The right posture of investment: cast in time for our favorable things


John is a partner of our previous project, he has 17 years of investment experience, and all is to take their own money to play, stocks, funds, etc., he is very familiar with. Once I asked him, “can I follow you to invest?”
“I never helped my friends, relatives, and did not offer advice.” He said he was not considering the investment he was below 20%.
John has had a failed investment experience because of the risk of investment. Do you remember sharp brother? John is the year 15 million cybersquatting trademark licensing, founder of sharp men men. Although he looks good, but that business is a failure, positioning problems, lost a few million. The first time I met, I asked him a lot of things on the sharp brother.
He is a typical engineering male, but with the traditional engage in technology and a little different. He IQ 160, a famous university double degree graduate. His eyes are small, but the vision is very good, I ridicule his little eyes together. He wear t-shirts and jeans, walking in the crowd that are inconspicuous.
I am very interested in his investment philosophy. His family in the city center, downtown quiet, close to 300 level, up and down four, there are terraces. He is kind of vegetables on the terrace. He is 3,500 yuan a square meter to buy, 2015, when a square meter rose to more than 50,000, and I just looked at, and now more than 80,000. But the real estate in his investment accounted for a small proportion.

 – 02 –

Once, I asked him what he pursued?
He replied, “If you think about money, it is wealth.”
After all, the standard of freedom for everyone is different. I was so curious about him, and then asked: “How much is wealth free?”
“50 million free money.” Asked the economic situation is very rude, I did not ask him how much money now. But I know his wife is a housewife, his son on the private aristocratic school, the annual tuition of more than 10 million, and invited an English tutor, twice a week.
His family has three cars, he recently bought a new energy vehicles, BYD Qin, Shanghai to send a license, the car only understand people will buy. “Why did not you sell that car?”
“The car is worthless, worth the license, the license is added every year.” He answered me. “You do not want to learn to invest with me? Then I tell you a word: investment time for our benefit. You see the young lady, this is not a good business, eat youth rice, can not be long. Investment, such as investing in yourself, one thing, if time is not good for us do not do.

 – 03 –

He is IT origin, but he never stay up all night, 10 o’clock on time to rest, get up early in the morning 1 hour. He is now 39 years old, looks only 20 years old, every time I see customers, should emphasize their own age, or else others do not believe he can do. “Stay up late this thing, in the long run, the body is not good, do not do.”
“If a thing you do not like can make you earn a lot of money quickly? This may be contrary to the principle of the middle, etc.” I asked him.
“If you can make yourself quickly earn a pot of gold, you can do it, but who can guarantee the whole body to retreat? This degree is difficult to grasp.
He told me, “I have not changed in Shanghai for more than ten years mobile phone number. This can explain two points: no bad things; do not owe others money for our personal, the principle of doing things is long-term investment, Time is good for us, once lost the trust of others, it is difficult to have the opportunity to stand up.
I worked with him for less than six months, no contact after the project, but he taught me some of the ideas, I have always remember.
In 2015, I was an assistant to Boss, and my sister gave me a special trust.
At that time, our projects are in the field, need to travel frequently, it involves a lot of costs. We go out to eat, to the car refueling, procurement and all the money from me out here.

 – 04 –

A friend who is not familiar with the company to do the procurement, I heard my work, jokingly said: “Yes, if I am slightly in the money on the little hands and feet, is not a problem. But once this is done, the language sister’s trust in me is gone.

At that time, every night I did one thing, that is, the day of the money to organize the invoice, and identify the reasons. Watch it once a week, mark the money that should not be spent.
At work, I also have the opportunity to eat rebates, such as we have some work needs to be outsourced, and I go to these outsourcing companies, they will want me to offer a higher number, give me some rebates in the middle. I’ll come up with it, “you can give me some cheaper, I do not get rebates.”
Later, I and the company ‘s sales manager to become a very good friend, he has some live will be introduced to me, “you do things I am assured, very reliable.
Now, although I do not work for the language sister, but she has any good opportunity, if I can do, she will give me a call, ask me time?
The cost of this social trust is too high. We have a customer, his vice president with his entire designer team and customer self-portals. Although earned a lot of money, but the reputation is very poor, later to find the vice president of cooperation less and less, even if there is cooperation, but also against him.

 – 05 –

Make money is very important, but it is more important to make money in the long run.
Brother egg has a classmate, and he worked in a company. The company is very large, also considered a top three industry, in the central station has advertising. Now that classmate is already a provincial director, and brother to do the acting director did not correct, followed the boss quit.
Every year, the students to my house, said to my father: “Uncle, eggs, silly, never Chuanhuo (and then private living almost).” Indeed, that students, 90, earn 50 million per year is there. Brother eggs will earn a lot, my mother occasionally complained about him.
“I think there must be a career bottom line, this circle is so big, to be worthy of their own. Some money can not earn, it can not be determined, earn the money.” Brother said to her mother.
A few years later, my brother harvested a very good reputation, often someone called to dig him. Although he left the original company, and now he called the original dealer to get goods, or purchase price to him.
Mention the younger brother, the basic ability is strong, character is good. Circle so much, word of mouth to do poor, it is difficult to mix. This time, my house decoration, switch lighting is he bought me, save thousands of dollars.
Time is the most important test of a variable, most people can not do to insist on doing something useful to their own, such as learning, fitness and so on. We live more often than the results of a test level, but rather than the endurance, won the first half is not called win, had a good life is called successful.
Investment time is good for us, it is a meaningful word.