The nobility deep in the bones has no sense of identity

Mr. Qian Zhongshu, who has learned Chinese and Western knowledge, refused to interview the media, refused the French government to award him medals, refused the kind invitation of many American universities, refused to celebrate birthdays, refused to attend state banquets, and refused all life-wasting entertainment. A foreign journalist came to China with two wishes: one is to see the Great Wall, and the other is to see Qian Zhongshu. The Great Wall saw it, but seeing that Qian Zhongshu’s request was declined by Mr. Qian, he said a classic saying: “Just know that the egg is delicious, why should I see the old hen who laid the egg.”

When the new book was published, the publisher intentionally invited Mr. Yang Jiang to hold a work seminar. Yang Jiang said frankly: “I just hand in the manuscript. Anyone who has read my book can comment. How to sell the book is not my business.” I don’t fight with anyone, and I don’t bother with anyone.” This sentence is a true portrayal of Mr. Yang Jiang. Her works and her people rely on this low-key wisdom to reach the highest level of literary masters and translators.

One year when a freshman enrolled at Peking University, a boy carried a lot of bags on his shoulders. The huge Yanyuan made him unable to find North. At this moment, he saw a humble old man. So, the boy put his luggage beside the old man and said, “Uncle, please help me take care of it for a while.” After that, the boy checked in, and the old man kept guarding there. In Beijing in early September, the weather was still very hot. After a long time, the boy hurried back. At the opening ceremony three days later, the boy was surprised to find that the old man who helped him with his luggage that day turned out to be the vice principal and master of Chinese studies Ji Xianlin.

As a well-known scholar at home and abroad, Mr. Ji Xianlin is hailed as a “Master of Chinese Studies”, “Academic Dean” and “National Treasure” by academia. He disagrees with this. In his book “Miscellaneous Notes on the Bed”, he hoped to remove these three laurels from his head. He wrote: “I don’t even have a small teacher of Guoxue, let alone a master! For this reason, I am here to tell the world: please follow I took off these three laurels from the top of my head, and gave me a free body. The foam on my body was washed away, revealing the true colors, and everyone was happy.”

Mr. Ji Xianlin said: “The nobility that is deep in the bones is no sense of identity.”

There is an old saying: “The sky does not speak for itself, the earth speaks for itself, and everything is a reference to see one’s own deficiencies.” It means that although the heaven and the earth do not say how tall and thick they are, people see it. You can see the height and breadth of the world because it has nurtured all creatures-people who are truly knowledgeable and self-cultivating will not be complacent and show off everywhere.

Those who are truly educated and successful are simple, low-key, simple, unassuming, tolerant, and respected from the bottom of their hearts.

Yuan’s heart will never know who he is.

Being a low-key person seems to lower oneself, but in fact it improves one’s personality. Talent and wisdom are like the bright moon hanging in the depths of the spirit, reflecting people’s heart.