The story begins with a coincidence

One morning two years ago, my friend and I met at a bookstore in the city. A manpower tricycle that sells breakfast on the side of the road is surrounded by a lot of people. A pair of men and women wear aprons and bow their heads to make egg filling cakes. I used to line up, and stood outside the crowd, holding a stack of money in my hand, and Niu Yang, who was responsible for collecting the accounts, unexpectedly met.

Both sides have some surprises. He took out a Mazza, and asked me to sit next to me and squat the master, make one for free, plus a cup of soy milk. Sudden enthusiasm and preferential treatment made me a little restless. At 8:30, the time for the collection of urban management regulations has arrived. Niuyang stood on the side of the road and recruited passing pedestrians. At the same time, he looked around and found the figure of law enforcement city management as soon as possible. After a while, the city management appeared, Niuyang and the stall owner and the couple pushed the tricycle to run into the alley behind, and the customers who paid the queue also followed.

After I was busy, I talked to Niuyang on the side of the road. As many years ago, our fathers were squatting in the fields and busy with smoking in the fields. I used to encounter Niuyang several times in the village and asked him what he was doing. He avoided it. I said, I am a little embarrassed to say that I am doing a little business. Niuyang shook his head and said that I didn’t understand. Didn’t say that I don’t know anything, I don’t know what to point to.

Later, I realized that he was afraid of passing through my mouth and let the neighbors know that he was not a good business. Since his father’s death, Niuyang’s thin and short scorpion often spreads his unruly behavior in the name of concern. For example, more than 30 people have no room, no car, no serious work, and no longer find a divorce. Although the tone is full of the lament of relatives, it has successfully established a bad reputation for Niuyang.
We talked a few more business things. I learned that he and his friends, that is, the young couple, are operating in partnership. Niuyang pointed at the alley behind him. A store that repaired mobile phones said along the street, he used to open a small restaurant here, less than half a year, not making money. I asked, you are standing on the side of the road, what do you want to use? Niuyang smiled embarrassedly and argued that he was very important, such as recruiting customers, and the couple were not good at words. Niuyang is good at communication, and has established good relations with people who work in the surrounding office buildings and shopping malls (female-based). He will deliver the food in person at noon. In this case, I nodded and recognized his value.
The couple got up at three or four in the morning to prepare ingredients, and less than six or three rounds were parked on the side of the road. At this moment, Niuyang got up from the home twenty miles away and walked more than two hundred meters to the entrance of the village. The bus to the city is ten minutes away, the light is brighter at six o’clock in the summer, and the darkness is more than six o’clock in the winter. The line of sight and temperature are suitable between the cold and the summer. Niuyang likes winter, although the weather is cold, walking on the road can avoid unnecessary coldness with the neighbors. The car is about 20 minutes to the city, and Niuyang gets off and walks for a few hundred meters. When the restaurant opened, Niuyang and the couple rented together and did not often go back to the village. Since the stalls, after two or three in the afternoon, there are no special circumstances (such as friends gathering, where Niuyang shows a lot of friends, unbearable painful expression), Niuyang took the bus back to the village. Buy some food in the market, cook some food yourself, nothing happens, and take a break early.
Such a simple life, based on the previous understanding of Niuyang, I do not believe. As a divorced male, his son is not raised by him. After the husband’s death, the mother lived with a male who was also widowed in the village and lived in the man’s house.

It is a pity that a single male who has completed the gene transfer will get his life after he has gained unprecedented freedom. Every time I saw Niuyang, I asked him what he was doing at home. He was finally annoyed by me, posing with a dumbfounded expression, saying that he really had no other hobbies, but he did do something consistently. Niuyang pointed at his mobile phone. I tried to win the call on the mobile phone. I have not paid the telephone bill in recent years. And suggested that I follow suit.
Although I have been in the village for a few years, I have never met Niuyang. The difference in work and rest is on the one hand, and we also don’t like to go out. Although we were born in the village, we found that the people and things in the village have not had much relationship with us. The same age people are scattered outside, and the elders and old people in the village meet occasionally to say hello. . After the divorce, Niuyang moved out of his ex-wife’s house and did business with friends. It didn’t have much improvement. Renting a house outside was not a small expense, so he had to live in the village.
I resumed my relationship with Niuyang, which is different from the nod to the past, but renewed the friendship between the small and the classmates. There are two reasons for this. First, Niu Yang tells me honestly about his affairs, including his previous work and personal life. This is the basis of friendship. Second, I told him many years of embarrassment. In the middle of the story, Niuyang interrupted me many times with an attitude of disapproval, saying that nothing happened, all passed. I insisted on finishing things, which made him a bit embarrassed, and his face was red with shyness due to alcohol allergies. After the apology was completed, the stagnation in my heart finally dissipated, and the tea was replaced with him, and the past years were constantly appearing in my mind.


My family and Niuyang’s family are in an alley, less than 50 meters apart. He is one year older than me. He is taller than me, and he is quite backward when he is an adult. From Yuhong class to elementary school to junior high school, we are all in one school.

When I was in elementary school, Niuyang’s father drove us to the town with a tricycle. For the first time in my life, I saw a building with more than three floors. When I was a child, Niuyang’s hand was particularly fat, and there were four dimples on the back of my hand. I often hold his hand, fleshy, very comfortable. This is because the Niuyang family’s food is good. In junior high school, I have to go to the town by bicycle. I went to Niuyangjia every day to call him together, and my mother asked me to sit down and eat bowl of noodles.

Later, our relationship changed and the responsibility was with me.
On the second day of the afternoon, after school, I and Niuyang pushed the bicycle to the school gate, and surrounded a dozen people to talk to Niuyang. I didn’t move, standing aside and watching Niuyang being taken away. When he came back, he had a lot of footprints on his body and his eyes were red. Along the way, I did not ask what happened to Niuyang. After so many years, this matter has been in my heart. Later, I watched a lot of gangster movies, participated in many fights, gradually understood the loyalty of the buddies, and understood the importance of the gang. Niuyang was beaten, and I have been swaying by the fact that I have been sitting on the sidelines.

In many ways, Niuyang is more mature than me. When I was in junior high school, he liked a girl with big eyes. When I gave flowers to girls, I still didn’t know what love was. In junior high school, Niuyang’s bedroom was affixed with several posters by Zheng Yijian in “Young and Dangerous”, with a large blade in his arms. Niuyang’s face began to grow acne, and the scorpion began to change sounds (I was promoted to high school). At the age of twelve or three, Niuyang began to pay attention to clothing and hairstyles, knowing that beauty is different from ordinary people. He smokes and drinks, and the walking posture is no longer gregarious. In school, his hair style is also unique. The left side of the forehead is long and thick (and dyed yellow), and the other is short hair. The teacher did not change his hair style. He had the advantage that others did not have. A scalp was shaved by the barber, and the bright scar of five centimeters needed to be covered.

After graduating from junior high school, Niuyang entered the school run by the ceramics factory. At that time, this was a good way out. I graduated directly from the factory as a regular employee and got rid of the identity of the peasant. Two years later, the ceramics factory was on the verge of bankruptcy. The students of the secondary school had arranged for a job with a monthly salary of 200. There were no benefits. For so many years, I just sporadically know the things of Niuyang from the mouth of others, and I have not asked for proof. Once, I rode my wife on an electric car and bumped into Niuyang waiting for the bus. Without saying a few words, my wife urged me to go quickly. I can’t help but envy Niuyang. I hope that like him, a person in a drizzle car can wait forever.
In those years, Niu Yang was not married, and his father could not get away with him. Before his father fell ill, his family just bought a sky blue truck and built a garage on the open space behind the house. After I entered the car, I didn’t see it running on the road. Later, I sold it for treatment. After years of burgeoning driving and transporting, his liver has serious problems. In his early forties, it was the time when he was strong and strong, but he was still alive. His liver is cut in half and the remaining half is in jeopardy. I often saw Niuyang’s father standing at the market at dusk, his face black and skinny, his eyes deep in the candlelight that was about to go out. He glanced at me with a slight tone of voice and no sigh of relief.

In the years when I was in college, Niuyang worked in Yingke Environmental Protection in the town. In a workshop accident, the steam leaked and burned one foot. During the Spring Festival, he was discharged from the hospital and returned home. A classmate shouted at me and went to visit Niuyang. At that time, I was not happy, I was in poor health, and I was discharged from the hospital soon, and I was ashamed to see people. Niuyang squats and wraps his injured foot. Seeing us coming, I got up from the sofa with difficulty. After many years of not coming, there is no change in the furnishings of Niuyang’s home. Those home appliances are still added when the family was in a good old age. Although they have been carefully maintained, they are somewhat outdated. Niuyang’s father, acting slowly, came to me for the seeds, and the throat was like a dry well, giving us an invitation to eat. Simply saying a few words, we will leave.

On the twenty-fourth birthday of Niuyang, his father died. Three years later, my father got liver cancer. The next morning after my father’s death, I was watching the night at Lingtang. Niuyang came in and lit the cigarette. We said a few words. In the funeral parlour, I took over the ashes, held them all the way, and waited until the funeral, but it was hot, this is the last temperature my father left me. Such feelings, Niuyang must have had.

In the two years after the resumption of contact, I and Niuyang have not eaten a few times and have had a few meals. The two of them were sitting differently. Later, they were three people. Apart from us, the third person did not. Fixed, only once is my friend, the rest are our playmates from small to large. Over the years, Niuyang’s mystery in my life has been answered by him.

In 2004, the summer vacation after the college entrance examination ended. I have been away from school for more than two months. I and several of my classmates paid an intermediary fee of 40 yuan in the intermediary. A few days later, if we didn’t find a job, we wanted to get the agency fee back. At noon we sat at the chaotic booth at the entrance of the district hospital. Niuyang’s mother came over from the hospital, followed by a fat girl. Niuyang’s mother looked up and saw me, we smiled friendly and smiled. Niuyang Ma and the girl did not say a word from beginning to end.

Many years later, from the mouth of Niuyang, my guess was confirmed. This girl is Niuyang’s then girlfriend. Niu Yang added that they are classmates of technical schools. After an unexpected pregnancy, plus something else, it is difficult to get along. Other things in his mouth probably include the father’s illness.
On the day of Niuyang’s father’s death, I was also at home. The mother hurriedly came back from the outside and said that she was posting a blank sheet on the door of Niuyang’s house. I followed and saw a lot of people around his door. Mother asked me to help. I did not go. A college student who can’t find a job is ashamed to see people. On the one hand, it is more selfish. I don’t think that what happened around me has much to do with me. To put it another way, I also think that I am dispensable to the world. For this detail, Niuyang did not talk much. But later, after my father died, he was able to accompany me to smoke, and also proved that I lacked his enthusiasm. I haven’t had another birthday, Niuyang said, there is nothing to pass.
After the death of his father, he unloaded the pressure, and no one managed to control Niuyang. He wandered around the city, and he had a lot of emotional entanglement with many other sexes. In a friend’s party, he saw his future wife and married a week later. Speaking of this, Niuyang stressed that he did not know that his wife’s family was rich, such as Zhang’s annual income of several million, not only. After marriage, Niuyang does not know that his wife is a patient. He has several episodes every year and needs to spend more than 100,000 in the hospital for treatment. Niu Yang also said that of course the money is not a big deal for her family. When his wife was in junior high school, he was in a car accident, his brain was hurt, and he was suffering from epilepsy. It is conceivable that after the marriage, the wife’s first appearance, the wrong expression on Niuyang’s face.

Naturally, he has a feeling of being cheated. When the wife successfully gave birth to the baby boy, the divorce request raised by Niuyang did not stop. This gave Niuyang another illusion, especially when she saw a beautiful advertisement posted by a beautiful woman on the street. It is doubtful that his wife and children were also completed without the knowledge of the people, and the wedding and other aspects were also omitted. In this regard, Niuyang’s explanation is that no one is going to do it, and it’s hard to do it himself. He doesn’t pay much attention to it. It’s nothing more than creating an occasion for relatives to gossip and gossip. The true colors of those relatives, Niuyang had already seen through the years when his father was ill.

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With the discovery of these mysteries, our topic can only be fixed in several aspects.
Trivial things in the village. In the front of the alley, the old mother’s face and the neck grew a tumor. It is said that the body is also, the family moved her to the door to basking in the sun, the sun could not shine, just in the shadow, waiting for the family to come back and move to the place with the sun. Niuyang said that she greeted me that day, and I didn’t hear what I said. I said that she has lived for a few days. If you want to know, you have to ask her. Niuyang said, I am going to ask, empty hands are not very good, how can I bring something. I said that for so many years, neighbors don’t have to see it, she can’t eat anything. We are silent. A familiar face will disappear one by one in the near future. Like our father. I remember that your dad loves to wink. Niuyang said that there is less sleep and less water. Niuyang said that your father has a chest. I showed myself to show him.
Niuyang’s nephew was weak after a brain hemorrhage in the past few years, and probably lived for a few years. Niuyang said that after all, it is a family. When she dies, I have to wear filial piety. I asked, would you cry? Niuyang said that if he can’t cry, he has to dry up a few times, blushing his face, and crying. In the village election, we held the ballots and commented on the candidates. Niuyang said that everyone is the same. I told him to run for the election and take the official career. I will definitely vote for him. Niuyang laughed, and he also tasted the taste of corruption.
Once classmates. We have nothing to do with those classmates. This topic is the shortest. But occasionally there are some new things. For example, the female student named Wang, who was in the neighboring village last year, died of bone cancer. In the past few years, her mother was knocked down by the lorry when she crossed the national road in the winter morning. It was dark and dark, and after dawn, the person had been crushed to the limbs. She went to find a fortune teller that morning. She was not pregnant after a few years of marriage, and she has been mourning. Her daughter, who died a few years later, did not leave any children. Niuyang said that when she was in elementary school, her body was not very good. I said that there were many people who liked her at that time. Niuyang said, I also like her very much.
In the past few years, Niuyang was also keen to participate in class reunion, drinking and singing, crying and crying. I asked, why didn’t you go later? He said that it didn’t mean anything, it was fixed for a few people. Later I heard that there was a classmate who had a drink and a stroke. I said that when he went to school, he would play basketball very well, and Akagi was just constitutional. Niuyang said that he can walk in this life is not bad. There is also a good mix. Niuyang asked, do you still remember Lao Yu? I nod. Niuyang said that he opened two chemical factories, but the family is a father, and his family is doing this. We are caught in a short silence, and we have a life that has nothing to improve.
Childhood past. In this link, we are the most emotional. Because of the long time, there is no small deviation in each other’s memory, and it is inevitable that there will be differences. It is difficult for us to convince each other, laugh in the dispute, and then fall into the loss. Fortunately, every dispute helps us to evoke forgotten details. For example, Liu Liang was drowned in the dam in the west of the village during the summer of the primary school. Niuyang said it was a third grade, and I remember it was a second grade.

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The day after, our common memory is that Liu Liang called us to go to the dam together, we did not agree. Liu Liang called a partner who was smaller than us in the Hutong. Not long after, the little partner ran back barefoot and said that Liu Liang had gone down the dam and had disappeared after a while. We ran to the dam outside the two places. When we met the adults on the road, when we arrived together, there was Liu Liang’s clothes on the shore and the water was calm. The adults let us go back to the village to call people. When we rushed to the dam, we were picked up by the adults in the middle. In my memory, after Liu Liang was salvaged, he stood on the shore and sprinkled urine. Niuyang thinks this is impossible. Later, Liu Liang’s younger brother was born, and it was exactly the same as Liu Liang’s appearance in memory. For me, the goodness of childhood is also because Niuyang’s parents started to greedy black-selling vegetables and left him pocket money. He bought a lot of snacks and called me to the wheat field behind the village. We dug a cave on the tall wheat stalk and hid it inside and ate it very cheerfully.
We lamented that time passed too fast, and that we found that the appearance of the character and other things that were later attached to the body should be like this. Even if we come back again, there will be no difference. Niu Yang still likes to talk big and is happy to play the role of atmosphere regulation. My friend, after drinking a drink with Niuyang, was depressed for many days. He sighed at me, you are so lucky that the old man is rich, and he has nothing to worry about. When I heard that Niuyang had already divorced, and my former man’s money had nothing to do with him, my friend was relieved.
Among the many characters of Niuyang, one of the most remarkable is that he is eager to be discovered by his own value. He is never standing by in front of being used or asking for help. He praised me for his many friends, and this statement is also true. It is also appropriate to add the hat of Shandong people’s feelings to his square head.
In the Spring Festival of 2016, the four playmates of childhood gathered together. Ma Bing was in Beijing, bringing back his wife who was pregnant soon after the wedding. Wei Dongsheng didn’t reveal his own affairs. We only know that he is single now. Compared with the liveliness of adolescents, people become introverted. In addition to the youth time, there is really nothing to talk about in the recent situation. Over the years, we are missing in each other’s life. Under the setting of alcohol, we look at each other and look back. More than 20 years ago, the dishes on the table And the wine glass has also become a toy such as marbles. When we were in the middle of the game, we swayed and walked out of the home of the horsemen. In the cold nights of the north, we agreed to gather together in the future. The agreement is sincere, but it does not need to be implemented. For half a year, Niuyang’s WeChat avatar is a group photo of four of us. In the photo, Niuyang’s face is flushed, and his face is shyly swaying in the arms of Wei Dongsheng.
The only thing left in the countryside is Niuyang and Niangyang. Unlike the fathers, the farm work is not heavy, but it cannot be abandoned. Niuyang’s family is rare, except for the requisitioned land, there is only one mu of land, and there are five acres in my house. Sometimes farming is busy, I happen to be in the field, my mother can’t take care of it, I will call Niuyang. This autumn, after the corn is harvested, it is piled up in the hutong at the door of the house. After the suede is bagged, it is pulled to the roof and dried. I sat on the roof and watched Niu Yang in the dark, pulling the rope with great energy. I said, I will take a break from the smoke and I will not worry. Niuyang said that this matter is still used for three breaks. At the end, I don’t forget to ridicule my weak body that has long been out of physical activity.
After the farm work, I and Niuyang eat watermelon in the house. He took off his short sleeves and revealed a tattoo full of backs. I was a little surprised. I took out my mobile phone and asked him when he was tattooed. He said indifferently, it has long been tattooed. This inspired my curiosity, what did he do outside in those years? Niuyang said, mix and match. In my opinion, this is what I want to cover. Niuyang added that these years have become fat, a little deformed, and it is still pretty good when it is just grained. I am not kind enough to ask, can I send it online? Niuyang said, you are casual. That tattoo, like a failed case of a hadron tattoo. The blue ink outlines a scattered dragon, surrounded by a few “ΛΛΛΛ” to indicate the looming mountains. The scientific name, the dragon is out of the water. The meaning is that this person has just debuted.