The Red Sea “killing boulders”

  The Red Sea is located between northeastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It has a long and narrow shape. It is more than 1,900 kilometers long from northwest to southeast and has a maximum width of 306 kilometers. It is an important passage connecting the Mediterranean and the Arabian Sea. For sightseeing in the Red Sea, diving, fishing, sea sightseeing and other water activities are a must. The coast of the Red Sea is soft with soft sand and calm waves. It is an excellent place for water leisure sports.
  On the shore of the Red Sea, a small coastal area is designated as a tourist attraction and a paradise for diving sports. With the development of tourism here, more and more diving tourists and diving athletes come here. Unfortunately, there are mysterious disappearances of people underwater.
  For a long time, the strange cases of missing persons here were only regarded as incidents, which did not attract attention, and did not link these mysterious incidents with the local undersea conditions. Until one day, the local government received a report: two from Germany. Snorkeling enthusiasts Emma and Max disappeared mysteriously in this area, and they disappeared 50 meters from the coast in sunny weather.
  Their partner Toliudwig was left on the boat. He pointed to the accident site and said: “Emma and Max made a strange discovery after diving under the water. So they swam up the water and reported to me. They found a deep in the sea. They are very interested in this strange flash phenomenon. This submarine flash is like someone flipping a small light switch there, and it turns on and off. This flash has the glow and color of a mother-of-pearl, it flashes It went out instantly after 5 minutes… They returned there for the second time to observe. This time, I waited for a long time, but they were still nowhere to be seen. I was so anxious that I had to dive into the water alone to look for them. I found enough They were not found for more than half an hour. So, the divers inspected the mysterious boulder that Toliudwig said flashing underwater: from the outside, this underwater boulder looked like an ancient statue. The head, viewed from its front, looks like a giant’s face, with small parts of nose and eyes, and the surface is washed smoothly by sea water.
  A month later, another similar accident occurred: an Italian female diver named Nebilandra came to snorkel near the shining underwater boulder, but returned with an unusual feeling. On the boat, she went into shock inexplicably later, and mysterious burn marks appeared on her hands. The skin from her wrist joint to the elbow joint seemed to be covered with a small mesh. After Naibilandra regained consciousness, he recalled: “Under the water, I didn’t touch the jellyfish at all. I didn’t touch anything at all. I just touched the underwater boulder-it flashed white light intermittently. At this time, I feel a strong sense of electric shock.”
  There are also records of incidental tragedies in this sea area in the files of the local police station. When the researchers opened the file, they were surprised to find that there had been too many cases of mysterious disappearance in this area in the past. Since 1976, more than 10 similar tragedies have been recorded. All the missing persons were people engaged in snorkeling sports, and after each incident, the missing person’s body was not found.
  For a long time, weird phenomena and mysterious disappearances in this sea area have aroused great attention and interest of scientists. Scientists have discovered through a large number of observations and studies that, in fact, all these tragic events occurred during the day, and the date of disappearance coincided with the date of the full moon. In most cases, witnesses have mentioned the mysterious flashes around the underwater “killing boulder”.
  In order to study this mysterious underwater flash, people have made it into a movie film, and organized oceanographic, optical and other relevant experts to observe and study. But what its light source is and where it comes from is still a mystery. Scientists believe that the claim that this underwater luminous boulder resembles the head of an ancient statue is purely accidental. Undoubtedly, this boulder regularly becomes a powerful source of electromagnetic radiation, but the mechanism of its electromagnetic radiation is still inconclusive. The local people know that a mysterious place with magic power has long existed in this sea area, and it is called an “bad place”. Therefore, the fishermen never go fishing there, and their boats take a long detour every time they sail.
  Special phenomenon expert Liverard believes that modern science cannot explain these facts and strange phenomena. But all of these are natural phenomena that exist reasonably, and it is understandable for people to conclude that they are “inconclusive”. If this is the case, why not imagine this mysterious chain of magical underwater shining boulders-it is definitely not a “killer”, but a mysterious “guard” guarding the seashore against enemy attacks. These mysterious “guards” used to work tirelessly to sink the incoming enemy warships. Today, their exhausted lethality is only shown at the full moon, but it still has a certain lethality, enough to kill careless divers.
  Historians have made hypotheses and inferences: Admiral Alexander Markdonsky’s fleet was buried in this sea area and disappeared without a trace. Then, whether Markdonsky’s warship was flashed by the seabed Sunk by the magic stone? Of course this cannot be verified, it can only be an inference. The “official” scientist just shrugged and stared in surprise.