The sorrow of the old man

  If a person has a lonely childhood, it is the most pitiful. If the adult says something he doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand what the adult does. The adult’s anger is more elusive, like a young rat in a cat group. The uneasiness caused by loneliness. However, compared with the loneliness of the elderly, the child’s loneliness does not seem to be worth mentioning at all. There are many reasons for this. First, the child’s attention is easy to disperse, but it is easy to concentrate, and it is easy to get tired. Sleeping time accounts for half of his life. Although no one cares for him, he can speak with the dolls kindly, or he can look at the ditch and look at it. Second, the most prominent thing is that the child never thinks of “death”. In the little heart, he only knows that he is ignorant, but he does not know that it is sorrow, and he does not think that he will leave the world forever. In the small brain, he still can’t understand. so many.

  The elderly will not be jealous. When Mr. Bo Yang was a child, he went to his grandfather’s house with his mother. Every morning, the East has just a hint of white, the cock has not yet called, everyone is still sleeping sweet, but his grandfather got up, coughing, opening the door, sounding through the stove, washing his face, and turning upside down. The mother blamed him for saying: “Why don’t you sleep?” The grandfather smiled and said: “Children, ‘I can’t sleep!” I heard it, and I was shocked. There are people in the world who can’t sleep. It’s a weird thing. If one day no one hard to beat the deadlift, I can — sleep for three days, not even lifted my head. Hey, God created people, it seems to use too much mind, young people sleep so much, not only can fight in the classroom, that is, walking can be snoring, but some people also interfere with the left, right also interfere, do not let him sleep A good time. In the classroom, even if there is no danger of picking up the hand, and the head is raised, the teacher’s respectful eyes are shining, and it is really disappointing. I am more free at home, but it is rare to have a quiet, even on Sunday, I have not slept until eleven, my father also called, and my mother shouted, as if I lost my soul. Once you enter the camp as a soldier, it will be even worse. If you don’t shine, you will get up and get up. (So A Bing brothers all hope that the sergeant will get acute appendicitis). In the past, the method of training new recruits in Germany was even more of a bastard. The sound of the singer has not yet gotten up. It is impossible to say that a bucket of cold water will be poured down. The weather in Europe will be minus 20 degrees in winter, and the water has not been poured. Hail.

  Now, Mr. Bo Yang is old enough to taste the words of his grandfather, “Children, I can’t sleep!” How bleak, but it is also the turn of the next generation of young people who don’t understand. I didn’t get up early every morning. It was always around six o’clock. If I was in the country, I had breakfast early, and I had a few baskets of grass in Shimoda. After I got up, I couldn’t hold my hands and sit on the stove first. (Baifu still uses raw coal. Sorry, I’m going to raise a huge sum of money to change the briquettes.) I burned a pot of water. Wash the cup, sweep the place in the courtyard, and smash the table in the house, so the granddaughter woke up, woke up and jumped, saying that I “make the voice scared to death”, reminding me of the mother to her father. The scene of jumping feet, the past is unbearable.

  The more tired a young person is, the more tired and the easier it is. Falling asleep, whether on the spring bed or on the cinder ground, as long as the head – the pillow, they scream, the dreams one by one. After sleeping, rubbing your eyes and washing your dirty face is like having just married a princess. The old man is just the opposite. The harder you are, the more tired you are, the less likely you are to fall asleep. Mr. Bo Yang sometimes went out to the door, riding a bicycle and riding his leg with a sore back, and because of the wind, he was as a cow. After returning home, he didn’t even have the strength to eat. He thought, this can sleep until noon tomorrow. . Who knows that there is more than enough strength and lack of strength. When they get up, they can’t sleep. They can’t sleep with their eyes. The number of sheep is much higher, which makes people worry that Taipei doesn’t have enough big pastures. I don’t think about beauty, if I think vaguely, ‘it doesn’t work at all; if you think about it realistically, it will disturb the heart. So I turned over and over, as if I had a shackle.

  Some kids think that the old people are so difficult to fall asleep, and it will be difficult to wake up, screaming, sadly stopping, not falling asleep, but waking up is easy. Don’t say that the chicken is screaming, that is, the dog is sneezing and can wake him up. Mr. Bai Yang’s family has a dog (used to bite poor friends). The guest must go to the door every morning, stretch his head to the bottom of the door, look at the street, see suspicious things, if Frogs flea, if the ants crawl, they groan, the throat is low, and I can’t escape this distress when I sleep.

  We can sum up, the characteristics of the elderly, there are three flaws: one day lonely lonely, difficult to fall asleep, easy to wake up one day. Don’t say that it is the old man. Even younger friends, if they suffer from these three problems, they will go crazy. In the first few days of the baby’s birth, I slept every day and my eyes were not blind. Later, it is a little bigger, and it is also a lot of time to sleep. When you wake up, you can sleep for twenty or eight hours a day, twenty-four hours a day. Probably when the child slept too much, the God reportedly angered, so that after entering the old age, there was a repayment. When a person is one to sixty years old, he gradually deducts the sleep of the baby overdraft. He can sleep for six hours a day, twenty-four hours a day. It is considered to be a blessing. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for four hours. Every night, I lie alone in bed; every morning, I look at the ceiling alone: ​​I can’t find it until dawn, I can’t find someone to talk about. The age is similar, it is not a scorpion, it is a day-to-party, it is not easy to get together; and the younger boy, when you are high in virtue, your heart will be nervous first, your attitude will change, and your face will try your best. Respectful, it is also fun.

  Mr. Bo Yang has a friend who tells me that it sounds a bit funny, but I think about it but I am sad. He lost his wife in his early years, raised two children and adults, and studied in the university hall. Sometimes the classmates come to the door, sometimes the daughter’s classmates come to the door, or squeeze in the living room, or squeeze in everyone’s room, laughing and joking, talking and laughing. This friend, like Mr. Bo Yang, is quite a young boy, but his young heart is much more decent than my teenage heart. He probably looks at American movies and has a lot of experience. Let’s talk about it and talk about it. However, don’t let the youngsters and the youngsters lean forward and back together. When he entered the door, he seemed to have thrown a dumb bomb. Everyone except the one immediately stood up and shouted that he was just white. He said nothing. He quickly called: Please sit down please sit down. “Please sit down and sit down. Sitting down like sitting on a nail, one by one.” The friend quickly said: “You talk about you, don’t care about me.” “But everyone is stunned and stalemate for a long time. It is not a son, a daughter. He drove him out. He also said: “Dad, you are here, we are awkward.” “The old man was driven out of the mining, the future is awkward, I really don’t know if I should buy the bala pine.”

  Hey, how does the kid know the bitterness of the elderly?