The most comfortable life is to take things slowly.

Life is a slow process.
Life is a long road. Only when you walk slowly can you see the scenery.

Life is like an ancient stone mill. Only when you grind it slowly can you smell the fragrance.

The most comfortable days are like a boat swaying in blue waves, and like ripples stirred by raindrops, swinging round and round, gently and slowly.

The most taboo in life is overexertion.
Since ancient times, life is the most taboo full, half poor, half rich and half self – assured. It is good to be a person and do everything you can.

Life is like a marathon, don’t use all your strength at the beginning. He who runs fast does not necessarily run far; he who runs slowly runs faster.

Life doesn’t need to be too hard. People who are too hard are usually impetuous and eager for success.

Everyone’s psychological pressure resistance has certain limits. Just like a rubber band, it will lose its elasticity if tightened for a long time, so will people.

With long-term and high-intensity efforts, people’s body and mind will undergo great changes.

High – intensity efforts can last for a period of time, but not for a long time. The rebound after giving up efforts is more terrible than not trying.

Life is too hard, expectations of oneself are too high, requirements are too strict, life will fade, you can’t experience the beauty of life, you can’t see the scenery on the street.

If you push too hard, the psychological gap will be greater when you fail, and people may become extreme.

It’s good to do your best. Life is not only a push button to move forward, but also to the left and right. You can learn to be content and forgive yourself.

Chuang Tzu said that everything should conform to nature. impatient cannot eat hot bean curd. if life is to be comfortable, one must take it slowly.

Life is a slow process.
Personal development is a slow process. Patience is required for growth, maturity and success.

From growth to maturity to success, every step of personal development is orderly and urgent. Educate children not to rush for success, nor to rush for success.

Any beautiful thing needs time to precipitate. Just like a plant, from sprouting to flowering to fruiting, the more slowly the fruit grows, the more delicious it is.

The best feeling is to take your time. Whether it’s friendship or love, the emotion that comes naturally is the most wonderful.

Fine water flows long, running in and containing each other, just like a pot of water, gradually heats up and finally boils.

Fireworks are beautiful, but in a flash, the beginning is the end.

” Zhuang Zi” tells the story of ” a skilled craftsman who slaughtered cows for King Hui of Liang. His movements were flowing like dancing. In a short time, a whole cow was dismembered.

The skilled craftsman only borrows the rule to solve the cow, just like Zhuangzi living slowly, you just wait for the flowers to bloom, and the heaven has its own arrangement.

Take your time instead of following the crowd.
Slowly, it is not negative, it is not having nothing to do, and it is not going with the flow.

Slowly is a kind of decompression, to walk the whole life at a balanced speed; It is a state of mind to face the twists and turns of life with a positive and optimistic attitude.

The most comfortable life is to take everything slowly. Do a good job in the process and face the results calmly.

” haste makes waste”, everything must be done slowly. Slowly, persistence is the most important thing, and steadiness is the most important thing. Only through thick accumulation can thin hair be made.

Slowly, optimism is the most important thing, while indifference is the most important thing. No one can become a fat man in one bite. Life is always full of joys and sorrows, sour and sweet.

Zhuang Zi is like a hermit in the eyes of the world. He no longer cares about the result of life, but focuses on enjoying the process of life.

Chuang Tzu, who stresses to conform to nature and slowly comes, does not go with the flow. He has his own direction, his own efforts, and never gets lost.

Life is a process of experience, accumulation and precipitation. One cannot live all one’s life. One must live wonderfully and happily.

The most comfortable life is to take things slowly, to enjoy good things slowly, and to live slowly.