The road to art

  Pianist Fu Cong came back to Shanghai to open a solo concert. After the bell rang, Fu Cong appeared, with a tall figure, wearing a black tuxedo, sitting in front of the piano after responding to the warm applause, the theater was quiet, Fu Cong and people Waiting for one, then Fu Cong’s hand was lifted up and put down again. If it was thoughtful, the sound of the piano sounded. His fingers meditated and crawled on the keyboard. Some of the difficulties seemed to be a speculation on a philosophical question. Some logical obstacles made him difficult. At this time, there was some commotion in the theater. There was a sound of the pulsating sheet with the spectrum comparison, and there was a sound of the back row moving to the front row, and Fu Cong did not notice it and was immersed in his own thoughts.

Suddenly, the camera’s flash flashed brightly, Fu Cong suddenly stunned, the piano stopped, and he said in horror and angrily toward the stage: “No, you can’t do this!” Stop and stand up to the side of the curtain go with. The theater is in a state of utter disappointment. What happened? People are jealous. The bright lights are shining on the stage.

  After a while, a stage supervisor went out and said to the people: Mr. Fu Cong said, if such a thing happened, Mr. Fu Cong stopped performing. He said that he went in and stopped for a while. Fu Cong came on the second time and walked toward the piano, sitting in front of the piano. The second time the piano sounded thoughtfully, the hall was very quiet. This time, he went far after he left, and finally walked into his own world from this noisy and chaotic world, and freed up in that world.

At this time, a reporter hid in the dark corner and fired a flash at him, but he could not bother him. Once this was discovered, the reporters gradually relaxed and approached him step by step. Fu Cong has not noticed them. People also forgot that he had a frightened and angry expression saying “No, you can’t do this” and it started to get easier. His piano sounds in a less quiet theater, walking across the heads of people of all kinds, sounds a bit lonely. He sat alone on the big stage and looked very lonely.

I think that such a thing, no one can help him, even if there is more kindness can not help him, only by himself. Because this is happening in his own soul and mind, no one can get in, no one should step in. I think that in the days when Fu Cong was homeless and wandering around the world, his only wealth is this thing. People should not bother him. This kind of interruption is like aggression. So, he said in horror and anger: “No, you can’t do this!” At the end, in the repeated invitations of people’s warm applause, Fu Cong returned to the final performance. People stood up from their seats and stood in front of the stage. He was covered in a black crowd. He seemed to be being encircled. How dangerous he was! I think. The sound of the piano broke out and walked between the moving head and the dome of the concert hall.