 10” heard, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the sound really exists, and secondly, it is necessary to set up an expert group to analyze the sound. Just like “difficult and miscellaneous diseases”, members of the expert group are required to find out the reasons for their occurrence, rather than making conclusions casually.
Those people, those things are on the back of the moon

  This is his steady a small step, but it is a big step in their staggered
  despite the moon’s almost every time bring back hundreds of pounds of rare ore from the moon, but this is obviously not conducive to construct their dream life. Yes, we have not heard the story of the moon returning and getting rich overnight. On the contrary, Armstrong’s famous saying has become a truth to most moon landing people. His steady small step has made them staggered. A big step, in the days of returning to the earth, most people faltered and muddy all the way.
  Although space flight has gone through hardships and even nine deaths, the annual salary of the moon landing heroes from NASA is only about 17,000 US dollars, which is not a high income even in the 1960s and 1970s. Faced with the embarrassment of life, they can only pray for the care of the “moon”.
  ”Apollo 12″ commander Alan Bean was the fourth person to land on the moon. He later changed his career to become a painter. Of course, his painting theme will always be only one: the moon.
  It is said that some of his oil paintings were sold for 50,000 US dollars. An important reason for the high price is that he used oil paints mixed with moon dust, which he brought back from the moon.
  If embarrassment is just a momentary stagger for the rest of their lives, someone has counted this stagger to the last time.
  Ronald Evans, command module pilot of “Apollo 17”, died of a heart attack in 1990.
  James Owen, the pilot of the lunar module on Apollo 15, died of a heart attack in 1991.
  Stewart Rosa, the command module pilot of “Apollo 14”, died of complications of pancreatitis in 1994.
  Alan Xuebo, commander of “Apollo 14″, died of leukemia in 1998.
  Charles Pete Conrad, commander of Apollo 12, was killed in a motorcycle accident in California in 1999.
  Neil Armstrong, commander of Apollo 11, died on August 25, 2012 at the age of 82. Armstrong died of cardiovascular complications.
  Six of the 18 astronauts flying to the moon have completed the last step in their lives. Who is safe and who is staggering?

  It was a truly a hard landing, and the first hit of crack is their marriage and family
  after the first few moon trip, the astronauts have been isolated, lest they bring back unknowable ” “Moon disease”, in fact, this terrible “bacterial vector” has indeed not been blocked. The first thing it eroded was the marriage and family affection of the moon landing person.
  Armstrong said in an interview with CBS’s famous “60 Minutes” program: “Suddenly, the way friends and colleagues view and treat us has slightly changed from when we worked together months or years ago. I am. I have never understood this change.”
  The noise after landing on the moon left Armstrong with little time to spend time with his family. The growth and education of his two sons had almost nothing to do with him, and his wife Janet gradually became tired of such days. At the end of 1989, Janet left a note on the dining table for him and filed for divorce. In 1994, Armstrong officially broke up with his wife Janet, who had lived together for 38 years.
  Armstrong recalled the situation like this: “I want to keep her, but what can I say at the time? Our marriage is like a failed flight…”
  Aldrin, who set foot on the moon with Armstrong, returned to Earth. Later, he became depressed and drunk wildly, and his wife soon broke up with him.
  Charles Duke was also cursed after returning from the moon landing, and started drinking like Aldrin. He became suddenly unreasonable in the family. Not only was he short-tempered, he also bullied the weak and often abused his own children.
  British writer Andrew Smith once disclosed in his book “Moon Dust: Looking for Those Falling to the Earth” that almost all astronauts who landed on the moon encountered some kind of emotional agitation and “mental confusion” after returning to Earth. After almost all the astronauts who landed on the moon returned to the earth, they divorced their original wives. After they had just adapted to the erratic moon, they were not comfortable with the earth.
  Is it really the moon to blame?
  In addition to footprints, there are their souls left behind on the back of the moon
  Aldrin recalled that when he walked on the moon, he had a weird feeling of “soul out of his body”, which tortured him all his life.
  Perhaps too much so-called negative energy has been accumulated on the dark side of the moon, and many returnees from space have unexpectedly encountered mental astonishment.
  France’s first female astronaut, and the only female astronaut of the European Space Agency so far, Claudie Aigner, who once served as the French Minister of Science and Technology, suffered depression after returning to Earth safely and committed suicide by taking medicine. The attempt caused an uproar in public opinion.
  In this spiritual predicament, many believers who were originally scientific have turned into religious and even spiritual life paths.
  More than one group of moon landing people claimed to have encountered supernatural forces. The astronauts of “Apollo 11” said they saw a UFO. Edgar Mitchell, who had performed the “Apollo 14” mission to the moon, believed that the fact that aliens had come to the earth was The government concealed it, and for the public, it is difficult for us to distinguish whether these supernatural phenomena originated from their witnesses or conjectures.
  When Edgar Mitchell, the pilot of the Lunar Module of the Apollo 14 spacecraft, returned to the capsule from the moon, he “as if he had a spiritual contact with the intelligent life in the universe.” After returning to Earth, Mitchell began to study mysterious supernatural phenomena. He left NASA and established an “Abstract Science Association” in California to study human consciousness and various supernatural events.
  Also tortured by the “mysterious feeling” was “Apollo 15” lunar module pilot James Owen. The “Apollo 15” lunar module landed on the Apennines on the moon. It was on a rock there that Irving discovered a 4.5 billion-year-old crystal called the “Origin Stone”. Irving felt at the time Yes, this “stone of origin” seems to be there waiting for his arrival.
  After Owen returned to Earth, he began to believe in religion. He left NASA and established a religious organization called “Goofy”. He also led two expeditions to Mount Ararat in Turkey to find traces of Noah’s Ark.
  ”We’ve even been to the moon. Where else can we settle down in this world?” This may be the mental dilemma of many moon landers after they return. Apart from their footprints, there are obviously their souls left behind on the back of the moon.
Are aliens really on the far side of the moon?

  According to the “New York Times” survey, more and more people are beginning to believe that aliens are on the moon, and their main base is located on the back of the moon, which we cannot see. This is also the real reason why the United States completely interrupted lunar exploration and refused to build bases on the moon.
  Since the Americans landed on the moon in 1969, astronaut Armstrong has become the focus of the world, and this is still the case today. It is said that the moment Armstrong landed on the moon, the television signal suddenly stopped. In the 1970s, many insiders told the public that the sudden interruption of the television signal during the landing was actually because Armstrong met an alien on the moon! At that time, many radio enthusiasts in the United States, the Soviet Union and even China intercepted information about Armstrong’s encounter with aliens. This was the anonymous amateur staff with VHF receivers who intercepted and eavesdropped on NASA and astronauts. Inter-communication content:
  NASA: What happened? Please answer
  Apollo 11 … Apollo 11: “This’guy’ is so big! Oh my God! It’s so huge… I can’t believe it! There are spaceships different from us… They are looking at us!
  For 40 years, Armstrong, who has never responded to this, finally opened his mouth when the 40th anniversary of the moon landing was approaching: “There are alien bases on the moon, and they hope that the people on earth will leave the moon. The Apollo astronauts jointly witnessed the alien base on the moon, and the shadow of the base was also left on the video film. “According to Milton Kemp of the Naval Intelligence Agency: “There are alien bases and extremely huge mining sites there, as well as huge alien spaceships written as “mother aircraft” in later sighting reports. Those aliens have high-tech technologies that humans cannot reach, and they only need an hour to destroy the earth at most. ”
  Both Armstrong and Aldrin witnessed the flying saucer with their own eyes during the historic lunar landing on July 21, 1969. It was not until 1979 that Maurice, who was in charge of the Communications Department of NASA, confirmed that Armstrong did see it with his own eyes. Two flying saucers that landed on the moon. “People inside NASA know about this, but no one talks about it…”
  Later, “all the Apollo and Gemini spacecraft were followed by unidentified aircraft without exception during their flight. Sometimes they kept a certain distance, sometimes they followed closely… Every time the astronauts Report the situation to the ground control tower, and the ground control tower orders absolute silence every time.” All astronauts were severely asked not to say anything about their sightings.

  But Armstrong insisted on his position. He said that the spacecraft of the aliens was seen by all the staff. The spacecraft was huge, and undoubtedly, it must be the base of the aliens. When he was asked if the back of the moon is indeed a base for aliens, why would NASA continue to launch other spacecraft to the moon, he answered: “NASA must obtain Assuming this responsibility, they cannot suddenly interrupt their exploration of the moon, which will inevitably cause fear on the earth. But since then, they have really hurriedly dug a hoe and returned.”
  Does the fact really resemble a moon-lander? As we saw with our own eyes, the aliens are on the far side of the moon? Coincidentally, a book, a long paper on the study of alien life and the origin of humans, which has been magically popular across China, “Aliens are on the back of the moon”, also cited a lot of evidence to infer that “the aliens are on the back of the moon.” fact. Unlike Americans who are good at obtaining evidence from real events that have occurred in recent decades, this natural science research paper is mainly based on ancient Chinese culture and legends, and continuously combines the latest scientific arguments in the middle to pursue alien life once on the earth. Remains of a long life. In China’s oldest and most mysterious book “Shan Hai Jing”, the author discovered that there was no such thing as the “moon” in early human history. The appearance of the “moon” is actually only a few thousand years old! So, what is the moon? With this question in mind, the author began a series of unassailable scientific speculations. After the author has gone through a series of impeccable scientific speculations, when we read the familiar “ancient mythology” again, what we clearly see is A true historical record of the life of a group of aliens on the earth, and the moon turned out to be the spaceship of these aliens! Numerous scientific studies have shown that the moon is a hollow body, and most likely an artificial hollow body. The author said, in fact, human legends are often true, but we and the parties must not meet again, so we feel that everything is a legend-didn’t the legend of Noah’s Ark prove to be true later.
  In this book, the author said that if you observe carefully, you will find that you will never see the back of the moon, because the back of the moon is the base of aliens and aliens will not let us see. Humans have always deceived themselves to say that the moon is a satellite of the earth, but the volume of the moon is 1/6 of that of the earth. There has never been a satellite that is only a little smaller than its parent star! The moon revolves around the earth quietly every day, and aliens have been there quietly watching us. Moreover, in the book “Aliens on the Back of the Moon”, the author analyzes that humans are definitely not created by God, but aliens on the moon are made through genetic recombination. Great humans are just aliens. It’s just a “work” of. After reading this post, think about what Armstrong said recently. As an ordinary reader, there is no way to believe the fact that aliens are on the back of the moon. It is said that the moon once visited the earth 6000 years ago, and, on the present earth, many meteorites from the moon have been found. The age of the earth is 4.4 billion years, while the age of the moon turned out to be 20 billion years.
Cracking the rumors of the dark side of the moon

  The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth and has been with the earth for more than 4.5 billion years. It is of great significance to the earth’s axis orientation, rotation stability, periodic tides, and night lighting. It can be said that after leaving the moon, the earth would never be what it is today. Due to the influence of the strong gravitational force of the earth, the moon also paid a certain price for it: the earth slowed down its rotation cycle to be exactly the same as the orbital cycle around the earth, that is, tidal lock. Under this effect, human beings on the earth can always see only one side of the moon, not all the back.
  It is precisely because of this that in the process of human exploration of the moon, conspiracy theories and rumors about the back of the moon have been rampant, alien bases, German defeated elements fled to the back of the moon, lunar homes… these even appear widely in various science fictions In the work, various forms of interpretation are full of imagination. The back of the moon is also named “dark side of the moon”. So, what are the rumors about the dark side of the moon? Let’s refute the rumors together!
  A typical rumor: missing aircraft
  rumors about Bermuda “triangle of death” missing aircraft is a frequent visitor to spread the literature, and some even have their “missing” Lenovo spanning enchantment hid behind the moon in the alien help.
  But in fact, any aircraft must rely on the relative motion between the air and the wings to generate lift to fly in the air. The same is true for the landing of airplanes. The highest flying airplane in the world is only 30 kilometers.
  On the surface of the moon, there is a complete vacuum, and even a feather and an iron ball fall at exactly the same speed. It is impossible for any plane to take off. In addition, the back of the moon proved to be full of craters and rubble, and the entire surface was covered with extremely fine moondust particles, which can be described as a disaster for airplanes that require thousands of meters of hard runways to take off and land. Even if there is a “space-time enchantment” that can allow planes to reach the moon, these planes cannot survive there, not to mention the strong radiation, extremely low temperature, and vacuum environment of the moon that do not allow any pilot or even other lives to survive.
  Typical rumor 2: The defeated Germans fled behind the moon
  The world-recognized starting point of the era of human spaceflight is the V2 rocket developed by Germany during World War II. It has launched more than 18,000 rockets, causing huge losses to the Allies, especially the United Kingdom. V2 rockets subsequently developed various versions, the strongest design versions A9 and A10 already have the ability to cross the Atlantic. After the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States secretly divided the experts and technologies related to the V2 rocket, and the first rockets of the two countries were improved from this. Therefore, it is understandable that Germany had the world’s strongest aerospace capability at the time of its defeat in 1945. Therefore, some people have created rumors that it might have retreated to the back of the moon and hid there.
  But in fact, the most glorious moment of the V2 rocket was only barely reaching the Carmen line at a height of 100 kilometers during the test: this is the edge of the atmosphere, and going beyond this is considered the first step into space. However, the Carmen Line is still far away from the Moon, which is 380,000 kilometers away. Even in 1969, when the United States spent 4.5% of the total federal budget to build the most powerful Saturn 5 rocket in history to land on the moon, it reached the lunar orbit with a capacity of 45 tons and could only transport it. The two reached the surface of the moon.
  Typical Rumors three: alien bases
  on behalf of the works related to the alien base, the most typical is the “Transformers” series of films. In the imagination of these conspiracy theorists, the lunar and aliens are sheltered by the moon, and the earthlings will never find them, but they are ready to level the earth in one fell swoop. In addition, there are many Apollo moon landing conspiracy theorists who think of this, and even fabricate famous rumors that astronauts were kidnapped and threatened during the Apollo moon landing.
  But in fact, on October 7, 1959, the Soviet Union Lunar 3 probe circled the moon for the first time and saw the back of the moon. It was found that there was nothing special compared to the front, except that there were more craters, craters and deserts. In 1960, the Soviet Union released a full map of the moon. Subsequent US probes also fully verified these research results. The Chang’e 1, 2, and 3 launched by China also took photos of the back of the moon.
  It was not until the Apollo 8 mission in 1968 that astronauts were able to fly to the back of the moon for the first time, representing that humans had seen the back of the moon with the naked eye, but as unmanned probes saw, it was deserted.
  In 2018, China will launch the Chang’e-4 probe and the Yutu lunar patrol vehicle, which will become the world’s first combination of probes to land on the back of the moon, revealing the secrets of the back of the moon in all directions. If you still have questions, follow the process of China’s lunar exploration and find out!